Glassell Park private school seeks to expand


GLASSELL PARK Ribét Academy has seen enrollment plunge from more than 500 about nine years ago to about 300 currently. So why does the private, co-ed school want to add more dorm and classroom space?  Headmaster Ronald Dauzat says that the new facilities may help draw more local and international students to the campus housed in a nearly century-old building near San Fernando Road and the 2 Freeway.  “Maybe a more attractive building might attract more people,” he said.

Ribét, founded by French-born Jacques Ribét, had been operated in La Canada before moving to its 9-acre Glassell Park campus in the early 1990s. The school occupies a former hosiery factory that was later converted to an all-boys, Catholic school.  While Ribét offers about a $1 million a year in scholarship and reduced tuition to qualified students, the recession took a toll on enrollment that the school has yet to fully recover from, Dauzat said.

School officials have indicated to the Planning Department that they are proposing to build new dormitory, classroom and administration buildings as part of a two-phase project on the existing campus.

The first phase would consist of housing an additional 35 to 40 students on campus. The current dormitory, a former rectory, with 28 beds is currently full, Dauzat said.

The second phase would consist of adding more classroom space outside of the main, multi-storied building. The new classrooms would be located in a low-rise building,  Dauzat said. “Kids don’t like climbing up five flights of stairs.”

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  1. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that their enrollment started plummeting right after they gave their building the ugly paint scheme it currently has. It looked much classier before and could so again with a proper paint scheme. These things do matter. Not many people want to send their child, not to mention pay the tuition fees, to a school that looks so cheap and trashy. Any of the exclusive private schools on the west side would and do hire reputable professional architects when they undertake changes to their campus buildings. I don’t get the impression that Ribet Academy did so. In fact I get the impression that the head of facilities or perhaps the headmaster’s executive assistant or at least some person inexperienced with design selected the colors the building now exhibits.

    • Tony the Main Spoon

      It’s green,

    • Before I scrolled down to comments, the very first thing that entered my mind was “it’s actually kind of a cool old building if one could look past that hideous, stomach-turning paint scheme”. Red-orange and mint green? Blech and double blech.
      And the headmaster’s comment about kids not wanting to climb stairs … well, it probably would do them good!

  2. Me and my ex used to laugh laugh laugh at the green Ribet academy building. Headmaster Kermit should consider a design facelift.

  3. LMAO, if you go over to the Curbed LA website, you’ll see that their page’s new color scheme matches the green/red of this Ribet Academy.

  4. The writer of the article should have included the NAME of the Catholic Boy’s School that occupied this building for 31 years. Yes, PATER NOSTER HIGH SCHOOL produced some incredible citizens. Including Steve Cooley, the former District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles. The LAPD is loaded with PATER NOSTER HIGH SCHOOL Alumni. There is an active PATER NOSTER HIGH SCHOOL Alumni page on Facebook for those interested in catching up with their old friends. We PATER NOSTER HIGH SCHOOL Alumni cherish this building as our long ago home away from home. RIBET ACADEMY is simply following in a proud tradition of education and sportsmanship established by 31 years of PATER NOSTER Alumni. —PNHS ’80.

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