New restaurant taking shape in former Silver Lake pizzeria

forage 2

Storefront ReportSILVER LAKE — It has been more than two years since Jason Kim, owner of Forage restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, announced that he was open a new place in the former Nicky D’s Wood Fired Pizza on Rowena Avenue. Since then, however, the former pizzeria has remained vacant and the windows papered over. But now there are new signs that Kim is moving forward with the new restaurant.

Jason and Chrissy Kim have applied for a city permit to serve beer and wine in the new Rowena restaurant, which would operate from 7 am to 7 pm Sunday through Wednesday and from 7 am to 11 pm on Thursday through Saturday, according to recent cases on the Planning Department website. In addition, the Kims want a break on off-street parking requirements. Instead of having to offer 20 required parking spaces for motor vehicles, they instead are proposing to include  four, on-site parking spaces plus room for 24 bike parking stalls.  Both those requests would require public hearings.

What does Kim have in mind for the former pizzeria?  All that Kim told Eater L.A.  in 2013 was that his new restaurant, which went by the name “Uncle J’s” in some public documents, would not be serving pizza.

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  1. Bring back A Dose of Joe.

  2. Please, please, no more vegan restaurants.

    • Ummmmm, how many vegan restaurants are there in Silverlake?
      What do you think is the ratio of vegan vs. non-vegan restaurants in Silverlake?
      My Yelp search show a mere 8 in all of Los Feliz, Silverlake, and Echo Park.

    • I can’t actually name another vegan restaurant in this area. Edendale, Astro, Modern Eats, Red Lion, Tomato Pie, Barbrix, the place with the duck on it, Barbarella or the BBQ place, That place is meat city.

    • No more vegan restaurants. Vegan-friendly fare is just as bad, no one wants to eat *like* a rabbit – we want to eat rabbits! Dirty stinking bleeding heart liberal hippies, time for you all to get the **** out of Silver Lake. The neighborhood is modernizing… WITH DELICIOUS MEAT! The people have spoken, we want to eat like normal humans.

  3. will Forage continue as it is?

  4. It’s all good. Excited to try a new place with new offerings; paleo, vegan, pizza or whatever. I personally go by Beecham’s “Try everything once, except folk dancing and incest.”

  5. I’d be more than a little concerned if I lived nearby that they are interested in promoting a party type atmosphere considering that they are proposing to stay open until as late as 11pm on weekends.

    Considering how meat intensive the Forage menu is I don’t share the concern that it will be a vegan restaurant, although frankly I would personally prefer a vegan menu to a meat intensive menu.

  6. Pretty silly they have to ask permission to make do with the existing parking situation… what’s the alternative? Tear down a couple houses for a parking lot? Let the building sit vacant indefinitely and become another tagged up eyesore?

    • Who decides on the parking? If it’s the slnc can’t wait to see the anti business nimbys attempt.

      • LOL. Funny, I don’t know anyone on the SLNC that is anti-business. Although there are a couple against more alcohol licenses, due to SL being something like 500% over the median on this.

  7. We just stop by and were told it was going to be called “Wolf Down.” Why would a restaurant on that strip (competing with Michelangelo and Edendale) close at 7p during the week?

  8. I hope that they can clean out the smell in that place. And, even make use of the brick oven – for MEAT!

  9. These owners may know how to operate a restaurant, but they are clueless in dealing with Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. If they weren’t sure what style of restaurant they wanted to make when they acquired the property, they should have allowed Nicky D continue to run his business there on a month to month basis.
    The point is to prevent a lapse of use on the grandfathered certificate of occupancy. Now its too late.
    They will have to meet the most recent code requirements on parking, disabled access, etc.
    They are so scroo-ed.
    Might as well flip the lot over to a developer who will demo the Nicky D’s shack and build out 8 fee-simple 3 story live/work lofts.
    The only hope for getting their restaurant approved is through a very favorable relationship with someone high up in City Hall,
    for example – like Moby to Garcetti.

    • They might be thinking what more and more business owners and homeowners are thinking which is why not just proceed without getting permits from the building department. With the building department having a reported six month backlog to follow up on illegal construction complaints there is essentially no enforcement in L.A. There is a highly visible restaurant on Eagle Rock Blvd. that has been undergoing a major months long exterior and interior remodel without permits and there hasn’t been anyone from the building department by to stop them.

      I heard a snippet of a Moby interview where he talked about how L.A. is so poorly run that it barely functions as a civilized city and he is right about that.

  10. They are on crack if they think they will get a parking variance .Bike Stalls?? Yeah .I always want to pedal out for dinner on a Saturday night.

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