Silver Lake will still be able to drink up at the new Whole Foods store

365 by Whole Foods will be located inside former Ralphs market

365 by Whole Foods will be located inside former Ralphs market

Storefront ReportSILVER LAKE –Whole Foods disappointed many folks when it announced that its upcoming Silver Lake store would not be the typical,  flashy and pricey food emporium that the company is known for. Instead, the Silver Lake store will be the first of the chain’s lower-cost outlets known as 365 by Whole Foods.  But what did that last-minute switch mean for the wine bar and restaurant originally planned for the Silver Lake store?  Whole Foods officials have declined to comment on that topic. However, recent public documents indicate that the company still plans on operating a place to drink and dine at the new Silver Lake store.

Whole Foods is seeking city permission to hold “on-site instructional tastings” of alcoholic beverages as well as serve beer and wine within a 36-seat dining area that would remain open from 6 am to midnight daily at the Glendale Boulevard store. As is typical with many markets, customers could also buy booze to consume at home or elsewhere. A public hearing is scheduled for March 1 to review the permit request.

A reader noted that the name of the applicant on city documents  is described “Mrs. Gooch’s Natural Foods Market,” which used to operate a chain of local gourmet markets before it was purchased and became a subsidiary of Whole Foods in 1993.

Whole Foods has said that its Silver Lake store, which replaces Ralphs market, will open this fall.

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  1. It’ll be great to have another place to eat and drink in the neighborhood. At least Whole Foods usually has healthy food options.

  2. ‘Healthy food options’ are an illusion. This is always a come-on for suckers. Just remember J.I. Rodale who died on live TV after saying that his health food habits would allow him to live to be 100, unless killed by a meat eating cab driver. He dropped dead on the Dick Cavett show. During the 1960s there was also the ‘health food’ phenomenon. I watched many ‘healthies’ I knew die too young. Regular food works fine. The oldest man in the world, at 112, is a Holocaust survivor who ate garbage for many years. So there!

    His guest Jerome Rodale — also known as J.I. Rodale — was known as an extreme advocate for sustainable agriculture and organic farming. He died of a heart attack on Cavett’s couch while New York Post columnist Pete Hamill was being interviewed. “The staff couldn’t look at it for a while, and when we did, we were stunned — and all had forgotten — that he said in it, ‘I plan to live to be 100’ at one point. And one thing you never want to hear or say: ‘I’ve never felt better in my life.'”

    • Right, and there was a guy who lived to 100 chain smoking cigarettes everyday. So there, that proves that cigarettes are not bad for you. You need to learn how to distinguish anecdotes from statistics.

      • Perhaps you just do not understand. Your reply says nothing that is helpful or factual, although Charlie Smith, who lived to 114, gave up smoking, which he started when he was 12, at 112. George Burns, a person I spent some hours with while in his 90s, lit up a big cigar and told me that his doctor told him to quit because it was bad for his health. George then said that he buried three doctors already. Health foods have been a scam for suckers for decades, since Kellogg got it started. He died of a heart attack while still in his ‘prime’. Organic farming cannot sustain the world’s need for food, nor is it any better than ‘normal’ food. Oh, and Whole Foods is REAL sucker bait. The reality is that IT IS YOUR GENES that count most.

        • If your argument is organic farming is no healthier than regular farming then we can agree. Organic is an advertising buzzword that’s pretty meaningless. It doesn’t seem like that’s your only argument, seems like you’re saying any attempt to eat healthy is a fool’s errand, as proved by an anecdote about some old-timey person who ate like trash and lived to 100.

          • Nope, just that it is you genes that will decide your fate. Have you met anyone who has never been sick, never had a cold, never had the flu? I have. Have you met many centenarians, I have. Have you read what they say about what they ate and drank? I have. There is no ‘healthy’ food, unless you eat live animals that are in good health. Food is healthful, meaning that it is good for you. I have watched good friends who lived lives were based on health food, exercise, and good living. Several are dead, and long before their time (70+ is young). I also know those who ate chicken fat sandwiches on white bread and lived into their late 80s (that’s about par). George Burns told me, when he was 92, as he lit up a big cigar, that his doctor told him to quit smoking cigars because they were bad for his health. George said that he buried three doctors. He lived to be 100+. So THERE!

  3. Who owns the shopping center on Glendale Blvd. in Silver Lake where Whole Foods 365 is constructing their store next to CVS?

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