Victims of deadly Boyle Heights gang attack “were in the wrong place at the wrong time”

Vehicle landed on front porch | The Eastsider

Vehicle landed on front porch | The Eastsider

BOYLE HEIGHTS –  The teenage passengers of a sedan that crashed into a Boyle Heights home on Sunday “were in the wrong place at the wrong time”  when they came under a deadly assault by armed gang members, reports the L.A. Times. The shooting and subsequent crash left the driver, a 19-year-old male from El Monte, dead.  Also killed was a female passenger who was three-months pregnant with the driver’s child, police said. A male passenger in the back seat was also injured. None of the victims had gang connections.

“They didn’t know the area and they were in the wrong place at the wrong time,”  LAPD Det. David Alvarez told the Times.

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  1. “Wrong place at the wrong time”…..oh then I suppose it’s alright for anti-socials to kill people in broad daylight. I take my son to play in a park that’s right around the corner from there; it’s time for the Hollenbeck Police station to step up and round some of these people up.

  2. This truly shows the extreme low life -type of gangsters that live in L.A. What was the purpose of robbing the baby of growing up to a loving family?

  3. I see White Fence Cholo’s all the time a block away from crash at Mott’s Rec park, they smoke weed and drink next to the high school in the park while 5 year olds to 18 year olds play soccer, the police don’t do sh*t.

  4. This is very sad and really strange. I lived down the street from that park and would go there once in a while. I often saw people at the tables that could have been gang members but they just looked like regular teenagers. I never once felt unsafe there, especially not at 11am.

    I would guess this was a case of mistaken identity. These idiots must have thought the guy they murdered was someone from a rival gang. Being that he was probably Mexican and had his head shaved (or really short hair). This is not the norm but this past week there have been way more shootings than usual.

    Punk ass kids with nothing else to do.

  5. This is why we need more gang injunctions and more gentrification.

    • @neighborino, gang injunctions and gentrification do not solve gang violence. Wishful thinking is not realistic in a realistic world. Education is key.

      • Wishful thinking is hoping that these bird-brain men-children will someday realize they are throwing their lives away and decide to get an education. The more realistic strategy is to arrest them and clean up the neighborhood and send a clear message that they don’t belong.

        • This still leaves gang violence and just puts tax payers on the hook for their room and board. Education needs to start at an early age so the cycle doesn’t continue. Gentrification doesn’t solve the problem, it just moves it from your direct sight.

        • Neighborino, Good assessment and plan.

      • Tell us how to educate these fools when their parents don’t give a shit about education themselves. Stupid people raise stupid kids.

        • I don’t know that answer, I’m not an educator or an elected official. But I believe that IS the solution. Tell us how to educate these YOUNG fools so they don’t grow up to be the same type of parents they probably had.

          Dave, you are selfish. Just pushing people out to make it another neighborhood’s problem is still bad for the state. That equals money from all of us.

        • Need free and effective birth control available to teenagers and adults, and to somehow get rid of the Baby-Mama fixation.

  6. Yes, education!

    I have a great idea: we could use public money to provide a free education to anyone. We could start long before these kids get to the impressionable age, like we could start around age 5. We could call it kindergarten. Then, we could continue that free education all the way until they’re 18. We’ll call that high school.

    Since we’ve educated then thru the impressionable years, they’ll steer clear of gangs.

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