What was all that noise over Echo Park and Silver Lake?

Military aircraft over Echo Park

Photo by L. Mann

Were they helicopters? Were they planes? What ever they were they made a lot of noise as they flew westbound over Echo Park and Silver Lake this afternoon.  An Echo Park resident snapped a photo of two of the three aircraft that flew over after 2 p.m.

KTLA’s own helicopter pilot took a close up photo of what were described as military aircraft preparing for President Obama’s fundraising visit to Los Angeles on Thursday.


  1. Osprey are awesome, but they’re also ridiculously expensive and very unsafe. Did they really need to use them here?

  2. v22 osprey probably marines pre flying The Presidents Route Thursday. We will probably see more on Thursday.

  3. yup. their lucky they didnt fly in on Harrier! Now that would have been a sight and sound to see!

  4. They made multiple landings in a field somewhere south of Koreatown. From downtown it looked like a huge fire but turned out to be massive plumes of brown dust.

    • Interesting. When I saw them they were very low over our house in Echo Park, near Alvarado, North of 101, South of Sunset. I watched them fly West until they seemed to disappear over the mountains. There were two abreast of each other and one to their left and behind them. Anyone know significance of this pattern? Is the one following guarding the others?

  5. Anyone that says the Osprey is unsafe is an idiot There was a few crashes and fatalities during development but actually less mishaps than most cutting edge aircraft. Even Obama has flown in one. Somehow I dont think the secret service would sign off on that if it were not statistically safe

    • Nixon signed off on the Pinto, which was a cigarette lighter that carried people. I watched one burn with a family inside. Don’t trust anyone in government, or machines.

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