Astrid’s bus bench gets some TLC

astrid's bench

Astrid at work | Courtesy Ramsey Conder

ECHO PARK —  Astrid Agustin Conder was back at the corner of Echo Park and Scott avenues a few days ago with a brush in hand ago to give her DIY bus bench next to the DASH stop a new coat of teal paint.  A bench covered with wet paint was apparently too much for her little, brother, Dimitri, to resist checking out.

astrid's bench color

Dimitri samples paint color |Courtesy Ramsey Conder

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  1. I very much appreciate that Astrid not only installed this bus bench but is putting in the time and effort to maintain it.

    If only more Echo Park residents cared enough to clean up graffiti it would be a stronger community and eventually the jerks who tag a little girl’s bus bench just as they tag every other surface would give up or go elsewhere.

    • Is that bench permitted to be there? Gotta folliw the city rules people. Tagging is normal in these parts.

      • Wow, LA Native, you have more respect for illiterate scumbag taggers than you do for a motivated little girl trying to make her community a little bit nicer and prettier. You are worthless.

      • Yes, the bench is not permitted, but as you point out, tagging of benches is required within 4 weeks of installation (2 weeks if in HPOZ), per LAMC sec. 203.4, paragraphs (d) and (e).

      • LA Native Astrid building and maintaining a bench and planting LA Native plants for all
        LA Natives to enjoy (nice poppies there this morning!)

        Get out of your car and take a walk LA Native it would do you some good.

      • “Tagging is normal in these parts.”

        No mas with Astrid being the future of Echo Park young.

    • Amen, well said.

      Great work Astrid!

  2. What is this tagging about? Can someone explain it to me? Someone said it’s akin to dogs peeing on territory. If that is true, do these people know they have devolved to the level of animals?

    • Tony the Main Spoon

      Ahhshutup! The taggin is gone and sadly the bench might be too.

    • We’re all about democracy here, right? Well, why is it that only CocaCola and car companies get to be big important things using advertising? I’d rather have little Jimmy on the corner becoming famous like a soda company rather than the soda company.

      Like with advertising, you either police the space by buffing tags or the commercialization/exploitation for ulterior motives takes over. In the case of tags it’s like a version of a riot, wherein the people feeling fear, anxiety, and weakness now express their will temporarily with the full expression of force and power that those typically in power use. In a riot, it’s the use of force typically and the taking or destruction of property. With tagging it’s the arbitrary destruction of property and ability to become a brand (like a famous company or a politician running for office). There is a reason people with some very serious life issues, who have questions of their self worth and direction in life, take up tagging. Some become obsessed and it kills them; others find a calling to do bigger and more profound work; most muddle along.

      I’m okay with it most of the time, but I buff out, with a vengeance, anything that gets written on the places I live or work. It’s like I tell the bugs that sometimes come into my house: you can have it when I’m dead.

  3. To those invoking city code fortunately in this case there is next to no building code enforcement in our city so I think Astrid’s fantastic example of community street furniture is safe to stay for the long term.

  4. Thanks Astrid and her parents for making things just a bit nicer. If only everyone would just take care of where they live work and play, collectively we’d have a better neighborhood, city, country, world. That simple gesture, a little green bench, makes that corner a little more human, and Echo Park a more livable place..We need more little green benches.

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