Crashes and police search in Highland Park [updated]


HIGHLAND PARK —  It’s been an unsettled night in the Garvanza area, where a three-vehicle collision left three persons in critical condition and  police have sealed off a section of the neighborhood as they search for a suspect. It’s not clear, however, if the two incidents are related.

The L.A. Fire Department said the three-car crash took place in the 500 block of Avenue 63, according to an alert issued at 7:38 p.m. No further information was available.

About an hour later persons on Twitter said that the LAPD has sealed off the area and were searching for suspects in involved in a pursuit.   Another Twitter user said police in a helicopter issued orders to surrender.

An officer at the Northeast Division station confirmed that a search was underway for a suspect but could not provide any other details.

Updated on Saturday, March 12: The suspect  got away but police know who he is and will be preparing for an arrest, said Sgt. Roberto Alaniz at the Northeast Division.  The suspect, who was being pursued police for allegedly stealing a vehicle, was involved in the three-car crash, Alaniz said.

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  1. I could see at least 15 cops cars on Ave 64. Let’s hope they caught the culprits…

  2. Crime is up in hlp

  3. Gentrification is up in hlp

  4. Wait, nothing about bike lanes and “hipster drivers”? I am so confused. What is the point of scapegoats if you don’t use them?

    • Right?!?! I guess it kind of become a little redundant..
      Blaming hipsters for gang activities, homocides, raise, hit and runs….

  5. Ave 63 or 64? Article says 63, map says 64.

  6. Once Donny is sworn in, all these putos will run for the border faster than you can say chimichanga mfer

  7. No hipsters were hurt during this criminal rampage.

  8. Must be some hipsters in a rush running to get their coffee..
    Damn hipsters.. The entire criminal enterprise of HLP rest on those hipsters shoulders!!!..;-)

  9. One Hipped outV ato

    I haven’t seen an update on this Fiasco that happened that night, did they ever catch the known hipster that was driving the stolen car?, that smashed into an innocent family driving down the street minding their own business.

    Secondly I dont know if is just me but if the popo’s recognized the known hipster from the hood, why give chase if they know he steals cars catch him later when his gaurd is down. Tax dollars woulf have been saved, and the persons that got caught in the middle wouldn’t have gotten hit by this hipster..Im ust saying…

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