Eagle Rock gas station owners charged with selling tainted fuel [updated]

gas station

EAGLE ROCK — The owners of a Colorado Boulevard gas station have been charged with selling allegedly adulterated gasoline that damaged at least eight vehicles, the City Attorney announced today.

Akop Akopyan, 54, and Gloria Cubides, 54, the owners of a former 76 station at the corner of Colorado and Highland View Avenue, and their delivery company MJ Tank Lines, were each charged with six criminal counts for misrepresenting the grade and quality of gasoline, according to City Attorney Mike Feuer. If convicted, each could face up to two years and six months in jail and $5,000 in fines.

The investigation began after customers reported car trouble after fueling up what was then a Union 76 station, according to the City Attorney. “An inspection by an independent mechanic verified the gasoline as the source of the problem,” according to a City Attorney press release. “On three separate inspections, tests of the fuel in both the gas station tank and the delivery truck found the fuel had heavy concentrations of water and sediment.”

The Eastsider attempted to contact Akopyan and Cubides for a response but several phone numbers associated with the station did not work.

Update:  Akopyan  told KTLA that he did not know about the criminal charges until informed by the TV station’s reporter.

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  1. It’s been called CT gas for awhile (outdated photo). I researched it and it was listed as “top tier” gas. This is really disappointing. Many of us have gone there for years.

  2. Good riddance!

  3. What steps do we as a public take if we have purchased gas from this station

    • “Customers who believe they have been sold adulterated petroleum products are encouraged to file a complaint with the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Division of Measurement Standards by calling 916-229-3000. Complaints should be directed to the Petroleum Officer of the Day.”

  4. Where can we complain
    I had to spend $500.00 to have my mini clubman repaired

  5. Yeah I am with J.R. Filled up there for years (including this morning before I saw this). 4 different cars, never an issue. They always had prices competitive with or better than Arco and it was a lot easier to come and go. I heard that a couple of individuals had issues. I guess its time to go elsewhere.

  6. Come for the tacos, stay for the gas.

  7. I don’t usually buy gas there but did once a few years ago when I was in a hurry, after which I had immediate problems with my car and had to spend over $800 to get it fixed. The mechanic said it was because of tainted fuel, that it had happened to other people, and that some of them had to spend as much as $2000 to get their cars fixed. I hope these criminals are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and wish we who were victims of this travesty could recoup our money spent to remedy the problem. Thank you for alerting other unsuspecting people of this.

  8. I just filled up today! ! Where do we go to make a complaint???

  9. Holy crap no wonder why I every time I start my car smoke comes out from the exhaust. . So is there a way to complain?

  10. I’m not surprised !! The owner was always rude and very argumentative. I would always see him smoking near the gas tanks thought that was kind of odd I hope to do prosecute because we would get gas there all the time. We got gas there yesterday morning unbelievable some people are so shady !

  11. What a bunch of pricks! How do losers like this look at themselves in the mirror every day? Only self-loathing assholes behave like this.

  12. I was affected as well, it was about 5 months ago. Gas had dirt in it.
    We should probably get organized but I don’t know how.

  13. Danilo Capistrano

    I always went there very cheap compare to others that’s why what if there’s a problem on my car will they pay the damage

  14. Danilo Capistrano

    There’s a lot of car go there 2years is not enough and they need to pay the damage if something happen $$$$$&:”???????

  15. Crooks….I avoid that place like the plague…they are rude and creepy…I hope they take their tainted gas and tainted lives and go back to Glendale after they get out of jail.

  16. Who’s protecting us? How long has this been going on? All this scumbag gets is 2 and half years. My truck went dead upon acceleration in the middle of an intersection. Could have been killed after buying this bogus fuel.

  17. Place is so shady. Had my credit card compromised on 2 separate occasions. Shame on me. Shame on that evil troll in the glass booth.

  18. At least they could have lowered the prices.

  19. There must be a way to file a civil suit. If at the very least we have a right to our money back for buying falsely labeled gas.

  20. I used to buy gas there every morning, and my car started having major, major problems. It inexplicably died on the freeway several times, so dangerous. I was really broke at the time and the repair estimate was more than I owed on the car. I had to completely get rid of it and go car-less for almost three years. Because when the car died I was living near this gas station location and working in Calabasas, I had to initially take the bus from that area to Calabasas every morning for months until I found a new job. 3 hours there, 8 hour shift, 3-4 hours back. It was so hard. Really bummed to think that this hardship may have been caused because I regularly used this gas station.

  21. I have called eagle rock city hall in colorado blvd, and the lady gave a number of the district attorneys office, so i did called the D.A office, and they told me, the gas stations owner , will only get a misdemeainor chages……
    I think we should do a class action lawsuit, for the damages n future damege that will occure to our vihicles…

  22. I have gone to the station for years because it is the closest to my house and the cheapest. But I would go elsewhere whenever possible because the men were rude with me (but not with my husband). My former car had an acceleration problem and now I know why. When I took my new Volvo to the dealer for a check-up, I complained of the same problem. They told me to use a higher grade of gas. (Well, that will be easy) I didn’t put two and two together until now.

  23. All of a sudden everyones car is messing up , the real crooks are people who are looking for a ticket to get something free

    • It was a gas station selling dirty watered down gas that was trying to get something for free. People who have proof that their car was ruined by that gas deserve damages. It’s not hard; it’s logical

    • @oh my – i have a new car now. my car died after using this gas station every day, 3 years ago, and it ran fine until i moved back to that neighborhood and started going there daily. the problems i had with my engine are consistent with tainted fuel. i am not gonna sue because i always paid cash. i think it’s pretty real. such a major bummer

      • p.s. by always paid cash i mean i can’t really prove in a lawsuit i went there unless there is surveillance tape which most places record over after a period of time, but i added my story because it’s true and this revelation really bummed me out.

  24. Philip Enochesmaser

    I always and still gas there. I found they’re gas lasted longer and was better between oil changes. More smooth. I am much more skeptical than believing here. Honest to God.

  25. I’ll never buy gas there again
    While the price of fuel was low
    My mpg’s were lower
    Also had idle problems

    Watch the needle on your fuel gauge drop in half the distance



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