Small-lot housing development proposed for Hermon

Site of Hermon housing project

Site of Hermon housing project

HERMON — One of the first small-lot projects proposed for this small neighborhood is now in the early planning stages for a site on Monterey Road.

A filing with the Planning Department reveals a request to begin carving up a large lot between Monterey Road and Toltec Way into eight home sites under a city ordinance that permits the construction of single-family homes on lots as small as 600 square-feet.

The Hermon housing development would be built at 6111 Monterey Road, a property that includes an existing, two-story home built in 1938, according to city property records. An updated Planning Department filing says that architect Ilanit Maghen with Bien-Willner Architects, which has designed housing developments in Silver Lake and the Rampart Village area, is involved with the Hermon project.

The property was purchased last September for $800,000 by Cmb Devlopers, Inc, according to PropertyShark.com.


  1. There goes the NEIGHBORHOOD!

  2. I wonder if that house will be demolished or built around.

    • And…?

      Do you throw away your shirt at the end of the day?

      • I’m just saying it’s not as much a travesty as many other small-lot developments. Also, there are multi-family buildings just across the street, so while I (and it seems most people here) prefer the wide-open-ness of single family homes and their impact on neighborhoods, this seems like it will be an improvement from the way it’s been in the recent past (although clearly not perfect) without being a complete shift for this particular stretch of Hermon.

        Don’t get me wrong, but just trying to play the devil’s advocate I guess to keep balance and not to necessarily represent my own views.

  3. how can we stop this ?

    • Culturally Unwelcoming

      vote in city elections. elect a mayor and councilmen who aren’t in developers’ pockets.

      • Exactly. People have to stop being so passive when it comes to local elections. We have a do nothing mayor, a corrupt city council in the pockets of the billboard companies and big developers, and our city barely functions. It certainly doesn’t function for the average citizen. People should be furious and voting our so called leaders out yet the best they seem able to muster is to complain on blogs such as this.

      • Hillary or Bernie

        Exactly. And while Neighborhood Councils don’t have the authority that the City Council has, people should consider voting in these elections. The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council has several people on it now, who are running for re-election, who are working on stopping the out-of-scale developments.

        Election is this May 14, 2016, and you can register to vote here:

  4. I’ve got to say I don’t understand why people have an issue with new development, especially in a neighborhood like Hermon where denser infill is absolutely appropriate.

  5. Why are people so afraid of change? If someone has that much confidence in my neighborhood (and I actually live here) I say go for it. I don’t know if I would be able to afford it, but that’s okay. I don’t keep others at a grocery store from buying champagne because I can’t afford it, or pricier food for their kids because I don’t have any. It’s really ridiculous that my living here should have any effect on whether others can too, or how they choose to spend THEIR money. This lot is someones property, and as such can do whatever they want as long as it’s not against the law.

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