Where did the Club Bahia mural go?

Screenshot 2016-03-05 at 9

Before: Club Bahia mural

After | Kathleen Klein-Wakefield

After: Club Bahia mural being painted over | Kathleen Klein-Wakefield

The exterior of Echo Park-adjacent Club Bahia had not changed much since giant concert promoter Live Nation started booking acts at the Sunset Boulevard club long-known for Latin music and dancing. But on Friday the sprawling, color mural  that covered the front of Club Bahia was being covered with a coat of gray paint. Kathleen Klein-Wakefield took photos as she drove by.

What will replace the mural? Stay tuned.

2016 3 4 Club Bahia b

Photo by Kathleen Klein-Wakefield

Screenshot 2016-03-05 at 9

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  1. Un-fucking-real.

  2. Oh no another mural bites the dust. What is wrong with the gentrifiers of our neighborhood? Pretty sure the people who gave their precious time to that mural are not happy about this.?

    • Most murals slowly bite the dust by being incessantly tagged over and over again. That doesn’t bother you?

      • Actually, a lot of murals in the area DETER tagging. This mural was never tagged over, and if it ever was, the owners were quick to fix the situation. Drive around Echo Park and look for yourself.

  3. Maybe the Eastsider could ask LiveNation what’s up?

  4. so nasty! another sad story for Echo Park….

  5. How about the gang trash that tag everything. Don’t forget about them in you laments. They keep tagging that cool mural at the donut shop on echo park ave amongst other things.. no respect at all for anything.

    • The anti gentrification crowd seems to have blinders on when it comes to tagging. It’s just accepted as totally normal, or not even noticed. I don’t get that, the slow death of a mural by hideous tagging is so much worse than a property owner deciding it’s time for a change.

      • Lamont Norberto

        Tell me about it, Neighborino! A few weeks ago at 8:45PM on a Sunday, I saw two hoodlums tagging the side of E2K Salon. The United Oil gas station was busy. People were barhopping. DOZENS of people witnessed the taggers but I was the only one who told them to stop. But I guess that’s the flipside of progressive tolerance: “It’s not gang-related vandalism, it’s local, native folk art and it should be encouraged.” SMH.

    • Tony the Main Spoon

      The jerks that tagged up the mural on Echo Park Ave and Fairbanks were a couple losers that are not from EP gang but random taggers that hit-up our area from time to time, The day after this was done, (someone) blacked out most of the white lettering (consistent with the background) but left some of the spray paint over the mural “shoulders” not to go over what was painted beneath. Some of the integrity of the art piece is somewhat preserved, I hope.

  6. Hopefully, they will put up something beautiful.

  7. It’s a travesty. The owners have no sense of community or art…only $$$.

  8. I hear they’re going to replace the mural with a painting of a horizontal slat fence.

  9. Everyone is seriously crying foul over the loss of this mural? The original was painted sometime in 08/09 and has changed a couple of times since then. Besides that, this mural wasn’t very good.

    • @BH

      I wondered that as well.

      The mural wasn’t very old and wasn’t very good.

      And the FB thread on this story certainly brought out the racist bullies. You would have thought they were mad over some old landmark being taken down. I wish they showed as much concern over littering and gang tagging.

      • The angry anti gentrification crowd is completely blind to tagging and littering and illegal dumping. it’s like since they grew up in a trashed neighborhood, they are completely oblivious to things that those of us who grew up in nicer neighborhoods would recognize as blight. They’ll protest neighborhood cleanup projects and painting new buildings while being totally oblivious to trash dumped all over the curb and gang members slowly destroying everything with tagging.

      • Right? No one reached out to the building owner if they are going to replace it with a new mural either, It’s their building, and they can paint whatever they’d like onto the side of the building. It’s all assumptions from here on out until its cleared up.

  10. As the neighborhood becomes more upscale it has to be expected that things like this will be phased out to be replaced by something that appeals to the tastes of the new residents. To anyone paying what it costs to buy into the neighborhood now (namely something approaching a million dollars at the low end) the old mural would certainly have been an eyesore. I’m sorry but you just don’t see that sort of thing in million dollar and up neighborhoods. You just don’t.

    • OK, but why does Echo Park need to kowtow to the demands of Rich White People? Why do we have to be the next million dollar neighborhood? Why should we allow money to whitewash the character of Echo Park away forever?

      You see an eyesore, I saw a part of the neighborhood that makes Echo Park quirky, diverse and wonderful.

      • Too late to complain about million dollar homes in echo park. And really that mural was bad, it looks like a class of kids got to paint whatever they wanted all over the wall. Which is how a lot of murals in low income areas look, crude childish hyper-colorful drawings with no real sense of balance or aesthetics. If any real local artists can come forward we could have some truly awesome collosal murals under freeway overpasses and on walls. But let’s shoot for better than the “children’s coloring book” look.

      • “Rich white people”? STFU. Echo Park is still diverse, even without this mural. FYI, gentrification in EP has been a done deal for quite a few years, so enjoy the changes and your new neighbors!

      • I very much agree.

  11. Three guys working on a new mural as I type (5 PM Tuesday).

  12. If someone invests a million dollars plus to live in a neighborhood I think they are absolutely entitled to have some say in the look and quality of their neighborhood. It might very well be that most of the so called “newcomers” grew up in nice neighborhoods and so the trash and graffiti sticks out to them in a way it doesn’t to people who grew up in Echo Park when trash and graffiti were accepted as the norm but so what. Not everyone wants to live surrounded by blight so why should they just accept it? I think the old timers who are complaining should open their eyes and they might start to appreciate living in what is becoming a nicer and nicer neighborhood.

    • Or maybe those newcomers should have just moved to Pasadena?

      • Yeah no kidding, Scott. I loved Echo Park more when there was trash, graffiti, gangs and prostitution. Especially the 15 year old hispanic girls who would sell their bodies for drugs in the alley behind my house and the fish in Echo Park Lake had herpes. Boy those were the good old days…

      • Seriously. There is a reason that in 2006 I chose to move to Echo Park and not Santa Monica. Not everything has to be a whitewashed wonderland with a Caruso Inc. shopping plaza and faux-Mediterranean apartment complexes.

        Echo Park is on a slippery slope, and it’s only a matter of time before the Cheesecake Factory moves in.

        • @Echo Park

          And not everything has to be transformed into TJ Norte.

          Cheesecake Factory aside, I’ll take whitewashed wonderland over gangs, shootings and litter any day of the week.

          • But Barney, it was SO much cooler when people like you didn’t “take” anything. In fact, people like you were too afraid to leave the west side to come near Echo Park. Gang activity had its tangential uses…

          • Listen pinche naco, I’ve never lived on the westside.

            I’ve never been afraid to live anywhere. I’ve lived in several cities, unlike most of the racist chest thumping knuckle dragging naco hicks that post here.

            I only get pissed off when people show no civic pride and treat the neighborhood as a dump. Yet they claim to love their neighborhood.
            How f’d up is that?

            And gangs had “tangential uses?” GTFO.

            Here’s some advice: Dump the “no snitching” rule and stop dumping trash everywhere. Ya don’t gotta live like that no more. But if you do want to live like that, move to SanBerdoo or TJ. You’ll feel right at home.

  13. They are restoring the mural as I type this comment ….

  14. I never realized that the murals at Club Bahia was such a topic. Here is the story. We had this mural up for 5 years and it was a time for a change. The original mural was done by a street artist named Eddie – Alza Design. I talked to him and we decided to update the look, it was time to give the club a fresh face. Now I may as well apologize now because in 5 or 6 years we may change it again. It is nothing personal, it is to help our young and upcoming street artist a chance to show their talents. I love Echo Park and I love working here. And I am happy that many people loved the old mural, even the childish look comments, but I hope you like the new mural too. Good night Echo Park. Let me know what you think of the new mural. I hope Kathleen Klein-Wakefield takes new pictures.

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