York Park is nice but where are the swings?

york park

HIGHLAND PARK –  Last year saw the opening of York Park, the site of a former gas station now packed with slides, outdoor musical equipment, restrooms, amphitheater, exercise equipment, walking paths, tables and chairs and a large canopy.  But where are the swings?  That’s what some parents are asking about the classic piece of playground equipment, according to an EGP story about the park’s one-year anniversary.

The design of the $3 million park is based on a series of public meetings and a vote on what should be included.  “We voted on the swings, we definitely wanted swings in this small park,” community activist Yolanda Nogueira told EGP.

Is it too late to squeeze in some swings into the park at York Boulevard and Avenue 50?

Councilman Jose Huizar was open to changes and new ideas but said  we would have “figure out where the money would come from.”

Read more at EGP News.

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  1. Where’s the grass?

    Swings and concrete are not a good combination.

  2. Get over it people. This is a fine park (I go there several times a week with my 2 year old who loves swings).

  3. There’s too much stuff in that park. Swings would be ridiculous!

  4. I would ask where are the trees but by now I’ve come to expect an anti tree stance from Huizar since he receives free campaign adds from the billboard companies who hate trees.

  5. Why are trees important? Here is a short list of reasons trees are necessary for improving our worldly condition.

    1. Trees produce oxygen – Let’s help Highland Park breath better!
    2. Trees clean the soil
    3.Trees control noise pollution
    4.Trees control storm water runoff
    5. Trees clean the air – Another fantastic reason!
    6. Trees shade and cool – Where’s the shade? The park needs it for those hot Spring & Summer days!
    7. Trees act as windbreaks
    8. Trees fight soil erosion
    9. Trees increase property values
    10. Trees are carbon sinks

    All 10 reasons are invaluable!

  6. From what I’ve been told at other parks the City of L.A. no longer installs swings? some liability issue?? Oh the good ol’ days when a kid could trip, fall, and get up and do it all over again!

  7. $3M? Holy schizophrenia Donald T! Shouldn’t we’ve gotten a swing carousel that rises above this goofy toontown? For under $1M they could have purchased a Chuck E Cheese franchise and have the same outcome!

  8. Yeah, not having trees in a park sucks. Trees are probably one of the most valuable things to have in a park! This park looks like a hot desert wasteland. It doesn’t look that inviting.

  9. Trees are invaluable whether in a park or lining a street and unfortunately Council District 14, where this park is located, is stuck with Jose Huizar, an anti-tree council member, until 2020.

    Just imagine how much nicer council district 14 would be all around if at the start of his first term in 2005 he started planting trees instead of turning a blind eye when street trees are illegally destroyed. 15 years is long enough time for significant growth in a tree and sadly time is the one thing you can’t get back.

  10. This park is for schmucks.

  11. Oh god, shut up, people please

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