Daily Archives: April 9, 2016

Mascarpone-honey cake or a chamomile-milk tart? Pastries putting Frogtown restaurant on the culinary map

ELYSIAN VALLEY -- LA Weekly spotlighted pastry chef Sarah Lange of Elysian, a restaurant and venue hidden behind a wood fence on Clearwater Street. The chef’s resumé illustrates the sweet song of success – from her start at Cake Monkey, experimentation at Hart and the Hunter, a granola-making side job that turned into her Bearclaw Kitchen enterprise, and now her position as Elysian’s pastry chef. Read More »

Higher lead levels found in children near Exide plant; the aftermath of an Echo Park murder-suicide

MORNING REPORT: Children living near the Exide battery recycling plant south of Boyle Heights have been found to have higher levels of poisonous lead in their blood than those living farther away .... It's been a decade since Sang Kim shot his wife, son and daughter before killing himself in their Echo Park apartment. Daughter Binna Kim, who was the only family member to survive, recounts the aftermath, her recovery and a new life in New York Read More »