Anybody want to buy an Echo Park coffee house?

Chango Coffee

Shopper and Diner buttonECHO PARK —  Chango Coffee, one of the neighborhood’s first coffee houses, is up for sale.

The asking price for the approximately 1,000-square-foot cafe was not disclosed but a buyer would assume the remaining lease with an option to extend, according to the listing on LoopNet.com.

Jenna Turner, who took over  Chango four years ago in partnership with Marc Gallucci, said business remains strong at the cafe, which anchors the southwest corner of Echo Park and Delta avenues. But Turner, who also owns and Habitat Coffee in Glassell Park, and Gallucci, who operates Fix Coffee a few blocks north in Elysian Heights, said they want to cash out and “reap the reward of our hard work,” she said. “We really turned that business around.””

Since the original owners opened Chango more than a decade ago, Echo Park’s coffee house and cafe scene has expanded dramatically.  Still, there appears to be enough coffee drinkers to go around, and business has not suffered because of the competition, Turner said.

“Everybody is different. Everybody has specific tastes, Turner said. “We all sell different coffees. It gives people a lot of opportunities to choose.”

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  1. turned the place around? lol, I used to enjoy chango, then somebody, wonder who, came along raised the prices, lowered the quality, ruined the interior and exterior and painted over the iconic chicken to boot. I truly hope these business people reap the rewards of their hard work!

  2. Chango was a haphazard mess before its current owners took over. Now it’s a crappy coffeeshop that sells awful food. As an establishment, it pales in comparison to its neighbors Valerie and Cookbook. (I know Cookbook isn’t a cafe, I know; it’s just a great store.) I’m super excited by this news, and let’s all hope the new new owners actually turn this dump around!

    • Agreed. The quality of an actual coffee drink at Woodcat, Fix, Bluebottle, Dinette are so far above places like Chango and Tazo(unrelated), it’s a miracle they’ve lasted this long. Would love a higher quality food offering in that location! And does this mean maybe cookbook will bring back drip coffee in the AM?

      • Bluebottle? That sterile, medical office looking place? What a joke you are to think that’s a more “Welcoming” and “homey” environment. I’ve gotten stared out of there, probably because I’m too brown for their whitewashed garbage business.

  3. Bye Monkey, hate ur coffe, hate your ugly Mural.

  4. I don’t know when the last time anyone went to Chango, but they have some of the best sandwiches in the neighborhood! LOL to anyone suggesting Valerie’s $15 breakfast salads are a deal compared to a really hearty turkey and avocado sandwich loaded with tons of good stuff.

  5. I swear to god I don’t understand all the haters on here.

    the coffee’s fine and the staff are pleasant, nice place to hang out.

  6. I don’t understand the vitriol, either. Perfectly pleasant spot for coffee or a snack. The staff, since Jenna took over, has always been great.

  7. internet is full of haters. they always come outta the woodwork just to incite. it’s what they live for.

  8. There seems to be a particular hatred for local small business on this site.
    It’s really hard to start your own business and keep it running. Especially on the east side with crazy rents and changing demographics.
    I wonder how many of you have tried to open and run a small business. It’s F-ing hard!
    Perhaps you’d prefer a chain coffee shop?

  9. I did some work on one of Jenna’s cafe’s a while back… she was a very kind person and one of the hardest working people I met in the 6 years I lived in Los Angeles. I would guess she puts in at least 6 days a week and 15 hour a day.. so haters..go hate elsewhere.. or just shut up.

  10. The place was a filthy DUMP, Jenna and Marc turned it around. As good as Fix or any others nearby.

    Competition has stiffened with the GREAT Blue bottle 4 blocks away on sunset, with parking.

  11. Hey guys, as a hater, I’d like to point out that I’m not knocking the staff of Chango! Very nice people. But the coffee is bad and the food is terrible. If I’m not mistaken, the food is made at Susina Bakery (which is WEST of La Brea, people, come on!!!) and trucked over. I once ordered a sandwich that had bread so stale, I couldn’t bite through it. And the regularly brewed coffee is really, really bad. Like, I think the gas station across the street probably has better coffee. Chango is definitely no Fix and can’t hold a match to Blue Bottle.

  12. I see by the other comments here that my original posting was poorly written and I hope that it was not hurtful in any way to the woman who owns and manages Chango.

    It appeared to me, form the outside not knowing really anything about the place or situation that this was another echo park pump and dump business model. somebody comes along, makes a few cosmetic and other marginal changes, raises prices and then sells. The big chain sees the place as profitable and presto, you have a too big to fail coffee shop in your neighborhood! The small business person is happy, the bank gets their loan repaid and the customer? I can only speculate.

  13. friendly tuxedo cat

    Let’s separate hateful from truthful here. Chango coffee has always been terrible–shockingly bad–and the food … just old and disgusting. It always seemed that it survived on good location alone. Does anyone recall when it was a welcome relief back when Fix opened and started pulling drinkable espresso?

  14. Good riddance! We don’t need coffee shops woth over priced coffee in every corner.

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