City Council votes to change Echo Park street name to honor Vin Scully

ECHO PARK — The City Council this morning reaffirmed a previous vote to change the name of Elysian Park Avenue to honor legendary Dodger play-by-play announcer Vin Scully despite a last-minute effort to preserve the old street name.

During a brief public hearing, a few speakers spoke out against replacing  Elysian Park Avenue, which has been existence since the late 19th century, with Vin Scully Avenue. Others complained that the community had not been consulted before First District Councilman Gil Cedillo presented the name change to the council. Some groups, including the Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park and the Echo Park Historical Society*, had suggested an alternative: naming the intersection of Stadium Way and Elysian Park Avenue “Vin Scully Plaza.”

“I feel that Elysian Park Avenue is the entrance to the park. It’s not the entrance to the Dodgers,” said a woman who spoke against the name change. Elysian Park Avenue is “the entrance to the quinceañeras, to the parties [in the park], the entrance to the police academy. It’s much more than just the Dodgers. Elysian Park has been there before the Dodgers. I think you should consider that perspective.”

Eric R. Eisenberg, who owns property on Elysian Park Avenue and is president of the city’s Department of Transportation Commission, said that Vin Scully was a household name in his family but that the old street name holds historic value. “Elysian Park Avenue is undoubtedly historic to our community,” he said.

But the history argument did not sway the council members, who approved the name change without comment.  Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who represents most of Echo Park, was not present during the vote.

Cedillo’s office did not wait for for today’s council proceedings to begin before announcing that a ceremony to dedicate Vin Scully Avenue would be held on Monday, April 11, one day before the Dodger season opener.

* Jesus Sanchez, publisher of The Eastsider, is a board member of the historical society.

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  1. At taxpayer expence. How much money will Gil Cedillo pocket? This is a true WHITE COLLAR CRIME.

    • I’m no fan of Cedillo or this motion (and have nothing but respect for Vin Scully), but I don’t see this as a money earning opportunity for Cedillo.

      Just some lamo, cleat-licking pandering.

  2. Soooooo insanely stupid… and at taxpayer expense. More idiotic Dodger takeover of Elysian Park.

  3. And Gil Cedillo, you’re so in the back pocket of Dodgers and business it’s gross. Absurdly gross. Someone hold him accountable to people not dollars??

  4. Get ready for dodger village at the barlow presented by Gil Cedillo & the good people of Citibank

  5. Good timing Councilman O’Farrell… You were a no-show to this meeting?….Shame on you Mr. O’Farrell. 🙁

  6. It is embarrassing and disgraceful that the city would spend any money on this with the homeless crisis, especially with community opposition. Once again, the council did not listen to its constituents. This was snuck in and we did not hear about it until the decision was already made.

  7. Who is Vin Scully?

  8. I don’t get it. What could be a better name than Elysian Park Avenue… especially at the gateway to Elysian Park? What is better than “of, relating to, or characteristic of heaven or paradise”? This is a bad sign.

  9. Mitch O’Farrell has promoted himself as a champion of Elysian Park, but on this vote he ducked his head. Not the first time I’ve been disappointed by O’Farrell.

    I’m not disappointed by Cedillo’s role here, because this is what I expect of him given his track record, which is shameful.

  10. This better not move forward, losing the historic name would be a minute blow. Shame in the nc and O’Farrell for ducking this idiotic vote.

  11. All you people are absurd. VinScully is a living legend. I am happy to see for once someone get honored for their achievements BEFORE they are dead and gone!

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