Echo Park’s Bleached in the spotlight with pop-punk sound; makeover in works for Los Feliz’ Vermont Triangle

Echo Park | Linda Mann

Echo Park | Linda Mann

MOrning Report

  • Echo Park’s Bleached puts a pop-music spin on punk rock that may win the female trio a wider audience. L.A. Times
  • City officials are working on a plan to discourage homeless encampments and loitering at the Vermont Triangle in Los Feliz. Los Feliz Ledger

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  1. “… no one at the time was concerned it would become a magnet for the homeless.” If I remember correctly one of the reasons for the 2008 was to discourage homeless people from gathering. Redesigning the space is not gonna solve the problem.

  2. Re the bird on the line…can anyone identify? It seems to be sparrow family, but our family calls them the ping pong-ball birds because they are so very round and short tail to beak. They look like they swallowed a ping pong ball!

  3. Great, the city officials once again prove what a bunch of hypocrites they are. They say they want to spend $200 million a year to help the homeless, but all they actually want to do is constantly roust them from anyplace they might been, never let them have any rest — because clearly if you run them out of that triangle area, which is away from residences, they will not show up anyplace else, they will simply evaporate — well unless they show up on the sidewalk in front of your house, since they are being kicked out of every place away from you.

    Garcetti, who lately has tried to pretend to be a friend to the homeless, has been rousting them since early in his time on the Council and helped shepard through the city policy to send in the police to find any excuse to arrest them on Skid Row. They said last summer the city would be spending tons of money to make sure the homeless would not have to suffer in El Nino rains this past winter — but we are still waiting for their plan. Good thing the El Nino rains never came, especially since the city’s only plan is to increase rousting of the homeless, doing absolutely NOTHING to help them..

    • And what do you suggest be done when the vast majority of homeless refuse help when offered? I read again and again when encampments are removed that reach-out efforts to find placement are refused. If someone can get you off the street and you prefer to live on the street, my sympathy is strained.
      Many cannot make these decisions on their own, nor can they see that it is for their own good, because of mental illness/paranoia. We don’t let seniors stay in their homes when their dementia or Alzheimer’s make living alone unsafe and unsanitary. The state steps in if they have no family or caregivers and they become wards of the state who make the decision for them. Why should it be any different for the homeless, the majority of whom suffer from some form of mental illness or disordered thinking from chronic drug use? Allowing them to stay living on the street just because “they want to” is to me the real crime.

      • It’s all about MONEY!

      • So, your attitude about homelessness is guided by heartlessness, not by knowledge? In fact, there is no help available for most of these people. You think they can get housing and welfare and other help — nope. They know they can’t, and they have no interest in being sent though the very unpleasant and personally probing process for nothing.

        The so-called welfare programs are not available to people who do not have children — why do you think nearly all the homeless people you see are men — or the small minority who are fully disabled. The homeless missing that provide cots have no room for about 99% of the homeless, there are no cots available for the tens of thousands of homeless. And even to get the few that are there, they have to stand in line for hours, get put through the mill like cattle-animals to determine if they will be accepted for that one night, and then be in what is generally described as being just about as dangerous as being on the street – the people inside are just as desperate as those outside. When they do get into a mission, it is only for a night or two, a few if lucky. Then right back were they were — what’s the point, why would they want to go through all that crap for so little?

        So, when “offered,” they already know the answer, so who go through the grueling treatment for nothing.

        If you had any idea what you were talking about — you probably would be just has heartless anyway.

        Maybe one day we really will have programs that are able to handle it all and that are more positive than negative, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. All I see us doing, under Garcetti in particular and the crew that came into City Hall at the turn of the century, is constant rousting of the homeless, and an actual city policy adopted to find any excuse to arrest them on Skid Row and throw them in jail, excuses that would not get anyone else arrested much less jailed!

        If they were not being harassed and run off Skid Row, where the rescue missions are, you would not see so many now moved to other locations around the city.

        Yes, most especially on Sid Row, it is all about money. This harassment policy there started when developers started buying up Skid Row property cheap and want to turn around and sell at huge profits by running the homeless out. ALL our locally elected people have been taking huge, ungodly amounts of money from the developers– just look at the campaign contribution reports.

        And the real estate interests have been buying up the single-room occupancy hotels around Skid Row that were set up to house at least a minority of the homeless people and helping them get back on their feet, kicking those people out, spiffing the place up, and renting or selling to the affluent and wealthy people you now hear have moved into downtown, again creating even more homeless people even as the few programs to handles some of them are being eliminated in favor of making lots of money on real estate.

        Gee, we’re even imposing residency restrictions on certain people that leaves them no place they can live, so they have no choice but homelessness — those restriction by law bar them even from homeless missions. I’m talking of people who committed things like misdemeanor sex offenses 40 years ago, and now can’t live anywhere, so end up homeless. Yes, a single count of misdemeanor indecent exposure from as long ago as 1947 will find them subject to all these punishments now being newly imposed on them. This is yet another thing we are doing that is only increasing homelessness.

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