For Sale: Mid-Century Modern in the San Rafael Hills!

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1452 Brixton Road | $950,000 | Property Website

Boardrooms, meetings, and memos don’t exist here. After all, this is home. It’s where impromptu evenings with 5 of your besties means grabbing a chilled Chardonnay from your built-in, stainless steel, refrigerator and turning up the flame on your Wolf range. And on evenings like this you never miss the opportunity to hear the raucous of their laughter as you, once again, show them you can moonwalk (glittered glove included) across the hardwood floors spanning your open living, dining room, and kitchen. Sundays… maybe putz around the garden, taking in the glorious sunshine and the evening, nothing but you, cozy in a blanket, a good book by your bedroom fire…and intermittent daydreaming about whether to use the 2nd or 3rd bedroom as a home office or future nursery. Whiling your weekend away in your chic Mid-Century Modern in the hills!

Open House

Sunday 4/24 2-5pm
Tuesday 4/26 11-2 pm
Sunday 5/1 2-5pm

Please email Deirdre at [email protected] for more information!!

For more details contact:
Deirdre Salomone
(323) 788-1674
[email protected]

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