Officers open fire on cyclist in Historic Filipinotown


HISTORIC FILIPINOTOWN — Police officers opened fire on a cyclist late Wednesday night after they attempted to stop him in the Historic Filipinotown area south of Silver Lake. The cyclist, who was not hit, fled the scene on foot but was taken into custody a few hours later after police sealed off the area.

An LAPD spokesperson said that Rampart Division officers stopped the cyclist near the intersection of Occidental Boulevard and Hyans Street around 11:05 p.m. on Wednesday. The officers exited their vehicle and approached the suspect when shooting took place.

It’s not clear why officers were trying to detain the man. Authorities said no officers were injured, and the suspect was not struck by the gunfire.

A LAPD Rampart Division officer said late this morning that the man had not been booked, and it’s not known what charges he might face. No further information was available.


  1. Not even a claim that he was “reaching for his waistband”?

  2. How can it not be clear why the police officers were stopping him? You mean they didn’t even know why they were stopping him, and they started shooting at him anyway? And they didn’t even book him for anything, because of course, they had no idea why they had been stopping him in the first place and then shooting at him?

    Can we at least get some kind of quote from the police of just how they worded that they don’t know why they were pulling over the bicyclist? That cant just be left dangling out there in the manner it is.

    Just FYI, that location is next to a film studio and a block from St, Anne’s home for unwed mothers.

    • “How can it not be clear why the police officers were stopping him? ”

      probably because LAPD wouldn’t comment on that! it’s an open investigation. is this your first time reading a news article about cops?

    • What Kermit Said!

  3. I’d very much like to know if this is what kept helicopters circling for at least three hours (last I heard was about 3:00am) last night into today over Echo Park and environs?

    Or were they related to manhunt for a homicide suspect named Philip Policarpio?
    Anyone know?

  4. Any more info on this. I was woken up at 2am by 8 heavily armed policeman behind my house where I park my car. Can’t find any info. anywhere…

  5. It probably was a Temple Street gang member they are out of control graffiti and shooting all the time around their neighborhood

  6. Alexis Ventura

    Hi I’m Alexis Ventura the cyclist who. Was. Shot. At by lapd. Rampart police department. Let me start off by saying that the reason they stopped me on my bike wad for not having a backlight on my bike. Absurd on that day it was April. 21 the Sun was still out. I got scared they repeatedly. Tried to run they’re police car on me while on my bike. I was captured and booked for adw. With a firearm on a peace officer. Served 1 month in jail. To clear my name. I don’t use or own guns. Can anyone help me with some legal help?

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