Trouble for potato taco lovers in Cypress Park

el atacor cypress park 4-13-2016 2-09-41 PM

El Atacor #11

CYPRESS PARK –– Taco fans are wondering when they will once again be able to satisfy their hunger for potato tacos at El Atacor #11.

A handwritten sign on the front door of  the Figueroa Street restaurant reads “Closed for Remodeling.”  But, according to a Yelper, the place that has been has been closed since late February, and the phone has been disconnected.

El Atacor’s potato tacos have been praised by many diners, including restaurant critic Jonathan Gold.  In a 2013 review he said:

The barely seasoned potatoes exist basically as a smooth, unctuous substance that oozes out of the tacos with the deliberate grace of molten lava. The glorious stink of hot grease and toasted corn subsumes any subtle, earthy hint of potato, and tacos de papas evaporate so quickly that you are thankful they are available 10 to an order, slicked with cream and thin taquería guacamole, piled together in a foam takeout container like so many lunch-truck taquitos.”

It looks like it will be a while before any more potato tacos will be fried up at El Atacor. A peek inside through the window reveals that some equipment has been moved around but there is  no obvious sign of remodeling taking place. “We need to know the future of this most vital establishment,” writes on Eastsider reader.”Potato Tacos forever!”

When El Atacor reopen? If you got any info, please send it our way.

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  1. You guys do realize they have another location about a half mile north on fig, right?

  2. For a super potato taco, go to Senor Fish in Eagle Rock–4803 Eagle Rock Blvd, (at Norwalk Ave.,) 90041. I have no affiliation, just love their potato tacos.

    • Senor Fish is an abomination.

      I can’t claim to have ever eaten an El Atacor potato taco sober but they’re pretty frickin’ sublime.

    • senor fish is gross..have no idea how they stay in business..oh wait? i know..white people who move from the midwest love that place

    • Senor Fish in Eagle Rock is the Bomb-Ass Mero-Mero of fish tacos in NELA. Been there since the 80s and the perfect spot for ceviche, fish tacos, and a Modelo after a few rounds of handball in the summer. In fact, NObody makes better ceviche or fish tacos in NELA (except for myself). Now, the Senor Fish in EP is an abomination. Still can’t erase the memory of being served fishy-tasting water and beer batter tacos. That was pretty gross. Had to head over to Eagle Rock for the OG fish-taco remedy. The Senor Fish in Little Tokyo was also pretty good. Still missing that joint.

  3. Metro sucks!!!

  4. The El Atacor up on Fig is owned by different owners. Those potato tacos are NOT the same recipe. I’ve. But according to the locals, The Atacor 11 is being sued by its employees.

  5. King Potato Taco

    Chicos tacos on fig and ave 50 has amazing potato tacos

  6. This is a tragedy. I hope they get it all worked out and fry me up some more potato tacos. Perhaps El Atacor 1 through 10 can help out…

  7. I wonder if they raised their rent just like they did to so many long time business owners on Figueroa who were forced to vacate.

    I know there is a second location down the street and others elsewhere but the taste is not the same.

  8. There is a lady who set up a bbq in front of the hardware store next to Atacor #11, and I hate to say it but her potato tacos are BETTER! Try it.

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