Whole Foods sets a date to open its Silver Lake market for millennials

365_ExteriorRend_Silver Lake

Courtesy Whole Foods

Storefront ReportSILVER LAKE — Construction crews and equipment still roam the Glendale Boulevard site where Whole Foods is building the first of its 365 by Whole Foods stores.  Despite the current construction dust and noise, the upscale grocer announced today that the Silver Lake store will open on May 25, a few months earlier than originally scheduled.

The Silver Lake store, which replaces a former Ralphs market on Glendale Boulevard, is Whole Foods’ effort to appeal in part to younger shoppers with a more affordable mix of products and what the company describes as  a “streamlined … shopping experience.” In addition to market staples, the 365 by Whole Foods will also share its floor space with other vendors, such as  Chloe, a New York-based vegan restaurant, a coffee brew bar by Allegro Coffee and a self-service tea kiosk called teaBot.

“With each store, we’re looking to curate an experience that’s totally customized to that location,” said Jeff Turnas, president of 365 by Whole Foods Market, in a statement. “Allegro’s craft brew bar will provide a casual place for Silver Lake residents to relax before or after they shop, while teaBOT’s unique service will offer a quick, yet deeply personalized tea-making experience.”

In addition to the Whole Foods,  a Wells Fargo bank branch and two new restaurants are also planned for the same shopping center, which is also home to a CVS drug store and Starbucks outlet.

If the shopping center parking lot approaches the perpetually-packed conditions found at the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s,  365 shoppers will be able to avoid the hassles and place their order online for delivery, the company said.

365 store under construction

365 store under construction

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  1. As soon as it opens, I’m going there to see who the Whole Fools who will shop there are.

    • HIPSTERS, who else

    • Whole Fools?

      Your lame attempt at humor comes across more as cynical and condescending. But thanks for chiming in.

      Some of us like a healthier selection at a grocery store. Even if we have to pay a little more.

    • Thor Sitzpinkler

      I think it’s great that assholes and losers are so bitter about 365 and “hipsters.” Good riddance. The area is looking better and better every day. Move to Palmdale where you can enjoy a nostalgic look at gang violence in rundown hood.


    • For real tho. I still feel there is relatively zero real information on what this 360 is going to be like. Ive read about Chloe for the thousandth time but nothing about what kind of meat department this market is going to have or if at all. Frustrating.

  3. i see what you did there joey. a play on words. pretty amazing stuff really.

  4. I hope 365 isn’t much worse than the regular whole foods. SL already has Trader Joes so hopefully 365 will have better stuff than TJs.

  5. What is so “millenial”-specific about low prices and coffee and tea and food?

    • Gentrifornication or something like that. Some people like to hate on change even if it’s positive.

    • Yeah, exactly. Like “millennials” are the only ones who don’t want to pay ten bucks a pound for cherries. I have (guarded) hopes for 365, but phrases like “deeply personalized tea-making experience” aren’t helping.

      • “…while teaBOT’s unique service will offer a quick, yet deeply personalized tea-making experience.” Customers who relate to this type of ridiculous nonsense are one reason I avoid shopping at Whole Foods markets. They are so “deeply personalized” that they bump into you without even an acknowledgement that you exist. Gelson’s has both friendly and courteous staff and shoppers.

  6. I never thought of the impact it might have on parking for the CVS! Shoot. Nevertheless, happy to have a new, hopefully high-quality but well-priced grocery store near by.

  7. They should fire their head of marketing. I went to the streamline supposedly awesome downtown store and they didn’t have half of what I needed. The whole place was creepy. Thank god for Glendale and instacart delivers from there.

  8. Sounds like they’re building a Lassen’s. Why not just go to Lassen’s in Echo Park?

    • Because the owner of Lassen hates our fellow gay citizens so much that he spent over $30,000 in a temporarily successful but ultimately failed attempt to take away their equal marriage rights in California. That is hatred on the same level of the anti LGBT hatred that we are seeing being set into law currently in numerous southern states. Many people, including me, haven’t forgotten and will never shop at Lassen as a result.

      • Expressed very well, thanks

      • Uhm, did you know the dude that runs Whole foods is a staunch conservative? Not publicly anti-gay like my friends at Lassen’s – but I imagine there’s plenty-o-talk about that behind closed doors.

        By the way, it seems your “ban” on Lassen’s isn’t hurting them at all. Every time I go in they are PACKED!

    • Um, because Lassen’s is anti-gay.

    • Cuz I can walk to 360.

  9. I can’t wait!!!! I’m excited to have healthy options nearby!!! And I’m not even a millennial !

  10. For those of us that live in Glassell Park this 365 store is only 5 minutes away and will by all accounts be much better than Super-A (Where speaking English appears to be an insult) and the chaos of Super King. We also have a Sprouts opening so by June we should have some much improved grocery options.

  11. Chaotic though it might be Superking on SF is all varieties of awesome. The Lamb, flatbreads and yoghurt game is first rate. Sharpen your elbows and get stuck in. Deeply personal tea making experience sounds like something from a Wanchai back street.

  12. Anyone who calls it ‘curating’ instead of ‘marketing’ is a huckster

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