A vintage store with an “enhanced” look opens in Silver Lake

furst of a kind storefront


Storefront ReportSILVER LAKE — Furst of a Kind, which prides itself in not being your typical vintage shop, has opened its doors in the 3200 block of Sunset Boulevard, replacing the Hemmingway & Pickett gift shop that moved to Echo Park.

“When you step into our store it’s not like any other vintage store,” said an official with LF Stores, which is associated with Furst of a Kind. “From merchandising, to the styles we will be selling, to the way we will be styling you, your experience shopping at Furst of a Kind is unique, that is what sets us apart,”

The LA based brand specializes in vintage garments with an “enhanced” look. From tearing, shredding, studding and patching, each piece will cater to the shopper’s unique style.

“The attitude in Silver Lake is exactly what we’ve been looking for,” said Joel with LF Stores (company officials decline to provide their last names).  “The artistic and individualistic vibe of everyone in the area really defines our brand.”

Furst of a kind, which is located at 3208 W. Sunset,  held a “soft opening” on May 6.

Jacqueline Fernandez is a Los Angeles-based reporter who’s written for various media outlets such as Los Angeles Wave, The Miami Herald and WLRN-Miami Herald News.


  1. I hope that artistic types tear this place up and it goes away soon.

  2. indeed ! sounds super lame

  3. I think the “attitude” they’re really looking for is in Vegas, or maybe Glendale.

  4. Hey Joey, Echo Daddy, Skeeter : You’re Lame. Don’t be a Critic, Be a Creator.
    They people opening this store are risk takers with a creative concept -they’re creators.
    You’re internet trolls , who most likely have never had an original idea in your lifetimes.

    • Nikki reps Silverlake

      if you want to pay $285 for some used ripped up jeans with 3 patches sewn on, then hop into that dressing room Chauncey! I walked in here with my BF and walked out after seeing the prices, might as well call this place “FOR RENT”

  5. Love Saves the Day

    When has a chain used clothing store been anything but a drag in wolf’s clothing?

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