“Artisan marketplace” planned for York Boulevard


Storefront ReportHIGHLAND PARK — The owners of a York Boulevard commercial building plan to transform the property into an “artisan marketplace” with space for vendors, restaurants and live entertainment, according to the Planning Department.

The York Market, as the project is described in an online summary, is located east of where a large concentration of new shops, restaurants and bars have transformed York Boulevard.

The approximately 6,400-square-foot building in the 5300 block of York has served as an auto body shop, warehouse and other uses but is currently occupied by The Hunt, a vintage furniture store that is looking for a new home. The building and lot were sold in July 2014 for $1.4 million, according to PropertyShark.com.  The buyers, Isola Bela Inc and Seven Fountains LLC, are controlled by a “high net worth” California family, according to one business journal.

The owners are seeking a city permit to serve a full line of alcohol beverages on the site in conjunction with 10 vendors, including restaurants, that will occupy the building. The York Market also plans to host live entertainment but no amplified music or dancing.  The Building and Safety Department has also received an application to allow restaurant and retail uses for the building.

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  1. Just don’t displace my beloved La Estrella taco truck.

  2. And just don’t use the word “artisan.”

  3. this used to be mike kelley’s art studio for last decade or so.
    wish it was a museum.
    its insane how little research is put into the history of property in highland park today.

  4. Concerned citizen

    Hell yeah! More artisan BS catered specifically for the new folks! I can’t wait for the organic cat food stand spearheaded by little twirly mustache-recycled punk rock-passively aggressive- t-shirt guy on York!

    • So it’s just cheap tacos and Joanna’s snacks for you? Expand your horizons and enjoy!

      • Concerned Citizen

        Cheap tacos? Not at all! That’s what all these people moving into the neighborhood are into because they didn’t have stuff like this in the boring hometown they all left behind. And why would you assume I live off of tacos? The almighty racist overtone always shows up when talking to people defending these types of business’.

  5. Haff-Foods-Fanny

    Artisan BS?, as much as I agree about some of the pretentiousness that comes along with new ventures like this it also brings in a more friendly less crime driven element to the neighborhood. I would take this any day over whatever has existed before.

    • I read “more friendly less crime driven element” as straight up racist. Surely that’s not how it was meant?

      • sorry do you live in HLP? i’m off 57th and mesa – drugs are still very prominent part of the day to day here. wish some of the locals would stop romanticizing “the old days”

    • While I agree this may be a nice addition, I also read your comment as having racist overtones. Also, maybe it would make sense to inform yourself about what has been there before making a decision about how you feel. Saying I like this over whatever has been there sounds like you are not making a particularly well informed decision. This is your prerogative and IMO reflects more negatively on you that what occupies that space now.

    • The coming transformation may prove to be great, but invoking the promise of “a more friendly less crime driven element” is not fair because it implies the area attracts an unfriendly, crime driven element now, and I don’t think that’s the case at all.

      • Charles M Shorty

        @foo, dex and picky

        I hope you eventually realize that your hyper-sensitivity and pedantic political correctness is a huge turn-off to most people. So much so they are willing to vote for a buffoon like Donald Trump to swing the pendulum back the other way. Stop living your life just to correct people, especially the ones you don’t know. What half foods said was not racist and not intended to be racist. Just stop it already!

        • Lay off, Chuck. Just because someone responds negatively to a comment doesn’t mean they agree with everyone else who responds negatively to a comment. I never suggested anyone was a racist, just ignorant maybe. All viewpoints welcome.

  6. What the east side DESPERATELY needs is our own Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. I’d settle for one in Highland Park, Echo Park, Silver Lake, Eagle Rock, or even downtown. With traffic what it is these days it takes over half a day to make it out to Melrose Place and back.

  7. Am biased, because I work with the guy who is putting this project together, but come on… this is going to be a really nice addition to the neighborhood.

  8. I’ve lived in LA my whole life and HP for many years. My husband lived in HP when he was a kid. We like tacos, nice cheeses, used clothing stores, good wine,elote, espresso, guacamole from La Tropicana market, and we welcome artisinal markets just as long as they are friendly and not snotty. Went to the Highland Park Bowl for a drink last night and everyone was really friendly, not pretentious. It was a true mix of Latinos, whites, older, younger, etc. all just having a great time. I think more options are great for us here in Highland Park. I recently tried a new store (will not say name) on Fig and they had such a snotty, non down-to-earth attitude, I will never go back. We like it real here. We like good quality whether it’s a taco from a truck or a good blue cheese from Milkfarm and we like it delivered in a friendly manner understanding we work hard for our money and don’t want to hand it over to someone who gives you attitude unless it’s friendly! I look forward to seeing what this new “market” has to offer.

  9. I suggested the comment came off as racist, I did not say it was intentional or that the person was racist. I have a healthy dose of skepticism that asking someone to be mindful of what appears to be a flawed and limited thought process explains the state of our country’s political affairs today.

    I think you are onto something with the hypersensitivity though; the kind of hypersensitivity where someone doesn’t even bother to actually respond to what was said and instead jumps to irrelevant conclusions about national politics and thin-skinned people who are afraid to have an open and honest conversation about how communities can work for the old and the new.

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