Bike advocate plans to run against Councilman Gil Cedillo; Congressman Xavier Becerra for Vice President?

Echo Park | Finnius Morton

Echo Park | Finnius Morton

MOrning Report

  • Lincoln Heights resident and cycling advocate Josef Bray-Ali is the latest person to file paperwork needed to run in next year’s First District council election against incumbent Gil Cedillo. L.A. Now

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  1. Excellent photo!!! 🙂


    Congressman Becerra for Vice President? BEST IDEA I’VE HEARD THIS YEAR! First year he ran for office I “took a chance” on him (they all start out sounding like they want to save the world). Have never regretted it which is more than I can say down the road after voting for most other “sincere” pols. And then, while he was still new on the Hill, I had an appointment with him as one of several senior citizens who went to Washington to urge legislation to protect health care via Medicare. Mr. Becerra came in to his conference room and asked us if we would mind waiting just a few minutes . . . his small children were calling him from California and he hadn’t talked with them all week. Well, you know how that went over with a clutch of grandparents! When he returned to the room, he was attentive, asked pertinent questions and seemed genuinely concerned with the needs of seniors. I would assume he gives equal attention to the needs of other constituents and would continue to do so in the larger arena.

  3. ANYBODY but Cedillo! We need a strong leader, an advocate, a person who truly knows and understands our neighborhood, not an outsider from Sacramento! NO MORE CEDILLO!!!!!!!!

  4. I find Josef’s posts on this website and others to be dismissive and crude. If he plans on representing this area, he is going to need to work on respecting other viewpoints and balancing the needs of all of his constituents, not just the ones who shop at his bike shop.

    • Josef is like the Donald Trump of bike activists. Trump wants Mexico to build and pay for a giant wall. Josef wants to close Figueroa to all motor vehicle traffic. Both people have a lot of bluster and make a lot of noise, but neither is going to get what they want.

    • Agreed. He lost my vote a long time ago.

    • Disagree. He seems like more of a safety advocate than a “bike” advocate. And I’m all for that. He has a lot of experience working worth people in the area.

  5. I’ve heard through a good source that Harvey Slater is also going to make a run for city council. Cedillo is going to have some serious opposition come election time. This district is a mess and everybody knows it.

  6. Cedillo deserves some serious competition. He’s a throwback.


  8. Yay, Josef! He is awesome!

  9. The bike lobby has been disrespectful of other opinions at many community meetings. Bikes are great but it needs to be balanced. Cedillo is a joke for our community and how did he get here? We need a true community member, NELA is a wonderful place with so much potential and a great community and we need a council member that truly represents the community. Amen.

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