Echo Park taco truck struggles to make the grade

arizas taco truck echo park

ECHO PARK — The L.A Times reports that food trucks fared worse when it comes to health safety compared to brick-and-mortar restaurants based on the county health department’s grading system.  Food trucks were even less likely to earn an “A” grade  than food carts. But do those A, B and C grades that are posted on windows make much of a difference to food truck fans? Apparently so, according to an employee of Tacos Ariza, the taco truck that seems perpetually parked on Logan Street near Sunset Boulevard  in Echo Park.

After an inspection in early March, health inspectors gave the truck a “C” grade for 16 violations ranging  from workers who failed to wash their hands and food prep surfaces that were not kept  “safe and unadulterated. ” Isabel Ariza told the Times that business dropped after the “C” was posted. But she noted that it’s tough to meet health regulations given the small spaces and limitations of a truck:

“It’s not as simple as it seems,” Ariza said. “It’s hard to keep everything in one compact space. They really expect a lot from us. We try our best to be prepared but [inspectors] always try to find something. It’s hard to get an A grade.”

Business has improved, however, since the truck’s grade was raised to a “B” after a follow-up inspection in late March.

How does your favorite truck or restaurant rate with county health inspectors? Click here to search the county’s inspection results.

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  1. This is the worst Taco Truck I ever had in my entire life. The quality of their meat, or rather their burnt crumbs is utterly disgusting. It baffles me how they even stay in business. Their truck says they are located in Huntington Park and that makes sense. It seems they can only survive by selling to unknowing transplants in Echo Park. They would be out of business in the first 24 hours if they tried to push their garbage in Huntington Park and probably half that amount of time if they tried their funny business in Boyle Heights. I once got burnt chorizo crumbs for my carne asada taco. This place stinks!!!

    Go to the taco truck parked in front of Vons for delicious tacos and a much cleaner counter space.

    • Charles M Shorty

      Authentic is one thing but not necessarily the only ingredient required for good food. I have experienced food in China which is drastically different from what Americans served here in “Chinese” restaurants and it was odd, different and not to my tastes but wildly popular with the locals. I have had carnitas tacos and lengua tacos from this truck and thought they were good. If they were as bad as you say, they would not be in business any more.

      • Yeah, Arizas food is pretty stellar, dont know what the first poster is talking about. Look at the lengua at Arizas and look at the lengua at “the taco truck parked in front of Vons” and decide for yourself who’s meat looks more like crumbs. .

        • The Main Spoon

          Tacos Ariza is excellent “C” grade food. 1st poster is a Taco Zone hipster lol jk , to each taco, their own!

        • Looking like burnt crumbs and tasting like burnt crumbs are to entirely different things. Your “Stellar” Tacos Ariza tastes like burnt crumbs. My second visit to the truck (I stopped at fool me twice) was a whole other “awesome” experience. My weakly taco was served on drenched tortillas, drenched in Crisco oil. You can keep giving them your business man; better you than me.

    • Oh good lord …need you be schooled ? A lot of taco trucks are based in HP,that’s where they park and load up , even the Kogi truck is based there, and as a local Echo Parker and not a “transplant ” , arizzas has always been good on a budget after a show at the Echo when they used to park at the south of Sunset . Do you really expect 15 dollar avocado toast from a taco truck or a 5 star meal ? It’s mostly drunken 2am food , and that or a slice of two boots will do . On the other hand , it’s taco zone by Vons that is popular with your own words , “transplants ” .

      • Co-sign. That taco truck in front of Vons is a MESS. They could not stay in business if they didn’t almost exclusively target drunk hipsters. Otherwise, Gus’ near the Red Lion is the best in these parts right now and the truck at the car wash on Temple/Glendale Blvd. is also pretty good.

      • Okay that still doesn’t change the fact they would not be able to push their Taco “Popov” in a more discenerning area. Im not born and raised in Echo Park but I am born and raised in LA. I am not asking for a $15 taco brah. Maybe you are right, this truck is best at 2 am when your drunk. That way you wont have any idea about the shyte your eating. Enjoy ! 🙂

    • Totally agree! Taco zone is so much better. Tacos Arizas smells and tastes like old, frozen food.

  2. IheartEchoPark

    ouch. I love tacos arizas

  3. Count Boozebag

    I also give Arizas a Si grade,

  4. The Main Spoon

    One must wash hands in that working environment scores of times. But those tripas are so damn tasty!

  5. Onions, Cilantro

    I’ve been going to Tacos Ariza for quite a while now and they have amazingly delicious carnitas.

  6. I’m not going to name the truck, but I stopped by one recently and their grade form was removed from the window. Made me wonder! I want to check back – maybe the new one was in the mail…

  7. the health dept grading system is basically extortion. there standards are arbitrary and you can pay your way out of letter grades.

  8. I’ve never been of fan of Ariza’s, It always seems a bit off when I have gotten it. I prefer El Flaming Taco on sunset at the carwash.

    The taco truck at vons” is also sub par.

    • Charles M Shorty

      El Flaming is a RIP OFF . They charge $3.75 for 1 taco. Their al pastor is too salty and the cashier lady is a rude cant with a u.

      • lol they do not charge 3.75 for a taco

        • Charles M Shorty

          Well the kuntfellon ripped me off then. I ordered 4 gringo tacos, she charged me $15. I said that seems a bit high she said “They’re really big tacos…not like those little ones”

          Maybe they make up the prices based on how they are feeling at the time or how the person looks. They certainly don’t post the prices. Either way I’m never going back to their salty-ass rip-off tacos.

  9. Arizas is pretty good in a pinch. And fuck the city restaurant ratings. Fucking Taco Bell can get an “A” just because they have real estate and staff to make the grade. But their food not good and filled with additives. The city ratings don’t guarantee food safety or excellence.

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