Get Ready To Vote: Neighborhood council elections being held this Saturday

Echo Park candidate forum

Echo Park candidate forum

Who would want to run for neighborhood council? The positions are unpaid, the boards are powerless to change city laws and the meetings can be long and sometimes unruly. However, the city’s network of neighborhood councils continue to attract veteran activists as well as newcomers. On Saturday, May 12,  voters in Atwater Village, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Los Feliz, Rampart Village and Silver Lake will head to the polls to decide which of the approximately 150 candidates will be elected.

A second batch of Eastside neighborhood councils in Boyle Heights, Cypress Park, Eagle Rock, El Sereno, Hermon, Highland Park, Glassell Park, Lincoln Heights Montecito Heights and Mount Washington will hold their elections later this month on Saturday, May 21.

Polling places will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Atwater Village Neighborhood Council

Echo Park Neighborhood Council

Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council

Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

Rampart Village Neighborhood Council

Silver Lake Neighborhood Council



  1. Just what we need – ‘veteran activists’. How about – ‘highly intelligent folks who are not ‘veteran activists”? We already have a president who came from that ilk.

    • What else would you expect for an unpaid position with very little power?

      Which president… you mean Obama? If he was able to run for a third term he’d be crushing it right now. The best the other team could get behind is Trump, LOL. When he’s not stroking his own ego, or pandering to the Archie Bunker wing of the GOP, his actual policy positions (which you can count on one hand) are beyond ignorant.

    • Okay Joey, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and run yourself? All of you Ayn Rand right-wingers are “highly intelligent”, right?

  2. Thank you for posting this, eastsider.

    However, as for the Silver Lake Neighborhood council, I have only criticism for them keeping this election a secret from the community. This story, and only one day before voting, is the first I have heard anything about this. The NC should have made a mailing to everyone in the neighborhood council district about this, just like any other city election. And it should have been made some time ago.

    The NC has a budget from the city, and that should first be used for these elections, and anything left over can then be used for other things. Without a proper election with the full community notified of it, and enough time to find out about and consider the candidates, the NC itself is nothing better than fraudulent as an election the community is not notified of cannot properly represent the community.

    Imagine if the city had a City Council election and didn’t tell anyone about it!

    • If you live in Silver Lake, I don’t know how you could NOT see all the SLNC election signs, in commercial businesses and the many residential yard signs in the neighborhood. They’ve been there for weeks, including for the first time, info on how to vote online, if you registered prior to May 9.

      If you first heard of it here, then I hope you take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the candidates and vote tomorrow! For starters, take a look at the SLNC website. http://silverlakenc.org/

      And after the election, you might want to attend a meeting, just to see what goes on. Kudos to the people who are willing to get involved, run for election, and serve on any neighborhood council!

      • Sandy, there is not a single sign in my area. I haven’t seen any in any stores I’ve been in, perhaps I don’t spend enough time shopping. Still, since when do people have to spend their time in stores just to be able to be notified of an election.

        None of that excuses not doing a mailing, just like any other election. This is an official city election and should not be handled as anything less. Should people be left out of an election for mayor just because they didn’t spend money in the right store?

        I just came back from an afternoon party. I mentioned the lack of notice of the election, and several people at the party immediately chimed up with the same complaint. They too said they only first heard of it in this story a day before the election.

    • Yeah, neighborhood council is a joke in LA… they have no real power, so what’s the point?

      I’d prefer the City Council be doubled, even tripled in size. 15 districts for a sprawling City of 4 million is just silly. New York and Chicago have like 50 districts (and the pay is much closer to the median income — whereas here in LA they make like $175k/yr.)

      The districts should be much smaller, representing actual neighborhoods, instead of broad gerrymandered swaths of the map (often with disparate interests.)

      Just my two cents.

    • Why should the NC budget be spent first on elections? I’d much rather that budget be used for the community. There have also been plenty of signs out there.

  3. Elections run by the same people who are being elected are inherently faulted. City errs to have NCs run their own elections.

    In Elysian Valley instead of funds being spent for community benefits this last year, the board put most of it money into electing a slate of candidates consisting of…themselves and other members of a divisive group formed around ugly and divisive racial animus. Most of those seated on the board gained their position after the majority of the board quit in disgust when meetings turned into slugfests of character assassination.

    Neighborhood Councils can do wonderful things but bullies often rule. When they do the City has virtually no means to stop it, even when it reaches a level of direct violation of laws, such as the laws that guide ethics training requirements for public servants. In this context, NCs are increasingly a den of gadflies and fringe groups. Procedural errors are rampant and public funds are often misappropriated.

    I agree with one of those who commented. Close down this messed up system. Distribute the funds into council offices or make some additional council seats.

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