Hillary Clinton speech at East L.A. College to attract fans and protesters

By Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

By Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

EAST LOS ANGELES — Fans as well as opponents of Hillary Clinton are headed to East Los Angeles College where the Democratic presidential candidate is scheduled to speak  this afternoon a few weeks before the California primaries

Clinton is expected to talk about her plans to raise family incomes and other topics during a speech in a college gymnasium.  In addition to speaking at East L.A. College, the former U.S. Secretary of State, who is battling U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, is scheduled to appear at  L.A. fundraisers, including one hosted by 14th District Councilman Jose Huizar, during her Cinco de Mayo visit to Los Angeles.

Not everyone is rolling out the welcome mat for Clinton, however. Several groups opposed to Clinton’s candidacy said they will march from Belevedere Park in East Los Angeles to the college campus in Monterey Park this afternoon to protest her support of U.S. military force in Iraq as well as her position on economic issues that were viewed as detrimental to working-class citizens, according to a City News Service story in the Daily News.

“This event is to let Hillary know that she is not welcomed in Los Angeles and to raise community awareness of what she really represents,” one of the protest organizers told City News.

It’s not the first time a Clinton has campaigned for president at East L.A. College. In 1992, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s husband, spoke about ways to improve education during a campaign stop at the college, according to Campus News.

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    • The Main Spoon

      Um, so what. Where is the outrage? Hillary jumped on the “invade Iraq” band wagon under idiot Bush. I support H.C. (secondarily) but she doesn’t get a free pass through the neighborhood. This protest, despite a singling out the group you tagged here, is still Berning her as it should be.

  1. Feel the Bern!!!

  2. Bernie all the way!!! #DropOutHillary

  3. Black Lives Mutter at it again. Go bother Billary. Even better, march in the ‘hood against the gangbang killers of black children, black women, and black men.

  4. If Union del Barrio was comprised of people of European descent, they would be classified as a hate group and shunned. Hopefully many of them are ineligible to vote.

    • The Main Spoon

      Will some please hyperlink the fringe of racists that support Trump, on YouTube? I don’t think so. It’s a waist of time. Trump is going down, so, all the bigots can go dormant for another 4 years come Nocember.

      If you old farts got a problem with that, don’t hide behind your computers, let’s debate at the Short Stop over a game of pool. I’ll by the first round. 7:00pm Monday.

      Skate or Die!

      • The Main Spoon

        Someone*, November*

      • Here you go check out this racisthttp://youtu.be/03Bt6b8PPP0

      • What are you talking about? Trump is going down, great. Reconquista fascists with their made up history need to go back to school.

        “We see ourselves as descendants of indigenous people and heirs of an indigenous struggle against colonial domination. We hope to unite all oppressed people in Aztlán/México Ocupado, regardless of national origin and citizenship, to join the process of building a revolutionary, reunified, and socialist México, and ultimately advancing towards Simón Bolívar’s dream of a unified continent.”

        Are you kidding me? I suppose one can see oneself however they like, but this is some made up stuff.

        Simon Bolivar’s dream, how’s that working out down south?

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