Homelessness continues to rise in L.A.

A homeless person living in the Alvarado underpass at the 101 Freeway.

A homeless person living in the Alvarado underpass at the 101 Freeway.

The homeless population across Los Angeles County rose 5.7% from last year to more than 46,000 despite declines in the number homeless veterans and families, according to the results of January’s Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count.  Homelessness grew at much higher rates within the City of Los Angeles, including the area that includes Atwater Village, East Hollywood, Echo Park and Silver Lake, where the homeless count jumped more than 30% from the previous year.

Homelessness within the City of Los Angeles rose by 11% to 28,464, according to figures released today by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, a county agency that oversees the annual homeless count.

The count broke down the results by census tract and city council districts that include Eastside neighborhoods:

  • Council District 1, which includes all or portions of Cypress Park, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, Mt. Washington & Westlake,  reported a 1% increase in the homeless population to 1,986.  This area includes the Arroyo Seco, which has seen numerous homeless sweeps during the past year. Map
  • Council District 4, which stretches from Los Feliz to Sherman Oaks, saw virtually no change in homelessness, which stood at 628 based on the January count. Map
  • Council Distict 13, which includes all or portions of Atwater, Echo Park, East Hollywood, Elysian Valley and Silver Lake, posted a 34% rise in homelessness to 3,036 persons. The council district has seen numerous homeless sweeps along the 101 Freeway corridor.  Map
  • Council District 14,  which stretches from Downtown L.A. to Eagle Rock,  saw the number of homeless drop by 11%, one of only three council districts with a decline.  However, it’s not clear if the decline was concentrated in Downtown, which has traditionally been  home to a large homeless population, or other parts of the district. MAP
Source: LAHSA

Source: LAHSA

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  1. Iseelamepeople

    Meanwhile Eric Garcetti is at Dodger games and Kings rally’s and selling property in the millions …he is the most worthless mayor since Villaraigosa and the city is continually being pimped out to developers , and the housing crises grows. Can’t wait for his term and free ride of “perks” to be over.

    • Trump is your Daddy

      It’s called Capitalism. Don’t like it, move to China. We could all use one less LIBTARD

      • The Main Spoon


      • The Main Spoon

        Good question. The article mentions vets and families, perhaps a homeless population type of census that might bring light to metal illness, drug use, and more in depth background info so those paying attention could make sense of this increasing culture. If I had nowhere else to go but be homeless in North East LA then this is where I’ll would call home. At some point, I could find and receive the assistance to get back on my feet, for sure. Any socialist would agree. That’s Capitalism for you!

    • Agree with you and hope we can prevent him from becoming governor.

    • I’m not a huge fan of Garcetti… but I think it’s a bit disingenuous to harangue him for the homeless problem/housing crisis, when he’s clearly been a leading advocate for building more housing (both private and public.)

  2. Has anyone ever studied how long these people have been in LA?

  3. F*%k all ya’ll ! We need more hunting / fishing shops /
    Churches / country music bars . / gun ranges /we’re taking over this mofo ….yyeeeeehaaaaawww god damn !
    Holy Jesus

  4. Charles M Shorty

    I work on the west side, live on the east side (Echo Park). I have never seen a homeless person in Beverly Hills. They just don’t tolerate vagrancy. At the worst you’ll get arrested but most likely you get carted by the BHPD to the 101 underpass. Why is it acceptable for limousine liberals to preach all of their social rhetoric but it’s not acceptable for them to live with it as we do?


      So stay in Beverly Hills….

      • Charles M Shorty

        Wow, what a great solution. I think I’ll look in my sofa for some extra money to move out to Beverly Hills. You are full of awesome and practical solutions. And yes, Echo Park is east of the west side. It is a very tired argument that you have lost many many years ago. Give it up. We are glad to let you keep EAST LA…

    • If true then they are violating people’s constitutional rights.

      In public always video tape police interactions. Use the CA ACLU video app or Bambuser (free live streaming uploads.)

      It could be your rights next that are being violated.

  5. Agreed. West side liberals are the biggest hypocrites. They wouldn’t tolerate half of the crap they advocate that the rest of us put up with, including hosting an unpredictable homeless population. My sister works and lives downtown and is dependent on public transportation. At first she was full of pity and outraged that so many people should have to live on the streets. Well, that compassion went out the door after interacting with some of them, including being doused with a mystery liquid by a laughing lunatic. Among the down and out are some serious loons and they are not small in number. Constitutional rights be damned, no one should be attacked by a crazy person, those advocating for them to roam the streets should take them in. Problem solved.

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