Whole Foods puts its mark on Silver Lake

Photo by Amy Seidenwurm

Photo by Amy Seidenwurm

SILVER LAKE — What do you think of the signage for Whole Foods’ soon-to-open 365 market? Amy Seidenwurm of Silver Lake took photos as the new green-and-blue logo was being installed on the facade of the Glendale Boulevard store.   It was only a little more than a year ago that the red, oval Ralphs sign was removed from the same building.

The new store is scheduled to open May 25 but the company is planning a party in the parking lot a few days before.

Photo by Amy Seidenwurm

Photo by Amy Seidenwurm

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  1. Seriously?
    Design reminds me of the 99cent only store.

  2. Exactly what I’ve been thinking, Slow Roller!

  3. Tacky, tacky, tacky! Looks temporary. Like they’re waiting for the real signage to arrive. They probably won’t be around very long with all the competition in the grocery world so we may not be looking at it for long!

  4. jjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    Agreed. Signage sucks, name sucks. Lets see if the store sucks too.

  5. Looks bleak…..expectations are very low now for “Half Foods”

  6. Yea, looks CHEAP! Hope Whole Foods is listening!

  7. It really is for Whole Fools.

  8. 1st world issues .
    There are people struggling for good and nutrition around the world and the “signage sucks”
    Get real you sniveling spoiled cry babies.

  9. Dis! ^

    Or move back to Wisconsin.

  10. At least we can go down to Sprouts in Eagle Rock if this spot sucks. Sprouts is great alternative and probably much cheaper.

    • Charles M Shorty

      Don’t forget about Lassen’s too. Their prices are shockingly competitive for all organic produce and they have a kickass hot and cold food bar…

    • Maybe I’ll go to the new Sprout’s, but not sure, I’ll have to swing by and see what their sign looks like first.

  11. I’ve held my comments until now, but wow. That is really uninspiring. It looks like they got a summer intern to put in a placeholder and then just went with it. It takes a couple of elements from the 365 package branding and typography, but went with an even more blocky font and more childlike color combination. It’s a very stripped-down look; they are really trying hard to emphasize it’s not a regular Whole Foods.

    • Because it isn’t whole foods. The products they offer are equivalent of a food bank, with prepared food.

      Something the residents of silver lake can afford with the inflates real estate and rent prices you folks are paying.

      Life must be hard for you folks whining. Enjoy your new store.

  12. While I don’t have any real objections to the sign itself, one would have been more than enough.

  13. This would NEVER fly in Pasadena. This sign is tacky and it clearly shows they do not know the demographics in this area. This is a CREATIVE area full of working, creative professionals who would have loved a WHOLE foods, not a tacky HALF foods. Ugh! Totally let down. This sign looks like a 99Cent Store.

  14. Couldn’t care less about the sign if there’s food I can buy on the inside.

  15. Haff-Foods-Fanny

    Just gimmee parking, no haff parking, full parking!

  16. You guys aren’t buying and eating the sign you know. This place, from what I hear, is actually going to sell food inside.

  17. Will they sell donuts?

  18. I think the sign is sexy.

  19. Oh shut up. Dissing a store you’ve never even shopped in. Save your comments for when you shop there and can provide feedback based on your actual in store experience.

  20. bathing at baxter

    I look forward to their opening. Another choice.

  21. This store is an affordable way to eat healthy and conveniently.
    Lots of new technology, healthy foods with knowledgeable employees, price caps in every section to keep in line with the affordable mission and a not so huge and scary selection from a regular Whole Foods.
    If you read the 365 Branded labels, its the SAME as the Whole foods mission for LESS MONEY so count me in.
    No artificial additives,preservatives and gives back to the community, planet and local children ?
    Yes yes, count me in.

  22. Latest on 365 via New York Times.

    Whole Foods’ Scaled-Down 365 Store Has Robots, but No Tattoo Parlor


  23. I welcome a cheaper option for purchasing quality organic food and other products in the area and as a long standing silver lake resident who is slightly bitter over the neighborhood changes if the hipster virus hates it SCORE FOR ME!!!!

  24. all you babies will stop complaining once you step foot in there..grow the f*ck up..it’s a god dam market..plenty of other options ..wish you transplants would go away

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