Many L.A. minimum wage workers get a raise starting tomorrow


Employers in the City of Los Angeles with 26 or more workers must start paying at least $10.50 an hour on July 1 under the new citywide minimum wage. That’s a 50-cent increase above the current $10 minimum, which applies statewide.

The increase is the first bump that will eventually raise the minimum wage in the city to $15 an hour by July 1, 2021. Employers with 26 or more workers will also have to begin paying paid sick leave to eligible workers starting today.

Smaller employers with 25 or fewer workers won’t have to start paying a higher minimum wage for another year.

Raising the minimum wage was a hotly debated measure that supporters said would decrease poverty but that many businesses said would eventually slow down hiring and hurt the economy.

Minimum wage workers in the city will get an even bigger raise next year when the hourly minimum increase to $12 for employers with 26 or more workers.

Click here for a rundown on the city’s minimum wage and paid-sick leave requirements.

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  1. And if you work 40 hours a week you’d almost have enough to give ALL your money for a 1 bedroom apartment to the greedy landlords of the eastside.

    • So why live somewhere you can’t afford to?

      • So , Tell me where Eagle Rocks , (who must have moved here to the “pseudo” Eastside because you couldn’t afford to live on the Westside ) can someone afford to live anywhere in L.A. For minimum wage?
        From your posts it’s easy to weed you out as the Johnny come lately stuck with and overpriced mortgage once you realized the “Eastside ” was cool and affordable.

        • Love all of your assumptions, which are completely incorrect. Have a very comfortable mortgage, thank you very much. CA native, been on this side of town for 20 years, so stuff it.
          One of the answers is people getting their education, the rates for high school graduation are not great in HLP, better in Eagle Rock. Another is realizing that minimum wage isn’t going to afford one a very high standard of living in an expensive city such as LA. So, you can whine about it or make some decisions to try and improve your position in life. Right? Otherwise the expectation is that rent, utilities, traffic tickets etc. all will be subsidized by the State/city and other taxpayers?

          • 20 years ??? Pfffft ‘. Hahahahaa! Right , I knew it …Newbie – try 52 years and counting ….

        • Wow ,your a life long local. Guess what nobody gives a shit. If anything your the generation that let this place turn into the shit hole for so long. And it’s the “newbies” that are actually de-ghettoizing this place. Gentrification is here to stay and there is nothing you can do about it.

      • The fact is Echo Park / Silverlake / Los Feliz “used” to be a place to get affordable housing. Sure things change. But the prices have gotten completely out of control. And isn’t it sad someone can work 40+ hours a week and not afford a place in what was once the blue collar / artist friendly / working class area?

        • @GBM

          I know lots of folks that work 40 hours a week that CAN afford these places you speak of. They are people who spent time learning a specialized trade, or went to school. They certainly did not expect that minimum wage would ever be enough to survive much less raise a family or purchase a house.
          Hopefully you are not foolish enough to believe a politician who is pandering to you (buying your vote) by saying stuff like ” you need a livable minimum wage”. Minimum wage will NEVER- nor is it meant to be- a livable wage. By the time the employers are forced to raise it to $15, the entry level job market is going to look very different from now. More automation, more robots/ less humans.
          It may be too late for you but if you have children, please encourage them to learn a trade, shoot higher than minimum wage, EBT and section 8 housing. And please educate them on how expensive having children are. Condoms are a solid investment that even baby Jesus would endorse.

  2. In 1984, my former husband left me and our two young children to our own devices, in order to pursue his own personal interests.
    So overnight, I found myself at the forefront of two emerging demographics – that of being a divorced woman, and that of being a ‘re-entry housewife’.
    Re-entry into the workforce that is. With no up-to-date work skills or work experience, and with no work history for a decade. My new demographic made that transition an immediate imperative.
    So, a job-hunting I did go. And a very kindly, Republican businessman on Colorado Boulevard, just east of Figueroa, hired me. My job was to file index cards of auto parts sales items into US zip code order. No training necessary, no education or experience required. Just put the index card that had 90041 in the top right hand corner into the box that had 90041 printed on the front.
    For this, I was paid $12.00 per hour. In 1984. With no training, education, or experience. In Eagle Rock. By a Republican. (It was an election year – a Republican won.) Which meant that my children and I did not become homeless. Despite my former husband’s best efforts to the contrary.
    So, please don’t talk to me, in 2016, 32 years later, about a $10.00 per hour minimum wage. And especially not since, within that same time span, I’ve seen my bosses’ wages go up to multiples of tens of millions of dollars.

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