More parking to be considered for Echo Park and Silver Lake

Silver Lake | Barry Lank

Silver Lake | Barry Lank


Where is more parking needed  in Echo Park and Silver Lake? Many residents have a long list of parking-poor places. But if you had to narrow it down, where to begin?

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has some specific ideas.

The city has put aside $355,000 in its proposed budget for 2016-2017 to study the need for public parking — including possible new lots or parking structures — in Silver Lake and Echo Park, as well as Venice, Leimert Park, Washington Boulevard and Lankershim Boulevard.

“For Echo Park, the study was prompted by the shortage in parking for both residential and commercial,” said Russell Hasan, a transportation engineering associate with LADOT. “For Silver Lake, the request came from the Neighborhood Council.”

In areas where parking meter zones have already been established, LADOT will be studying the number of spaces needed (based on current conditions and likely future development) and which properties are available for parking areas.

For Echo Park in particular, Hasan said, LADOT will be looking at …

  • Sunset between the easterly leg of Laveta Terrace and Rosemont Avenue
  • Echo Park Avenue between the first alley south of Sunset Boulevard and Montana Avenue
  • Logan Street between the first alley south of Sunset and Montana
  • Lemoyne Street between the first alley south of Sunset and the first alley north of Sunset

For Silver Lake, DOT plans to look at all streets bounded by …

  • Sunset between Glendale Boulevard and Fountain Avenue
  • Fountain between Sunset and Hyperion Avenue
  • Hyperion between Fountain and Rowena Avenue
  • Rowena between Hyperion and Glendale
  • Glendale between Rowena and Sunset

“The area could be scaled down if the cost is prohibitive,” Hasan said.

So which areas in Echo Park and Silver Lake need parking the most? Give your ideas in the comments.

Barry Lank grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, then went away for a seriously long time. He has worked in TV and radio, and currently helps produce The Final Edition Radio Hour.

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  1. In Echo Park, those LADOT parking lots south of Sunset are rarely full. Why do they need to add more? Perhaps they could talk to the Foursquare Church folks who have that giant parking structure that remains empty most of the time. What a waste of space.

    Also, I think in general people want parking to be free…that’s why visitors take up all the street parking, which makes it seem like there’s a shortage of parking spots. It’s ridiculous on Dodger game days, when all the street spots get taken up by visitors to the game, while Dodger Stadium sits in the middle of a sea of empty parking spaces.

    • Agreed. There’s no shortage of parking, just the unrealistic expectation that it should be “free”.

    • The only time those LADOT lots are full are on weekends when people go the park or late nights when there’s a popular show at the Echo/Echoplex.

      I also have wondered about the Foursquare parking garage. I understand it’s privately owned so they don’t have to open it up for non-church use, but even if they charged a small amount to the public, they could probably make a lot of money just on the weekends or during peak times like the Lotus Festival.

    • Most of the time? That ugly ass giant parking structure is NEVER EVER USED!

    • Actually those lots are full for most of the weekend and when ever there is a show at The Echo. Ideally, they should build 3 or 4 story parking structures on those lots to handle the weekend demand.

      Silver Lake should buy the vacant lot on Santa Monica, just south of Sunset, and build a parking structure there. It’s only a block from Sunset Junction, so it’s perfect.

  2. Yeah, keep encouraging people to drive cars as the earth becomes uninhabitable due to climate change. (Not to mention LA’s streets becoming undrivable due to… cars.)

    That’s a third of a million dollars better spent on public transit and pedestrian/bicycle infrastructure.

    • The REAL problem is OVERPOPULATION, not climate change.

      • From a global perspective, LA isn’t particularly dense in population.

        • Think globally. It’s also true locally. Don’t worry about climate change until we hit 10 billions on the planet. Then find a hole to hide in. Most folks can’t understand what America was like when I was a kid. Less than one third the current population and there was room to move and law and order.

  3. If they need to study areas where parking is needed – maybe the City should review how city planning is throwing out parking requirements for new construction, bars, restaurants, etc., because people will ride the bus and bike to get there – particularly after dark!

    • More parking = higher rents.

      Parking costs tens of thousands per spot to build, and takes up a lot of space that could otherwise be used for more housing and storefronts. Our current parking codes are excessive for a downtown adjacent urban neighborhood well served by alternative modes of transportation.

      If a developer wants to go ahead and absorb the cost of building lots of parking to sell as an amenity in their building, so be it (and surely most will, given the popularity of driving in LA.) But why force the market’s hand? It’s certainly not helping with the ever increasing cost of housing in Los Angeles.

      Either way, I suspect all this hubbub about the city relaxing parking minimums and other red tape for development with an affordable housing component will soon be a moot point, as it looks like Governor Brown is addressing this at the state level.


      • Thanks for sharing corner. What a waste of money by dot and the silver lake council. Glad to see gov brown is addressing the housing crisis.

    • You have that right, jaded. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

      I add that others advocating to nix the parking are failing to face reality. There is nothing wrong with driving cars. Cars are not going away. In fact, enormous amounts of money is being spent to make sure of that, from all the research and now selling of non-polluting Tesla electric cars, to the non-polluting fuel cell hydrogen cars now on the market, to driverless cars. None of that is being done because cars are going away, and the government is actually helping to fund it all so is not planning to nix cars, including Garcetti, who has spoken out in support of them even as he advocates from his second mouth to nix cars.

      To think cars are going to go away is just sticking your heads in a hole in the ground. And to fail to plan and provide for that is at minimum negligent.

      • You might be missing the point. There is plenty of parking. The issue is that most of it is free, and thus inefficiently used.

        • Clearly you don’t live on my street. There is not plenty of parking. People are ready to get into fist-fights here over a parking space. And my street is not all that unusual around here.

  4. Ride the train or bus like in New York. Cars need to go!

    • Haff-Foods-Fanny

      But LA isn’t laid out the same way as New York, I lived there for 7 years and was perfectly happy taking public transportation. Why would any sane individual want to spend 2 hours on the train travelling from the East Side to Santa Monica when you can do the same thing in less than an hour in the comfort of a car?. If you stay in Santa Monica until Midnight you can get home in 30 minutes, again! what sane individual want to take a 2 hour train ride East after midnight through LA?

      • The city’s layout is irrelevant. Both cities are almost 500 sq miles, both are thoroughly covered by transit networks. Within city borders, mass transit travels the same speed in New York as it does in LA, roughly 18 mph on rail, 11 by bus. The difference is nobody in New York is commuting from Riverdale to Bay Ridge, nor should Angelenos expect to commute from Santa Monica to Pasadena in the snap of their fingers.

        The commute from the east side to Santa Monica by rail is not 2 hours… It’s an hour from Downtown to Santa Monica. Consistently. By rail / bus, it’s much safer, much more productive, less stressful and more affordable trip. You should ask yourself what sane individual would choose to drive in the unpredictable, expensive and infuriating death trap…

        • Sally, that girl

          All hail Mike. Let his words guide you to the truth simpleton auto conductors!

        • fallopia simms

          Thank you for this!

          • fallopia simms

            I’m thanking Mike for his slam down of the truth. Pretty much no one in NYC thinks that a ride from Bay Shore to The Bronx by transit should be under an hour. If you are traveling those distances you pack a lunch. Yet, no one runs around screaming about buying a car because of that. Frankly, if you did complain like a baby the way Angelenos do about riding transit a NYer would first ask why the fuck are you living that far outside of the city (about the distance from Long Beach to Noho) and then proceed to slap the shit out of you.

        • Stephanie E Klube

          The layout of the city is completely relevant. It’s almost the only thing that is relevant. And downtown isn’t the East Side. Try getting from the real East Side, like East LA, or anything east of the river to SM in an hour. You can’t. Pack a lunch for my commute to work? Why should I do that when I can drive and get there faster? You’re never going to put a value on time, it’s too precious. NY doesn’t have the extensive freeway system we have either, so it’s much easier to get around by car. Not everyone has an extra 2-4 hours a day to spend taking the bus in LA.

          • Don’ wanna live in NY, I live in LA, stop telling all about that freakin’ disaster called NYC. Go back if you love it so much there.

    • Alex K., clearly you haven’t spent much time in New York. It is wall-to-wall cars all the time, no natter the constant suggestions here to the contrary. Nonetheless, if you like New York so much, then move there; if you don’t like LA, then leave. Most people in LA don’t want to be in a place like New York.

    • You obviously don’t live in Silver Lake or Echo Park, there is no train service in these neighborhoods.

  5. Most of us are not going to the West Side. Why would we want to do that???

  6. How about the people that park on the street instead of using their garages and driveways?

    We have someone that has parked her old, broken down car on the street for over a year and refuses to movie it, On top of that, her and her husband also park their working vehicles on the street as well.

    It is so frustrating not being able to find a spot when you are looking at a bunch of empty driveways and garages. If everyone on our street just used their garages and driveways, there would not be a parking problem.

    • agreed. I don’t understand why people don’t use their driveways.

      • We have a tandem driveway and come and go at different hours. I can not drive a stick to move my husband’s car, so one of us must park on the street for the other to come and go. In the case of an emergency, I would not be able to get out if I was blocked. That is our reason why. I am sure there are some good reasons and some not so good ones, but we must not assume anything here!
        I wonder why some people take up two parking spots by not simply pulling up to the end of a two space spot. I can not think of a good reason to do that other than laziness or entitlement.

        • Charles M Shorty

          @echo park mom

          You are talking about other peoples entitlement and laziness when you won’t bother learning how to drive a stick? HUH?! It’s not rocket science buttercup, it took my niece about 15 minutes in a parking lot to grasp the concept.

          Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

          • Exactly. The only valid excuse one could have for not learning to drive a manual transmission is having only one leg.

          • Just saw this mean comment. I am actually physically challenged where I can not drive a stick. No, I do not have one leg, but what if I did? I am actually not tall enough to reach in my husbands car, as I have already tried. My car is a Toyota that I purchased so I can reach and see to drive safely. It is best to not make comments when you do not know the facts. Why would you want to defend those who park and take up 2 spots when we are talking about parking here?

    • Jenny, please call 311 and report the 72 hour parking violation. Someone has to hold the freeloaders accountable.

    • That is the main problem in our Silver Lake neighborhood. My neighbors have 5 cars (for 2 people). They use their garage for storage.
      We have tried calling 311 to report other unmoved cars on the block. They never ever respond. Ever.
      One car sat in front of a neighbors house for 2 months until he paid a private tow company to move it. We all knew it was abandoned but the city didnt care.
      Silver Lake Blvd has the same issues. Unenforced 2 hour parking (there are no meters on SIlver Lake Blvd for some reason). And no street cleaning.
      So FYI you can park on Silverlake Blvd indefinitely (even in the 2 hour zone) and no one will enforce it.

      • Leopold Stotch

        Just to add to this:

        We got a neighbor who has 4 cars and one of those white service trucks, All used as storage and filled with broken junk. (both inside and on top of the vehicles). He takes up pretty much one side of the block. That and two other neighbors who have about 4-5 cars (so 8-10 total) they sell at any given time also taking up space (and taking up two spots I might add). All of which sit parked until street cleaning. Meanwhile the rest of us have to needlessly drive around the neighborhood looking for a spot.
        Called the city, city don’t give a f–k, city got it’s car fees, so eff you community!

        • Stitch,
          download the la311 app. report your neighbor as “illegal auto repair”. we had a neighbor doing the same thing, buying old cars fixing them and selling which would have been fine but he would do 6 at a time. there was the eye sore element but street parking was also limited. Building and safety came out within a week or so and shut it down.

  7. masi_gran_crit

    Hmmm I wonder how many people on these problem streets own multiple cars and/or don’t store their car in their garage? I know it’s a big problem on our little street, even with apartments….people parking on the street and using their garage spaces to store their crap. I know many young people who work in entertainment who have their beater work truck as well as a passenger vehicle.

  8. This is sick… There is so much existing parking that’s underutilized that’s already destroying the fabric of the neighborhood. Agree with other posters about driveways and the monolithic church structure that I’ve never seen in 25% full.

    What people don’t seem to understand is the car is the problem. We shouldn’t be looking for ways to accommodate the plague that is auto-dependency, we need to be looking for other ways to move around or promote a built environment that doesn’t require a car to go everywhere or do anything. Induced demand… The more availability for parking we provide, the more people will park, drive and ruin our city.

    • “So much existing parking” What street do you live on, I’ll move my car over asap? You live in LA, if you hate cars then move to NYC.

  9. mo’ parking mo’ problems

  10. Douglas Krisher

    First, let’s get rid of street cleaning. The only reason for it is to raise revenue by ticketing vehicles who don’t do the move-your-car mambo. Second, do what other communities do and get parking permits on residential streets. I live close to the AT Center on Griffith Park Blvd. and Fountain and MANY of their clients (for lack of a better word) park on the street taking up residential parking. Ticket them-get revenue.

    As for needed parking in Silver Lake Junction area, Buy the property behind the 4100 Bar (the old Detour Bar) and build a low cost parking structure there. It’s an awful intersection due to changing Santa Monica Blvd. down to one lane (STUPID) but hopefully a parking facility there might reduce many cars on the road around rush hour time.

    Something to think about.

    • I live on a ‘permit parking’ street in Silver Lake. The traffic police NEVER come out to ticket the illegally parked cars no matter how many times you call them. I guess that even the parking police like to spend their time at donut shops.

      • parking permits just shuffle the problem, I live in Sunset Junction (Sanborn just south of Sunset), there is Permit parking for a block South of Sunset, then it stops. My place is a block and a half south of Sunset. We used to have plenty of street parking until the permit parking went into effect a block up, now everyone has just shifted to my block.

        I have parking myself, but the permit program shifted parking, traffic and trash to my street.

        • Sounds like you live near my building. Worst thing is that, in about 2007, I remember that we ALMOST got permit parking for all of Sanborn as organized by my building’s manager, at least towards Hoover around my place, but we were just a few percentage numbers shy. I mean, there were two hit and runs on cars parked near my building on the weekends in one month recently likely thanks to the excess traffic of people looking for parking.

    • fallopia simms

      Douglas more space for cars only encourages more cars besides there is a major subway stop just 1/2 mile down the street. Why is LA soooo stupid!?

  11. Charles M Shorty

    Why aren’t our Silver Lake gays as smart as our West Hollywood gays? In WeHo they just opened a super fancy automated car park that works like a vending machine and all they’re streets are permit parking. Here not so much. C’mon Silver Lake gays! Lets get smart!!!

  12. I’m born and raised here in LA. THe fact is I have seen traffic expand to a point of no return. I have silent A LOT of time in New York and other cities where people rely on public transportation. Like it or not, this is where we are heading so get used to it. I HAVE taken the new train to the westside and it doesn’t take two hours. It’s faster than sitting in the 10 and then congested westside streets for sure! This city cannot sustain a car culture anymore and for those of you who still want to drive (I know there are times I sure do) we have to understand it will mean sitting in very congested traffic and not having parking available. This I why I am embracing the new LA, not the LA of my youth. The new LA is becoming less and less car defendant! Finally!

  13. Dear folks who write these comments. Please learn to write. Thank you. Showing your ignorance is not very flattering to YOU. Plus, it turns what you are trying to say into nonsense. Spell check and Grammar check are both widely available for all formats. Or, you are just too lazy or too ignorant to notice or care.

  14. Silver lake needs to be refilled to capacity and resume its potential as an important urban park for all the city. Join with others to encourage a comoprehensive approach to this by signing the Neutra Institute’s petition.
    An important component will be increased parking around the site. a good place to start is to remove the parking restrictive signs along the East side of the lake; the former jogging lane. The signs can be revised to read ‘Park at your own risk; watch the wall!’ There should be cuts made in this wall at appropriate places to make access easier. The wall is low enough that in other places most people can simply sit and rotate.
    Over 300 extra parking spaces can be thus added to this amenity!

  15. Augmentation to post no. 1

    Silver lake needs to be refilled to capacity and resume its potential as an important urban park for all the city. Join with others to encourage a comprehensive approach to this by signing the Neutra Institute’s petition.
    An important component will be increased parking around the site. a good place to start is to remove the parking restrictive signs along the East side of the lake; the former jogging lane. The signs can be revised to read ‘Park at your own risk; watch the wall!’ There should be cuts made in this wall at appropriate places to make access easier. The wall is low enough that in other places most people can simply sit and rotate.
    Over 300 extra parking spaces can be thus added to this amenity!
    For over 100 years, Silver Lake has provided a water view to countless properties, which were developed counting on this, and whose value depends on this. As a City Historic Monument, it should be restored to it historic condition and FULL OF WATER! In addition, it now has the potential to be developed more fully into a pedestrian friendly and accessible park, using Echo Park as a model.

  16. NORTH EDGECLIFFE DR. need it BIG TIME!!!!!! north of sunset blvd, we have a twice a week farmers market, once a month outdoor movie & 5 surrounding bars, yet not permit parking in the eye of the storm.

  17. South Logan right by the Lake!!! Parking is crazy! Park vendors hog and monopolize parking (they have literally stood on the street to prevent me from parking at a spot so they can signal a waiting car to park so they can drop off all their things to sell, and leave a permanent car to save a spot by the lake every single day!). As if unlimited parking ALL around the lake isn’t enough Logan is the more convenient choice for EVERYONE! Many times the lots on Logan are EMPTY but there is absolutely no street parking near my home and I need to either pay or walk blocks around the lake to get home after a long day of work. Lemoyne got permit parking and as I am driving around endlessly looking for parking any given day of the week, there seem to be plenty of spots there but not on Logan where everyone else can park for hours on end after 6pm to conduct business at the park and go get drunk at bars (I’ve gotten home from school to zero parking while I can see people parked getting high and drunk in their cars before bars right in front of my place, only to leave all their empty bottles on the street) which would be okay by me if it didn’t become my problem or neighborhood problem. Oh and just to top it off, love seeing people get dropped off to their cars from another car after having a night out in echo park and having used and abused my street for pre drinking and free parking, cherry on top to see and hear drunken idiots get in their cars to go and endanger others.

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