Proposed permit parking restrictions aimed at Silver Lake club goers


A section of Marathon Street would be covered by permit parking

SILVER LAKE —  Club Los Globos has emerged as a popular neighborhood nightspot. Perhaps it’s too popular. Neighbors near the Sunset Boulevard club have complained about patrons taking up street parking, making noise and creating other trouble.  Now, the council office, with the support of the nightclub, has come up with a proposal to reduce the complaints: permit parking.

The Department of Transportation, at the request of Council District 13, has proposed banning overnight parking from 6 pm to 8 am on several streets south of Sunset near the club. Only residents who purchase the necessary permits (see costs below) would be able to park on those streets without getting a $68 ticket. It would be the newest of Preferential Parking District in the neighborhood, where permit parking is restricted on several residential streets further west near Sunset Junction.

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, in a letter to the Department of Transportation, explained why permit parking is needed:

“My office has received numerous complaints from constituents in the area. Many of them share their experience with patrons of the Los Globos nightclub, which draws a heavy crowd to the neighborhood Customers leaving after 2 a m are drinking, loitering, and urinating throughout the neighborhood, and the residents are exasperated. A parking district will give them some relief.”

Los Globos manager Ben Fried said the parking restriction would clear up “any misperceptions about our impact on neighborhood parking” and are supported by the club.

“We would never want our patrons to take any resident’s parking spaces, and we fully encourage and support permitted parking in our area,” Fried said in an email. “Our own 80 car parking lot located a few doors down from us on Sunset is typically only half full most of the evenings due to the proliferation of social media options such as Uber and Lyft.”

The Cost of Permit Parking

preferrential parking district

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  1. But Los Globos has the huge parking lot!!!! Why can’t they just use that and let residents and their friends park for free in the neighborhood!

  2. Unless something has changed in the two years, O’Farrell’s comment is not totally accurate. Los Globos does not close at 2am. They stop serving drinks at 2am, but the place stays open the entire night. I used to live on Westerly Terrace, across Sunset. The patrons were VERY loud. But they weren’t just loud at 2am; they were also loud at 3am, 4am…. and by 5am they usually seemed too worn out to be loud. Sometimes I would drive by at 6am and people would be standing outside waiting to get picked up.

    Also, from my observations, parking is super impacted in that zone at all times of day. Not sure if it’s all Los Globos’ fault.

  3. Wow, permit parking is surprisingly cheap in Los Angeles (1 year for less than the cost of a street cleaning ticket!)

    I’m somewhat ambivalent about privatizing public space like this. Especially at prices way below the market rate. But hey, maybe it’ll reduce drunk driving on Sunset a little by encouraging more bar hoppers to take a lyft.

  4. Los Globos IS open after 2 on many nights and on my adjoining street people are partying in and around their cars on my street before and after going to the club. When the club is closed, magically, we can park again! Their parking lot is expensive, so club goers would prefer free to paying. Especially the under 21 crowd who has plenty of opportunities with all the club nights for them. That’s when we get the most bottles and cans on our streets from the drinking before they hit the entrance to the club. I’ve been harassed and threatened by some of the more rowdy ones, and several of my neighbors cars have been hit and run on my narrow street since the club opened -often witnessed by neighbors seeing groups of rowdy kids smashing and screeching off after. I personally can’t wait for preferential parking so my friends can come back to visit me without complaining they can’t park anywhere.

  5. Totally agree with Dillon St.

    QOL issues caused by Globos and to a lesser extent Silverlake Ramen etc really have hurt this neighborhood. Public urination, broken bottles, loud music. It’s not just the parking. This area has become a pregame spot for Globos. People post up in cars at all hours, playing music, drinking. I understand city living etc, and obviously these problems are not the end of the world, but it’s something Globos etc should mitigate.

    The parking will be nice, but more than that, having confront people pissing on my property or leaving trash or bumping music at 2:30 in the morning is something I won’t miss.

  6. Something VERY wrong about that proposal. The area marked off for that does not include any of the blocks close to Sunset, where Los Globos is! It goes way back in the neighborhood, but doesn’t affect the streets near the supposed problem.

    So what is this really about? And since on its face, this doesn’t even seem to be targeting the area at Los Globos, why is Los Globos being used as a scapegoat to justify this?

    I note, once you put in those restrictions, you are barring ever having a party or other gathering at your home, as you can purchase only parking for a maximum of two guests.

    And everyone will have to pay for parking – people living in the area must pay a fee to get the permits each year.

    • This targets the blocks affected by Los Globos. It’s not scapegoating.

      The blocks immediately adjacent to Sunset, Vendome for instance, are pockmarked with driveways and have little parking. Because of this, and because Globos charges for parking, their patrons come here to park, or honestly to pregame, drinking, smoking, and pissing while blasting music from their cars. Come to this area on a Los Globos night and see all the associated quality of life problems.

      Agreed it’s not a perfect solution, but the community shouldn’t have to pay because businesses, Los Globos namely but Thirsty Crow and Silverlake Ramen to a lesser extent, attract a crowd that doesn’t respect the neighborhood. And I will say that before the changeover at Globos, when it was a solely Latin club, the patrons were more respectful and considerate.

      Ideally there would be police patrols to curb the bad behavior or Globos would offer free parking so the trash and noise stayed there. But we all know how likely that is.

      • Yea, I’m going to call bs on this comment. There is plenty of parking on Vendome that will be available to potential club goers. The difference here is that the area encompassed by this new district serves exclusively the wealthy side of the neighborhood, the loudest, most entitled voices on this matter for sure. I’m sure the club is an issue for them, but also a scapegoat for stipulating a parking district that will push out any other unwanted residents vehicles or guests that can’t/won’t/don’t understand how to purchase a parking permit. See weho.

  7. Parking is a human right handed down by god

  8. Sometimes parking is so hard I can’t hardly breathe

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