Councilman O’Farrell obtains restraining order over alleged threats; family sues L.A. Sheriff over fatal East L.A. shooting

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  • A federal lawsuit has been filed in connection against the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department in connection with the fatal shooting of a man by deputies during a traffic stop in East L.A. Eduardo Edwin Rodriguez was shot 17 times by deputies after he allegedly reached for his handgun. Rodriguez’s family said he was not armed. ABC 7
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One comment

  1. That is really chicken sh– of O’Farrell. Fake, trumped up allegations against that guy.

    The guy is down at City Hall regularly, with a couple others, all of whom frankly are pretty much on the mark even if not the best speakers. They constantly speak to point out what they see as widespread corruption (and they’re right), and speak about political favoratism to developers (of which O’Farrell is the absolute worst) and generally about the things a lot of people in this town complain about the City Council. Yes, sometimes they dress in KKK outfits – not to BE KKK but to say that is too often how the City Council and police operate — whether anyone agrees or not, it is simply an opinion being expressed.

    And as the Daily News story notes, O’Farrell simply is claiming the guy got in his face and insulted him. Gee, a restraining order alleging fear of attack simply because someone spoke an insult to you in your face? That’s kind of over the top, that’s kind of chicken sh–. And they guy says O’Farrell responded by calling him a F—ing As—le — that is, O’Farrell acted the same as he is accusing this guy of acting, so O’Farrell is just as bad.

    I would give the guy a medal for insulting O’Farrell in his face — O’Farrell deserves that. O’Farrell is the F—ing As—le. O’Farrell ought to be run off the council, but he has collected so unbelievably much money from developers that no one can possibly compete, the election is already bought and aid for by developers.

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