Homeless man may have been responsible for fatal Echo Park stabbing

Fatal stabbing took place near Echo Park Lake restroom

Fatal stabbing took place near Echo Park Lake restroom

ECHO PARK — Police are looking for a man who is “probably a homeless person” in connection with last week’s fatal stabbing at Echo Park Lake.

The victim, described as a male Latino in his 20s, and a group of companions had gone to neighborhood restaurants and nightclubs on Thursday night, July 21, before they headed to Echo Park Lake, said Lt. Joe Losorelli with the LAPD Rampart Division. The group was hanging out near the park restrooms by Park Avenue and Lemoyne Street when a man with a shaved head and mustache emerged from one of the restrooms. The man, who was angry because he apparently thought the group was laughing and making fun of him, punched and later stabbed the victim, Losorelli said. The victim was transported to a hospital where he died from his injuries.

“They were not the instigators,” Losorelli said of the group. “They were good kids.”

The suspect is believed to be a homeless person who lives in the area, Losorelli said. Police are searching for him and are preparing a drawing of the suspect as part of the search.

The homicide scene is a brief walk from where a large, temporary art project, La Sombra (The Shade), was erected in the park as part of CURRENT:LA Public Art Biennial. The artwork, created by by Mexican conceptual artist Teresa Margolles, served as a memorial to Los Angeles murder victims. The biennial website says:

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 3.10.51 PM

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  1. Thanks for following up, Eastsider. So sad, such a waste.

  2. I know who most of these sh*tbags are and I bet if they put up a sketch I’d be able to identify him. What are they waiting for? And it’s time we start cracking down on these people that want to live like stray animals. We don’t need them out there bothering and begging people for money. There’s no excuse for living on the street in this country.

  3. Totally with you on that Bob, and I’m not some heartless prick that doesn’t get the circumstances of the unfortunates living on the streets. I’ve spent many years giving of my time and resources helping through volunteering to feed, clothe and shelter people who are so accustomed to having things given to them by all these good Samaritans, they simply expect it and don’t do anything to improve their situation EVER. Need proof? Approach any one of these people on the street and tell them about The Dream Center in Echo Park that houses the homeless and helps them get back on their street. EVERY ONE OF THEM will give you some bullshit excuse why they “can’t” go there and it’s always about the rules and curfew and all sorts of garbage. They’d rather live on the streets, using drugs, and depending on the kindness of strangers than work to get their lives back on track. It’s all bullshit and until more people understand that then this problem is here to stay. There are two gangsters I know of that are homeless and live at the Echo Park lake who I believe are behind this killing (hunch though but I still believe). I can’t prove it but I know. If we were on top of this social issue then likely this bullshit incident would’ve never occurred in the way it did.

  4. Hey Ya’ll this is where the druggies go score in case you didn’t know. JUST SAYIN.

  5. It’s sad that a killing goes by with barely a mention anywhere but here. thanks at least, for providing some kind of information. this was my friend that was killed, known him for years. Its hurts thinking some random homeless guy did killed him.

    • Sorry to hear about your friend bro. In thinking more about it though, it’s really not just a random homeless person who killed him. It is specifically a gang banger who has no ties with family, mainly because no one wants him and he’s a loser that won’t change or conform to society. Why we put with shit like this is just plain stupid. You’re friend would still be alive if our government didn’t tolerate shit bags like this running around.

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