Too hip for hipsters and trouble for Tenants in Silver Lake, crystal craze and new café in Echo Park


The influx of high-end retailers along Sunset in Silver Lake has some folks questioning if the neighborhood has lost its bohemian edge, Racked LA reports. Business owners such as Clare Vivier, who opened her first accessories boutique in 2012 on “The Corner” of Sunset and Mitcheltorena and LACAUSA’s Rebecca Grenell share their opinions and insights about the shift.

In other Shopper & Diner News:

  • House of Intuition is at the forefront of the healing crystal craze, Los Angeles Times reports. The modern minimal chicness of the store is a far cry from the dark, mysterious shops of years past. The six-year venture has turned out to be a profitable one for owners Marlene Vargas and Alex Naranjo, who started their business offering tarot card readings during the Great Recession. House of Intuition is located in the 2200 block of Sunset.
  • Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is not too happy with Tenants of Trees. In a letter to the LA Police Commission, the council has asked the commission to deny the bar a permit to host live shows, based on how Tenants, with its Out of Order outdoor venture, has “impacted the quality of life for many of our residents and neighboring businesses.” The request lists its top reasons, including “Lack of proper business management” and a “Lack of basic common decency towards our community.”
  • Street Level Café in Echo Park is now up and running, Eater LA reports. Signage has been up for a while, but now the coffee and lunch spot is dishing out lattes, sandwiches, salads and desserts. Street Level Café is located in the 1100 block of Glendale Boulevard.

Cecilia Padilla-Brill is a communications writer and journalist. She writes news, health, education and feature stories. Cecilia is currently working on her first novel. She has lived in Echo Park since 1999.

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  1. Yes, clearly, SL has lost its bohemian edge. That already happened years ago. It’s now losing something more than that.

  2. I have been in Echo Park/Silver Lake for 60 years. It breaks my heart to see the changes made were not in favor of the residents but in the sizes of developers pockets. I miss having the convenience of being able to walk to the local mom and pops. It was a pleasure to give a shout out to the locals and know they were looking out for you. The shops along Sunset in SL were favorites for a good deal on anything from LPs and “hippieclothes” from India to Fragrant shops and a good inexpensive bite to eat. No more affordable housing and a lot of the “cool” houses are being mowed down in favor of ugly ass condos……HMmmm well at least the elementary school I attended is still in business and the church I used to attend.

    • I have a comparable time line in the neighborhood. I often walk on Sunset in the area mentioned and it’s become future shock. Exploitation of trends abound. There are still little isolated pockets of paleo Silver Lake.. When El Figurin closed, that was ominous. What has replaced it is repugnant. At least the Tropical is still there, but for how long I wonder. Silver Lake seems to be mostly about catering to the novel tastes of newcomers. Many of the change merchants are just that. So they want to stoke up the novelty to keep the new business rolling in. In the meantime, people who merely live here are impacted by all the commotion, which is apparently not even enough for the opportunists. For example this person who is called Moby and this group called Silver Lake Forward. Moby wants to see nightly queues outside his vegan joint on Rowena, perhaps after an exciting dip in the re-purposed reservoir.. The Eastsider seems to be all over this phenomenon, like it’s some kind of gentrification blog. Flips, trendy shops, trendy restaurants, night life, celebs buying high priced real estate, exciting new initiatives from all the cool creatives that discovered the place.. There was a time when it would struggle to explain where Silver Lake was. Now I just try and walk between the raindrops.

  3. Tenants of Fleas

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