Vandals bring Echo Park mini-golf exhibit to an end

Before: Electric Palm Tree Turbine House | Pamela Avila

smashed minature golf

After vandals struck | The Eastsider

ECHO PARK — A “ridiculous bout of vandalism” forced the organizers of an exhibit that resembled a mini-golf course to close the show and cancel a finale that had  been scheduled for today.

TURF: A Mini-Golf Project,  a temporary exhibit and mini-golf course organized by Materials & Applications, a Silver Lake non-profit,  opened last month on an empty corner lot across from Echo Park Lake.  The exhibit invited participants to play a round of  miniature golf  through obstacles that symbolized such topics as the meaning of terrain and territory; housing affordability and environmental issues.

Early Saturday, however, the organizers discovered that many of those obstacles had been vandalized, prompting them to close TURF two days earlier.  Most of the obstacles had been covered up by Saturday afternoon, and signs reading “LIGHTS OUT” has been attached to a fence to explain the early closure:

“We are working with our TURF teams to repair some of the obstacles and will re-install them at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in August for future play. Despite this small set-back, we want to thank all our friends, supporters, and putt-putt aficionados for making this project a resounding success.”

Also, the organizers asked anyone with information about who may have been responsible for the vandalism to “get in touch!”

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  1. Some people just can’t help being an a-hole.

  2. Such a shame. Sorry to hear this.

  3. This is why LA can’t have nice things!

  4. the ghost of DJ Bento Box

    Meh. Someone was just excercising their inalienable right as a member of the community to express their displeasure at having to look at another heavy-handed hipster “art” istallation.

    I for one celebrate their ability to to use the freedom they’re afford to stomp out yet another shining example of overblown, self-indulgent hipster dreck being passed off as a community “exhibit”.

    it almost brings a tear to my eye. if I had tear ducts. Or a soul.

    • Right, because vandalism is an acceptable avenue for people to express displeasure.

      Hope someone ‘expresses their displeasure’ with a place or thing that you enjoy.

      • The ghost of DJ Bento Box

        Vandalism? Or a public discourse? Did the owners of that lot create the aforementioned “community exhibit”? Do they own it? Is it their actual “property”?

        Because if it is, then you might actually have a leg to stand on. If not, then it’s pretty much public domain and if that’s the case, some other members of the public clearly wanted to make some changes to help its asthetic value.

        Hush now, hipster sheep.

  5. I am very concerned about housing issues in LA and this just seemed like some out of touch grants/ artist wanking each other off. I think the art of vandalizing it is more appropriate, just wish it would carry over to the urban taco, the elysian, and all this other dumb out of touch shit

  6. DJ Bentover a Box

    Crush! Kill! Destroy! If I don’t particularly care for something, then no else can either!

  7. The mission statement at the website for this project says they are exploring “the meaning of terrain and territory in Los Angeles “. I think the vandalism added depth to the project, if anything.

  8. It’s much easier to destroy than it is to create. “Turf” was a fun, clever and enjoyable little game. I’d like to thank the people who thought it up and gave my friends and me a pleasant way to spend an outdoor hour.

  9. The vandals must have gotton drunk in the park, had nothing better to do than vandalize while drunk. Thats what I’ve seen the BROKE ASS HIPSTERS DO, since they cant afford a beer at the venue. Musta been some great booze.I only know one golfer in the Echos.

  10. Most likely some ignorant locals whose mind was blown by an art installation and couldn’t understand or handle it so the only recourse they had was to destroy it like they’ve destroyed their neighborhoods until newcomers with some sense class and education come in to fix the place up

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