400+ residential units proposed for southern tip of Atwater Village

aATWATER Village — The large commercial building at 2750 W. Casitas Avenue is located in a no-man’s land, cut off from the rest of Atwater by the 2 Freeway and neighboring Glassell Park by railroad tracks. The site, however, is on increasingly valuable property next to the the L.A. River and neighboring state parkland known as the Bow Tie Parcel.  Now, a developer wants to fill this site with more than 400 residential units and commercial space.

In a filing with the Planning Department, an entity known as 2800 CASITAS, LLC is seeking city permission to subdivide the lot for 419 units, 35 of which would be designated as affordable for lower-income tenants.  In addition, the space would include 39,600-square-feet of ground floor commercial space. No further details were available.

While the development site has an Atwater address, it is located on the other side of the 2 Freeway from the main part of the neighborhood. The only way residents and their vehicle could get to their homes would be through Casitas, a narrow street, that cuts underneath the 2 Freeway.

The proposed development sits across the river from where more than 50 apartments are near completion in a riverside complex in Elysian Valley.


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  1. Unbelievable! Stop it already.

  2. such a bummer! I was really starting to enjoy this suburban office park and its endless contributions to the neighborhood. Farewell lil’ Orange County, I’ll miss your big parking lot and your poor use of land ;(

  3. This property is zoned M2 (Industrial), and of course likely contaminated from Rail, filthy water etc…

    Can’t do traditional housing in M2, without a ZONE CHANGE……Hmmmm… time to check the campaign donation roster……there goes the neighborhood!


  4. 419 units plus 39,600 square feet of commercial space seems just a tad HUGE. How many stories is that — gee, they want six stories for 100 units at Sunset Junction, does that mean they will want 24 stories for this project?! I can see putting in a sizable project there, but this seems well beyond that.

    Edina, if you look at the campaign contributions for Councilman O’Farrell, you will see nearly all of it is from developers, construction unions, their lawyers and other associated development entities. And he collected an enormous amount of money by just his two-year mark in office, a shocking amount. Many of those contributions are from names like this project, the name of a specific project at a specific address giving money to him. And that, combined with his actions in council when a development comes up, show he is 110% sold out and does whatever the developers want, whether generally or specifically.

    • I.W.

      You searched the wrong district…

      This is in Council District 1…….

      As far as stories go? Hmmmm…that’s going to depend a lot on the Zone change they get, since, this area is industrial which does not allow housing without some zoning changes…..




      • Of course it’s in council district ONE because developers and Lamar billboard company financed Gil Cedillo’s campaign and unless we vote him out at the next elections, you can bet there’s a shitload more of these massive developments coming our way!

    • Sounds like the lot is 18 acres (https://clockshop.org/project/bowtie/) so hardly comparable to the Sunset Junction project which is maybe half an acre, tops. Seems highly unlikely they’d go taller than 6 floors, as you’d have to switch from wood frame to steel construction ($$$$) per the building code.

  5. Maybe all the pollution from it being industrially zoned will kill all the scumbags that move in #tybg

    • Wow, bitter much?? Actually 419 units would add much needed housing to an already strained market and would be a step in the right direction as far as less people being displaced from their homes. But why bore you with basic economics when you probably just don’t like living around white people.

      • This kind of density makes sense in the right places. But the problem here is access – there’s no way into that parcel except Casitas.

        Then again, whenever the Bowtie parcel gets turned into an actual park, that area is going to see more traffic and use. What are the long-term plans? Pedestrian bridges over the river connecting the Bowtie and G2 parcels to Frogtown? Pedestrian bridges over the Metrolink tracks?

    • Why must you label them scumbags, and hope they will be killed? I’m surprised your post was allowed here.

  6. Also this is NOT atwater… this is GP… on the side of the hill where my friend had woke up with their car jacked up and the car tires missing… at least the yuppies moving in will be “good for local business”

  7. If there’s only one access road for 419 units in an area that’s already overwhelmed by Super King and industrial truck traffic, people need to start asking questions about access and public safety. With only 35 affordable units and no easy access to the trains going by, the proximity to freeway on/off ramps means most people will not be taking the bus.

  8. I don’t know how they will pull off a zone change without buying the COuncilman. oh wait that’s how…

  9. Dear Editor,

    Would you consider placing a link to the Council District Maps on site somewhere? If I’ve missed one already present, I apologize.

    This is map of All Districts with Bounderies:


    This leads to Individual District Maps:


    Thanks for considering.

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