Do beer and mezcal mix? Echo Park will soon find out

New bar/restaurant moving  into former pizzeria

New bar/restaurant moving into former pizzeria

Storefront ReportECHO PARK — A new bar and restaurant with a focus on mezcal cocktails is preparing to open in a Sunset Boulevard strip mall right right next door to beer-lovers’ haven Sunset Beer.

An application has been filed with the Planning Department to permit the sale of booze as part of a 1,000-square-foot restaurant with 44 indoor and outdoor seats at 1498 Sunset Boulevard.  That’s the address of the small shopping center where the former Los Angeles Pizza Co. is now being gutted to make way for the new bar restaurant being opened by Jaime Turrey and Brooke Fruchtman, who own Ostrich Farm restaurant across the street, according to Eater L.A.

What do Turrey and Fruchtman have in mind for Echo Park’s newest bar and restaurant space? Eater explains:

“Turrey and Fruchtman are actually heading to Mexico City in a few weeks for inspiration on the upcoming small plates menu, hoping to use the booming scene south of the border to help guide their dishes in Echo Park. Primarily though the project will be a bar, which means lots of cocktails and a mezcal focus, something the neighborhood hasn’t seen much of yet surprisingly. Demo of the former pizza space is currently underway and the build-out will take some time — there are plans to actually extend the footprint of the place out into the first two parking spaces and create an open patio, along with room for lots of bike parking.”

The request for a city permit to serve a full-line of alcoholic drinks will trigger a public hearing to review the application.

Meanwhile, L.A. Pizza Co., which closed July 31, is relocating to a new location, according to a recorded voice mail message.

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  1. Meanwhile the Z Pizza in Silver Lake, that forced Hard Times Pizza to Echo Park, is now closed and a Jerry’s Mike or a Jimmy John’s will open in it’s place!

    • It’s going to be a Jersey Mike’s. Both of these closings shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. They both entered neighborhoods heavily saturated with pizza options and they had the worst pizza in both neighborhoods.

  2. Hard Times Pizza was in Silver Lake for a very long time. Higher rent forced them to move to Echo Park. Last time I was by Hard Times Pizza in EP, late July, was still opened! When did Hard Times close?

    • HomerSimpson is saying Z Pizza in Silver Lake has closed, not the new Hard Times location.

      I like Z Pizza.

      • Jeremy wrote this: Both of these closings shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. They both entered neighborhoods heavily saturated with pizza options

        Both closings could mean Z Pizza and Hard Times in EP. But, now that I reread it again, I think he means LA Pizza. I’m not sure when LA Pizza opened. Thought they been around for at least 10 years.

  3. In door and outdoor seating? Where the hell are they going to put the outdoor seating?

  4. Inquiring minds would love to know what is really up w/LA Pizza, which is the best thin crust around. If they’re actually planning on reopening somewhere, they should do a much better job of informing the public or they soon will be forgotten.

    • Anyone know what’s happening with LA Pizza? It’s my favorite.

      • LA pizza has plans to open in a few months near USC a much bigger space. I think they are still going to deliver to Echo Park! Same number and online ordering abilities!

        • Well good for him if true. But can’t fathom a way they could deliver an edible thin crust pizza from USC to Echo Park. Too much traffic, too much sogginess.

  5. I’m really curious to see how they’re going to “extend the footprint of the place out into the first two parking spaces”. One of those spaces is handicapped parking, which I assume is mandated by ADA.

    And that railing is already a perfect bike parking space – I use it whenever I visit Sunset Beer.

  6. I only eat tiny plates. Smaller plates are just to big.

  7. I wonder how Sunset Brewery is going to take it. If the bar is cheaper it might steal a few customers. Also Mezcal is simply tequila not made from blue agave. I’m not sure we need more Mexican food options, unless they are aiming this at hipsters, which if you price it high enough, they’ll come. We need options I’m tired of weak attempt at Mexican Fusion. And I can have authentic at home. We need like a good Italian restaurant Korean Fusion some other type of fusion. But that’s just my opinion. Besides as a loyal Sunset Brewery fan I’ll continue going to them for just beer.

    • Some excellent Korean and Korean fusion options very close by. Korea town is a $6 uber ride away from this place.

    • There are some great Italian spots not too far – Speranza, Aroma, Michelangelo, and Alimento in Silverlake, All’acqua in Atwater, La Pergoletta and Little Dom’s in Los Feliz (all different styles of food, vibes, price points). They’re also opening a woodoven pizza/Italian spot where Buona used to be. And they just opened Kettle Black in Silverlake by the Junction.

  8. More garbage for garbage people.
    Go back to SF.
    Taking the few parking spaces in an already congested parking lot so that more people can be in it (sunset beer, hello!) is the dumbest idea ever.

    • Hear hear! The king of the sexxxy garbage people has spoken! Go back to the SF….Valley with your abundant parking low walk scores!!

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