Former Mayor Villaraigosa pays a visit to Boyle Heights

antonio villaraigosa at marichi plaza in boyle heights 8-12-2016 11-37-59 AM

BOYLE HEIGHTS — Former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was spotted this morning with a camera crew at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights. Villaraigosa, who has been reportedly interested in running for governor in 2018, said he was being interviewed on the topic of gentrification for an upcoming segment of Vista L.A. on ABC 7. What are the former mayor’s thoughts on the issue? You will have to watch Vista L.A. to find out.

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  1. Exactly. He cheated on his spouse, his taxes, and now he this grease ball wants to run for CA. Why not, compliments the democratic party!

  2. I sure hope Villaraigosa doesn’t run for governor. As a Hispanic, I wouldn’t vote for him!

  3. Well look who got taken out of political cryogenic storage to offer his two cents on gentrification – none other than the former …. mayor of L.A., Tony Villar – hilarious! You know it’s election time when they roll out that has been to speak on the great pressing issues of our time. Let’s see, there was a time not so long ago when he, Molina and other council members complained about not enough attention being paid to the Eastside, so they made sure the Goldline ran through Boyle Heights hoping that, and other incentives, would attract investment and business opportunities to the area. That worked out a little too good I guess, seeing how everyone wants to be here now. Lesson to those of you wanting to spare your little shithole Camelots from gentrification? Shhhh, shut up and don’t complain – put up with the crime, blight and decay so no one upwardly wants to move near you.

  4. It’s interesting. While Villaraigosa was mayor, crime dropped, real-estate soared, and the westside-gentry finally decided it was safe to cross Western. All of this occurred during Villaraigosa’s administration yet he gets little to no credit. However, if the opposite had occurred during his administration he would certainly get all the blame. Accordingly, while not a fan, Tony gets full-credit for directing our beloved L.A. in a positive direction but also attracting the most entitled, obnoxious, drunken, and self-serving neighbors the eastside has ever seen.

    • To be fair, the middle class returning to the city is actually a national trend that’s been playing out in most (if not all) of our major metro areas for decades now. Mayor V was just in the right place at the right time.

      BTW, nothing more entitled than pigeonholing all your new neighbors as spoiled rich kids, or assuming one demographic has more right to a neighborhood than another. All that finger-wagging is just missing the forest for the trees.

      Gentrification is but a symptom of a much larger issue — lots of demand for urban housing in LA, very limited supply, and outdated zoning/land use policies that discourage the housing market from responding in a quick or efficient manner.

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