Found in Echo Park: 2 doggie buddies

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Found these buddies in the alley near the park on Patton. Next to echo park rec center. They followed a student all day and she asked me to help.

Contact: 3109067129

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  1. I don’t understand why the owners don’t have microchips implanted for both dogs and also have collars with a telephone number and maybe their address too. The dogs look like they’re in good condition so somebody seemingly cared for them, but they didn’t take the extra steps to safeguard them. Thanks to the person(s) who temporarily rescued them and posted this notice. Hope it all works out.

    • Sadly, many people do not keep tags on their dogs, or microchip them. As a longtime dog trainer, I BEG my clients to keep a tag on their dog, but still many don’t because they think they will never get lost. You’re right – these dogs look well cared for and must have a home somewhere. Did the finder even check for a chip? They should be turned into the shelter that covers the area in which they were found. For Echo Park (or any Eastsider area), that would be the N Central Animal Shelter on Lacy St. This is the best way to get them back to their owner. By some slim chance, if the owner doesn’t claim them, the finder (or someone else) can adopt them and they will the be legally theirs. All animals adopted from shelters are microchipped!

      • Yes, the shelters will even scan for microchips for free. Thanks for adding the beneficial info to the site and reminding pet owners to microchip and also use pet tags on their collars.

  2. Did you find the owner? I’m interested in these dogs.

    • There’s a contact number above. Hopefully the dogs have microchips and if not, maybe somebody can adopt them both together so they don’t have to be separated from each other.

  3. If you don’t find owners, please let me know as I have a friend looking – and if not to me, please be very careful
    whom you give them to. There a bad folks out there for such lovely large breed dogs.

    You are awesome for taking them in.

  4. If you still have the dogs, PLEASE turn them into the N Central Animal Shelter because that’s the best way to get them back to their owner. As well intentioned as you and an ‘adopter’ may be, you would be giving away someone’s property. Once they’ve been through the shelter system, and if the owner doesn’t claim them, then they can be adopted out and they LEGALLY belong to the new owner. These dogs look very well cared for, and surely have an owner somewhere. It’s kind of you to keep them safe.

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