Naked Trump exposed in Los Feliz

naked trump with photographers madalyn rofer-choate

Naked Trump draws a crowd | Madalyn Rofer-Choate

LOS FELIZ –– A statue of a naked Donald Trump that was plunked on a street corner this morning attracted plenty of attention – as you would expect. Passersby took selfies and news crews showed up to record segments in front of the naked Donald at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Rodney Drive outside the Soap Plant -Wacko store.

Similar nude statues of the Republican presidential candidate showed up in other cities across the U.S. as part of  The Emperor Has No Balls, a project by an anarchist artist collective, according to the Washington Post.

Madalyn Rofer-Choate from Angeleno Heights was at the corner as employees from Wacko moved the statue from the public street corner to the front steps of the store in case city workers were coming to remove it from view, she said.

posing with naked trump madalyn rofer-choate

Posing with naked trump | Madalyn Rofer-Choate

naked trump being carried away madalyn rofer-choate

Naked Trump gets carried away to a new location | Madalyn Rofer-Choate

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  1. So, where is the naked statue of Hillary?

    If it is in process, I hope it also exaggerates her “obesity”, as the artist has done to Trump’s.

    • Go back to reading your breitbart “news”

    • Slim to none chance of that happening there, bud.

    • @klesb
      …or can you imagine the outrage if this were a naked statue of Obama somewhere in the south in August of 2007? I’m no fan of Trump so don’t even go there. I’m continuously astounded at the hypocrisy of liberals.

      • Obama is not a loud mouthed vitriolic , hateful , moron . Liberal or not , Trump is a complete joke.

        • @goiter
          The point is exactly what you said. an opinion. Ever travel to a red state? Your comment would be explaining Obama, justifiably in their opinion. So when are we going to see a naked Obama? Never. That would be racist, right?

          • You should go out on a limb and make one then. Just make sure it’s anatomically correct. I mean, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE??

          • i don’t buy the argument that liberals would be outraged. confused maybe? they’d probably say “weird, guess it’s art.” and move on. you are making a dumb point!

    • cuz that would be objectively less funny

  2. Hilarious. Way to go Madalyn.

  3. That statue looks more like Billy Shire. Where are fat Billary’s and skinny Bill’s statues? We could examine her fat and Bill’s chest scar where they install his hearts. Thank goodness that the statue guy will win the presidency. Then America will become America once again.

  4. Just got a message from a friend in NYC. A similar piece was erected in Union Square, but promptly taken down with the message ‘NYC Parks stands firmly against any un-permitted erection in city parks, no matter how small’. 🙂

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