One dead in Cypress Park drive-by shooting



CYPRESS PARK — A drive-by shooting in Cypress Park early this morning left one man dead and one injured.

The shooting occurred at around 1 a.m. in the 200 block of Avenue 37, said Sgt. Alaniz with the LAPD Northeast Division. The two victims were sitting in front of the location when a suspect or suspects in a grey compact car pulled up and shot both of them.

Both victims were transported to the hospital to be treated for their wounds. One of the victims later died.

The shooting appears to be gang related, said Alaniz. Police said they have numerous witnesses and a homicide investigation is currently underway.

The names and ages of the victims have yet to be released.

Lucy Guanuna is a freelance reporter who has covered a variety of issues, including business, education and social justice movements in her native Los Angeles. Her work has been published in the Daily Sundial, L.A. Activist, and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

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  1. I’m all for gentrification driving these bad eggs out! I’d love to see more apartments raising their rents by $1000 just so these criminals leave!

  2. I believe this was on Avenue 38, not 37.

  3. chasehipstersout

    uh raising the rents only kicks out families. You know gangsters make a lot of drug money in hlp right. Gangs are not going no where. And just this past weekend there was a lot of graffiti on Figueroa and seems like there is going to be another summer war.

  4. Gangs need to go. All the anti-gentrification cranks apparently love gang violence since it “scares away hipsters”. What a vile selfish position to take. More gang injunctions, more arrests, more calls to the police for suspicious activity, zero tolerance for gangs.

    • Would you mind pointing me to somewhere that HLP anti-gentrification activists have said they want to keep gangs in their neighborhood? Saying they want to avoid displacement is not saying they “love gang violence” to use your words. Try listening to and understanding their position, rather than making up positions for them that you can easily disagree with. I don’t want this violence in the neighborhood either, but your straw man isn’t helping anyone.

      • Of course they don’t say that directly, but that’s the sentiment being promoted. I understand their position – they are frustrated that things get more expensive and rent does not stay the same forever. While I can sympathize with that I say the solution is a federally mandated $15/hr minimum wage, not hatred towards everyone different than them. People like “chasehipstersout” (see his username) are so intensely xenophonic and ignorant of anything outside their direct life experience that they are comforted by gang violence, trash, graffiti, illegal dumping, etc, because that’s how they grew up and are threatened by anything different. The types of demands these anti-gentrification cranky children make amount to “we want everything to stay exactly the same, we like littering and violence and urban decay because it keeps our rent cheap and don’t you dare do anything to change that”. That’s the harsh truth.

      • There’s a page on Facebook- called Highland Park Northeast Los Angeles- where the moderator is named Mondo M.- he has on multiple occasions said to let the gangs handle all these so called “new comers” “hipsters” & “white people”. You just have to scroll up and down that page and see all the hate and anger. He’s not doing any good by being so negative. (just makes him look ignorant). Yes he has a right to be angry, and yes he has a right to express it, but man.. this guy does nothing but promote hate and racism on this page. I am in NO way saying gentrification is good and it saddens me to see all the displacement, but i’m sure as hell ain’t sad to see all the gangsters being driven out of this area at all!! My parents, my aunts & uncles, and my family and kids have all grown up here and we worked our assses off to buy our homes, it may not be much but we took pride in our homes/area and kept it clean and we welcome our new neighbors who do the same. Highland park is an amazing area, and in my opinion just gets better. I don’t blame people for wanting to move here- beautiful homes and right off the freeway- 10mins to downtown. Now that PROP 57 is up.. Early Release for Violent Criminals, well that just scares me!!!

        • That guy is an uncouth barbarian who would rather see neighbors die on a daily basis than endure the horror of some friendly white people who like good coffee and NPR move in next door – his mind is so blown by the idea of keeping a neighborhood nice that he lashes out and praises graffiti and trash and violence

          • Well it sounds like we agree on a few things. There are some Mondos out there, but I think that it is a small number and focusing on their BS is not where I’m directing my energy. I can see both sides of the issue and most of the time people are talking past each other IMO.

  5. chasehipstersout

    lol gang injuctions are already in place . You are not going to get rid of the gangs in Highland Park. Baca acutally did that 10 years ago but got arrested doing so. Now they are all coming out. Deal with it and don’t get shot snitching

    • Gangs aren’t anywhere near as prominent in this area as they were before the drew street raids. We need some more of that. Rid the neighborhood of those brainless roaches who do nothing but provide violence and ignorance, and attempt to spread it to the youngsters of the community. Anyone who is down with that is trash.

    • Uh oh. Internet tough guy. You must have a tiny penis.

    • Is that what you say to people whose family members are murderd by gangs? “Deal with it”?

    • How deluded do you have to be to prefer gang violence over harmless law abiding hipsters that just want to raise their family in a nice safe neighborhood? You are on a Donald Trump level of sociopathic selfishness.

    • Mando Medina, is that you?

  6. chasehipstersout

    Another shooting last night Ave 57 and York………………………I thought Gentrification got rid of all the gangs???????????
    Welcome to Hlp

    • Go back to your room Brown Trump.

    • It is truly disgusting how cheerful you are about gang violence. You are trash.

    • Gangster trash. Wait until someone you care for dies. Oh wait…you’ll just put out a bag of cheetos and a tall boy and some cheap votive candles at their memorial and then move on to tagging more buildings. Drawing on walls…something that most people stopped doing when they graduated from kindergarten. Get a life.

  7. chasehipstersout

    sounds like a whole bunch of gangsters are being let out this week.

  8. chasehipstersout

    racist white trash calling people trash, nice

  9. I am tired of the gang activity. Cypress park is a hellohole aND the police here don’t help!

    • Keep calling them. The “mando medina” types are afraid to call the police because they are complicit in the no snitching culture. The more conscientious progressive neighbors move in and start utilizing city services like the police instead of being content in a nihilist apathy, the more they will realize they need to pay attention to th community. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  10. It’s worthwhile to point out that at this point “hipsters” is a dog whistle code word for white. So translate “chase hipsters out” with that. Imagine if his message was “chase blacks out”

    • Highland Park’s greatest creation, The Avenues, have a well documented history of targeted violence against black people. Many members have been sent away for hate crimes.


    I have been busting up reading all these posts about me. I am glad I get to your ass. BIG BAD MANDO MEDINA is your fucken NIGHTMARE. roflmao. I would like to thank the conscientious progressive newcomers for cleaning up Highland Park. ROFLMA GTFOH

    • Homestate and Birdie are going to be awesome when they open. We really need more brunch options in HLP. I’ll cheers you from the patio action while you stand in front SMHing and FMLing at all the “hipsters” (white people)

    • Big Fat Mando Medina

    • Oh MM, it’s just because you’ve made such an ass of yourself…. you are no one’s nightmare except maybe your mother’s.
      Please, do us all a favor: GTFU and GTFOH.

    • More art galleries, coffee shops, bike lanes and bookstores coming soon courtesy of us friendly NPR-listening newcomers! You may need to find a new community soon if you’d prefer to stay an uncultured ignoramus.

    • It really is sad that Mondo M. can’t see all the hate and anger HE is creating on his page. He has a public forum, and a follwing (somewhat) and i think he feels that he is helping, and maybe he is to some extent. BUT… he should try and use it to create education for those who need it and assistance with housing, not to bash hipsters/white people. When he ran for a position in the city/neighborhood council he got less than 100 votes, correct? But yet his page has how many followers.. 3,495 people. So lets do the math….. He’s so blind by hate of what he calls hipsters, but can’t see who the real hipsters are… Hipsters aren’t the ones buying the homes and property.. That’s the people with big money behind them, and they aren’t hipsters. Nobody and no one race owns a community, and he really needs to learn that. We are all here for a short time and to live with such hate and anger is no way to live. So while you Mondo are -ROFLMA , i’m here working with my neighbors, making new friendships, watching my kids go to franklin & making my lil area of highland park clean and safe. So you can go walk down memory lane about your “ditching parties” & how it used to be.. and i’ll be here ROFLMAO when you finally leave my beloved city of HLP.

  12. Cedillo stopped bike lanes on Figueroa, thank god

    • Hope all your dreams come true and you get to live in a paradise of gang shootings, trash, graffiti, illegal dumping, bars on windows, cheap shitty tacos, pawn shops and liquor stores and never have to deal with the horror of bike lanes and art galleries!

  13. chasehipstersout

    wait shitty tacos?????????????? you just crossed the line weirdo


    who doesn’t like tacos???

  15. I find this whole thread hilarious… the only one who makes any sense is Lucy H. I love how Mondo has completely ignored her comments and just ran with the other person’s. She made a great point, when Mondo ran for the neighborhood council he got less than 100 votes, but yet his Facebook page has how many followers. Why didn’t all those people vote for you Mondo? “big bad mondo medina” is what you may refer to your self as, but your words make you a little man. Hate never wins!!

  16. The sad thing about gang violence is that it just keeps going back and forth. Change is what we need in these neighborhoods, and for those who are to afraid of that really shouldn’t be commenting.

  17. If only all these ppl knew what reality was! Judging someone just because “it was a gang shooting” ppl get mistaken one of the victims was my husband wonderful father not perfect but wonderful! He was a hard working man always with a smile making new friends everywhere he went! It’s sad to hear all these negativity ? NO he wasn’t gang related! He leaves behind to beautiful baby’s ages 4&5 and a broken family. Please keep the negativity away..not because u live in the hood ur part of it there’s a lot of bad ppl doing bad things and he was there at the wrong time..rest in paradise ??

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