Echo Park shooting leaves two injured [updated]

crime scene on temple and edgeware
ECHO PARK — Two men were injured this afternoon during what police say was a possible gang-related shooting near Temple and Bixel streets.

The two victims, described as male Latinos in their 30s, were transported to a hospital in what appeared to be stable condition, said Lt. Ryan Rabbett with the LAPD Rampart Division. The suspects, who fled on foot, remain at large.

Police have blocked off Temple  between Edgeware Road and Boylston Street  as they investigate the shooting.

There were several bullet casings on the sidewalk and street. The bike of one of the victims was left on the sidewalk near the scene of the shooting, which was reported at about 2:20 p.m.

Persons near the scene of the shooting said members of the Diamond Street gang often hang out at the corner on the southern edge of Echo Park. Now they fear Diamond gang members will seek retaliation for today’s shooting.

Anyone who has information on the shooting is asked to call the LAPD Rampart Division (213) 484-3400.

Update: This story has new information about the victims and details of the shooting

bike left at scene of bixel street shooting echo park

One of the victims was on a bike.

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  1. Diamond Street? They are still around? That gang was involved in the infamous Zoot Zoot riots over 70 years ago! My, the more things change, the more they remain the same…

  2. Correction : “Suit Zoot”

  3. I thought there was a gang injunction still in force. If it’s true that “members of the Diamond Street gang often hang out at the corner on the southern edge of Echo Park”, why aren’t the police using that tool to do something about it?

    • I would like to know the answer to that also. Amazes me that we know their names and nicknames, where they hang out, often where they live, but we can’t bother them! And they keep shooting, often hitting innocent people.

  4. Boys without fathers seek the father figure in a gang. People. Raise you F–ing kids or don’t have them.

    • Many do have their parents. They just want the same as everyone else, power and acknowledgment. It is sad they seek it in a easy way such as gangs rather than working hard and through education to become successful.

      • Of course they all “have fathers” I doubt any of the mothers went through IVF. BEING a father figure is very different from impregnating a female . Men without a strong father figure grow up frightened of the world with no self confidence. When they hit puberty the mixture of the fear, hormones and gang is what makes boys join gangs. “Finally, (they think to themselves) I have someone to lead me! I don’t have to be scared of the world! My homies got my back”

        A kid with a strong father figure grows up self-confident. Even if his financial situation isn’t great he knows he can make it better; because he isn’t scared.

  5. Sounds like someone lives there. Especially because they know their nicknames and where they live.

  6. If this story has an update , Where & what is it why keep us readers in suspence?

  7. When is the Eastsider going to post the new information

  8. whats the update?

    • Well since your the only reader that seems interested “‘ dayanne “, I will share with you what I have learned about this story . According to Two sources, one report states the shooter or shooters were on skate Boards the 2nd reports they were on bicycles. Story is the shooters were passing by when they were seen & accosted by the Diamond St gang members with weapons . . . so fearing for their lives the skate boarders opened Fire then made their getaway. A Classic case of the hunted becoming the Hunter . The tables were Turned. So this is my update But i’m still waiting on The Eastsider to De vulge their new Information they say they have

      • Totally wrong. Kinda of wondering who gave you this false information about

        • Dear Mr, Or Miss Who, seems like your mind went into a state of vertigo , then it went Blank ! right when you were trying to say somthing . Well . . to answer your comment My iinformation comes from Personel Afiliated with Law Enforcement , that are always trying to improve the way of life in this area ,in which this tradgedy occurred , and from several eye witnesses who saw saw it unfold. . So Mr or Miss Who , go back to Who Ville and get your Mind Together !!!. My Update Is Correct ! ! !

  9. I forgot to include in my update , that at this time . . one of the two D- St. Gangsters has been dead since this story was posted. . Now don’t forget ! the two Victims attacked the Suspects who protected themselves. Don’t know much about 2nd victim’s status

    • Thanks for the update. We have not been able to confirm this with police despite several attempts to reach Lt. Rabbett and other officers for follow up information. We will let you know when they respond.

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