What is with those noisy choppers over Echo Park and Silver Lake?

Around and Around They Go: two noisy helicopters have been circling the skies over Echo Park and Silver Lake tonight.  They don’t sound like your typical LAPD or TV news helicopters. The L.A Helicopter Noise Initiative website indicates that the choppers originated from Los Alamitos Army Airfield but we have not been able to verify that. An LAPD spokesman said he did not know what’s going on.


  1. I saw two Navy CH-53s at a fairly low altitude over Sunset & Western around 1700. Are they holding drills at the Stadium again?

  2. They’ve been at it since 8:00ish. Two Military type choppers, a few other choppers flying at even higher altitude and planes criss-crossing the sky above Elysian Valley. It’s like a scene from a movie where they are looking for someone or something. Circling, one ahead of the other at different altitudes, it could be practice too. It seemed to have quiet down at 10:00 pm

    • I started hearing them around 7 pm. I knew by the sound that it had to be military helicopters, as they have done training exercises in the air around here many times before. Apparently, these were originating from Los Alamitos Army base.
      Assume (and hope) it’s nothing more than training.

    • Having to stay at home pretty much 24/7 I’ve become somewhat of a helicopter affionado and my ears can identify various types. Hector’s description of the happenings, describing the cross-crossing of planes and helicopters affirms my observations. However, I was watching and listening from near Sunset/Alvarado in Echo Park, and watched three of the helicopters, two I believe to be military and one lighter, smaller one, head due West, with the smaller one breaking off to head North before disappearance of military copters.

      I agree with Jonesy that LAPD should know more about what is going on in these instances, OR be willing to take them seriously and find out! Thanks for trying, Eastsider, I would sure like to have followup if available.

  3. I saw a Huey and an Apache circling. The two of them combined were quieter than any single LAPD helicopter. Fine by me.

  4. This kind of statement pisses me off: “An LAPD spokesman said he did not know what’s going on.” We DESERVE to know what’s going on, and IMO they’re obligated to find out and lets us know.

  5. I went to Helicopter Noise Initiative link and am at http://heli-noise-la.com/webtrak/

    I want to look up information on last night’s helicopter activity, but can’t find the place to enter a date and time. Help, anyone? A link, maybe? Thanks.

  6. Notice they didn’t pull this shit over Beverly Hills or Bel Air?

  7. It’s preparation for Odumbos Martial Law.

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