What’s going to replace the Eagle Rock KFC? [updated]

Eagle Rock KFC to become Del Taco

Storefront ReportEAGLE ROCK —  After the KFC at the corner of Eagle Rock Boulevard and Yosemite Drive closed in early June, residents craving Extra Crispy chicken or a box of Popcorn Nuggets have been forced to travel to neighboring Glendale or Highland Park to get their KFC fix. Now, there’s a big pile of debris outside the building as renovations are underway for a new tenant.  What’s headed this way?  A very slow-moving,  pour-over coffee drive-thru? A vegan deli? Nope. It’s a Del Taco.

The Building & Safety Department website shows that permits have been issued to convert the KFC, located in the shopping center with the new a Sprouts market, into an approximatley 8,300-square-foot Del Taco. The Eastsider has contacted Del Taco for details.

Del Taco, which operates more than 500 outlets nationwide, will join several new fast-food chains that have opened in Eagle Rock in recent years including a Chipotle, Jersey Mike’s Subs and Habit Burger Grill.

Update: A Del Taco spokeswoman said the new Eagle Rock outlet is scheduled to open before the end of the year.

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  1. Because we just don’t have enough authentic, really great tasting tacos here already.

  2. With all the delicious taquerias and taco stands around, I am it’d be a shame to dine at Del Taco.

  3. Really woulda preferred a vegan deli. Maybe the ERB retail will have something healthy.

  4. I hate to rave…( yea right!) but this was the best KFC anywhere. Fresh chicken good service they get the order right, I live in Pasadena we have 3 and I would go to the one Eagle Rock instead. This damn shopping mall tore up the parking lot during construction blocking the driveway and the drive thru for about a year making it impossible for the KFC to do any good business. then I go there and there closed. just typical! Screw this shopping mall I will boycott them forever!
    The KFC in Echo Park on Glendale Blvd. south of the 2 freeway is pretty good. Although traffic getting there sucks! The overpaid six figure income traffic planning idiots still haven’t done there jobs right.

    • “The overpaid six figure income traffic planning idiots still haven’t done there jobs right.”

      Says the guy who can pretty easily drive way out of his way to go to a KFC two cities away. Were the traffic planning idiots also the ones who prevented you (and others) from getting out of your car and walking into the KFC instead of using your precious drive-thru? Because our world should be designed around making sure you can get to any drive thru, any time you please, any way you please, without having to deal with anyone or anything out on the road, right? Dealing with and correcting this insularity is more than worth that salary, if not more.

      • The overpaid six figure income traffic planning idiots have nothing to do with the drive thru, Try to read better.
        What they do is create “road diets”, and “traffic calming” by eliminating traffic lanes and replacing them with bike lanes creating a daily back-up on lets say Rowena Ave. and wanting to spread this disease to other communities in spite of the fact that the bike lanes are seldom used, it doesn’t work. They have the “Ear” of “Big Bike “lobby who seem to have plenty of time to whine at certain L.A. city councilmen who then pressure the D.O.T.to make these changes. They ignore the pleas from commuters, instead spending tax dollars on extra stop signs and speed bumps when drivers dare to try to go around these traffic nightmares using side streets, They take forever to install left turn signals in intersections that could benefit by moving the traffic flow so that streets do not back up a mile clogging intersections. The overpaid six figure income traffic planning idiots, clearly do not drive these streets during rush hour to get to work , like we do. I as many others see the same problems every day, we see logical easy fixes and nothing is done.

        • LOL, “big bike lobby”. I think all that KFC is rotting your brain.

        • Shameful! Shameful I tell you! That some LA city council people are trying to make this city a safer and more pleasant place to live!
          How dare they look at the big picture when your commute is affected!

  5. Yay! I am OBSESSED with their bean & cheese burritos (with green sauce). I drive out of my way for them & buy extra to freeze. They make their beans FRESH every day and they blow Taco Bell out of the water. This made my day! Whohoooo! Everything is better at Del Taco. I worked there as a kid, and know their quality.

    • You literally drive out of your way to Del Taco, buy extra bean and cheese burritos, and freeze them for later? Is this actually true?

  6. Bruce Brook Pfeiffer

    Isn’t there a Chipotle less than a block away? I can’t imagine anyone in the market for Mexican fast food would choose Del Taco over Chipotle.

  7. I looooove their chicken soft tacos and burgers are good roo

  8. Business started going slow at the KFC when prices skyrocketed and portion sized fell. You can get a heftier portion size and decent price plus better chicken by make the extra couple blocks drive to the Eagle Rock Plaza and eat at the JollyBee.

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