Beyoncé leaves Echo Park in a jam; gridlock delays concert [updated]


ECHO PARK — Judging from tonight’s traffic, Beyoncé  is far more popular than the Dodgers.  Fans headed to her 7:30 p.m. concert at Dodger Stadium are pouring over into narrow side streets.  Motorists are yelling and honking in stalled traffic on Echo Park Avenue and an ambulance had a difficult time to make its way through the jam.

Judging from Google’s Live Traffic Maps, wayward fans are also clogging streets in Elysian Heights — far from the stadium entrances. Did Waze go wacky tonight?

Update: Traffic was so bad tonight that it forced the concert to start later than scheduled, according to an email sent out by Erika Sanchez, Coordinator of Community and Government Relations for the Dodgers.  “Due to the severe gridlock that we experienced at the entrances to the stadium this evening, tonight’s concert began later than was planned and, as a result, will end later than expected,” said the email. “We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you and appreciate your understanding.”



Echo Park traffic at 8:23 p.m.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 3.10.51 PM

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  1. I thought maybe someone was having a party. Then I thought there might be an accident. But there weren’t any helicopters? Hmmm. So, I checked twitter and read about the “Beyoncé Jam”

    Well, I’m mighty impressed by our Dodger fans now. They know how to get in and out of the stadium without creating a total mess.

    I will add, it was clear after a while, who had better cell service because they knew which street was not a dead end. Google/Att/etc. take note 🙂

    Be safe out there, y’all.

    • lol it is more likely because there was no parking enforcement directing traffic and the fact that beyonce can fill the stadium

      • Eff Vin Scully Ave

        Yes F* the concert promoters there was absolutely no proper parking enforcement directing traffic. Not one police officer escorting Buses. The entire situation was a cluster fucc. If fans were not able to get it was all the fault of the Beyonce’s cheap ass team cutting corners. Thank god for the emergency/locals only lane. LOL

  2. Becky with the good hair

    The street dog vendors are going to have a boost in bizness tonight!

  3. The loud honking on my street as I was trying to put my kids to bed brought me outside. I ended up directing traffic to unsnarl the block, which is a two way street but only a single lane. Only got yelled at twice. No good deed goes unpunished I guess. At least I didn’t have to drive in it. My neighbor told me it took him 45 minutes to get from Lemoyne and Sunset to Lemoyne and Effie.

  4. I miss Frank Mc Court….. who knew that day would come???? Guggenheim partners are a bunch of corporate hacks!!!


  5. Another super fail of the city leaders to provide any kind of traffic control for such an event, it was virtually ignored! It is unbelievable that the city could not foresee such an event causing so much traffic for number one , people trying to get home and number two , trying to get people to the stadium to enjoy the concert ! it was an absolute cluster you know what ! Two girls came up to me crying while I was walking on Glendale Boulevard, and asked me how they can get to the stadium by foot! They were in heels and dresses and made the trek up Scott when I last saw them. Thanks city of LA, for nothing as usual .

  6. It was cray-cray!

  7. Fail. Traffic was poorly managed if at all. Council District 13, O’Farrell and CD 1, Cedillo. Let your public servant representatives feel the pain too.

    I loved the timing of the film shoot in the alley (approx. behind Dinette, on Sunset.) The film crew “police” were stopping traffic on Echo Park Ave, at the alley, this caused traffic to backup to the already jammed intersection of Sunset and Echo Park. Pure stupidity and no overall traffic management plan for the event like Dodgers games?

    Maybe the next concert the locals stage a protest and sit in, stopping traffic around Dodgers stadium until concert management of the crowds and traffic improves for the area?

  8. According to a Metro spokesperson on Twitter, the promoter did not contract for the Dodger shuttle service for the concert. The Dodger games do traffic control right, with the Dodger shuttle lane and option to park at Union Station for $8 rather than sit in traffic to go up the hill. As part of the traffic management plan for future events, the promoter should be required to pay for bus service from Union Station and for LADOT to create the Sunset bus lane from Figueroa to Vin Scully/Elysian Park Ave, at least for events that sell more than 20,000 tickets (because there are smaller events like car test drives and church crusades which do not cause the same issue).

    • Mitch O Farrel doesn’t care .PERIOD . He’s a total FAIL to represent our community , traffic and traffic control has only gotten and only will get worse!
      They should have traffic cops directing traffic every day at peak hours in echo park on Sunset Boulevard /Glendale boulevard and Alvarado Street , to keep things moving and move traffic along so they can get back to the burbs!


  9. Could someone please explain why the City of LA should be responsible for logistics of a Beyoncé concert? Seriously.

  10. The more people that make complaints the more prepared future events will have to be. They should have the dodgers buses running for events from union station and so on plus have police there to help move traffic. should be a requirement. Info below.

    If you were impacted by the traffic, noise, or lights from the Beyonce concert that took place on Wednesday, September 14, please email Bob Duenas [email protected] who takes complaints regarding Conditional Use permits for the City of Los Angeles. Send multiple emails with multiple complaints as needed.

    The following people can also be emailed to:

    LA Dodgers
    Naomi Rodriguez: [email protected]

    Council District 1
    Conrado Terrazas: [email protected]
    Arturo Chavez: [email protected]
    Hugo Ortiz: [email protected]

    Council District 13
    Juan Fregoso: [email protected]

    • Thanks for providing the links. Council District 13 had received only seven complaints regarding the traffic as of Thursday.

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