Boyle Heights struggles with increased violence; will removing Los Feliz crosswalks keep the homeless away?

Dodger Stadium | Sandy Driscoll

Dodger Stadium | Sandy Driscoll

MOrning Report

  • The LAPD and Boyle Heights residents are struggling  with an increase in violent crime as well as officer-involved shootings. Violent crime is up 57% since 2014. Meanwhile, there have been more officer involved shootings in Boyle Heights this year than in any other neighborhoods. L.A. Now
  • A plan to reduce the homeless encampments on the Vermont Triangle, a traffic island and plaza in Los Feliz, includes removing crosswalks and seating. Los Feliz Ledger
  • Where did the traffic go? A test to find the best to get to Dodger Stadium during notoriously bad traffic congestion took place on a day when there was a “freakish dearth of car traffic.”  Curbed L.A.
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  1. I’m sure the anti gentrification nuts are loving the crime statistics, pretty sick how joyous they are about gangs and violence since they think that will scare newcomers away.

  2. As far as beating the tired old drum of gentrification, it’s a really hard argument for keeping things the way they are when crime statistics and blight are this awful. I seriously doubt long-term residents are the problem here. Sounds like more of the naco bs that started over the last 10/15 years or so. Gotta love record temps for good old fashioned city tension! Hope things “chill out” pun intended.

  3. Great. Garcetti a year ago tries to grab national attention — as usual — with what he says is a plan to spend $200 million to help the homeless and get them into housing, before the El Nino rains arrive. Meanwhile, there is NO PLAN WHATSOEVER, even though somehow we know that the plan we don’t have will cost $200 million. There is no money allocated for the plan we don’t have. And Gercetti just says don’t worry, he will get the money from the state and federal governments, it won’t cost Los Angeles anything, after all, he spends all his time in Washington shmoozing and holding fundraisers for himself, they are all his friends and can’t wait to send money.

    Of course, the state and federal governments say it is Garcetti’s responsibility. And nothing, absolutely nothing is done for the homeless in advance of the El Nino rains – which fortunately did not hit Southern California last winter. And the city just keeps sweeping their possessions away every day from the streets of skid row and “storing” them five miles away at Griffith Park, where of course the homeless don’t have the means to get to day in and day out to reclaim their possessions.

    Meanwhile, what the city, under Garcetti, has been doing is finding more and more ways to roust the homeless at every turn, not help a single one of them. And here we have the latest, rather than do something to come up with some sort of shelter for them, again, find a way to run them out of wherever they are, even as no place is there for them to go, so they will have no choice but to end up on another sidewalk somewhere, maybe in front of you home. We have not opened any of the unused buildings the city owns to them, we have not arranged for homeless who have a car to park in any unused city lots at night to sleep, we have not done anything that would cost nearly nothing to help them.

    But Garcetti and the Council have hundreds of millions of dollars to give tax breaks to every last billionaire who comes to town or is already here and wants to overdevelop, such as the now new tallest building west of the Mississippi, a high priced hotel for wealthy people that will do nothing to reduce traffic congestion in the area. Billionaires don’t have to pay the taxes the smaller places have to pay, and we are short of money to help the homeless by about the same amount as that of taxes we are nixing for the billionaires. And Garcetti wants to raise taxes on the rest of us now with a ballot measure on the November election, ostensibly to fund some $200 million plan that still has not been devised and no one has any idea what it will be, but somehow we still know how much it will cost.

    If all the city wants to do is harass and roust the homeless, can it please at least stop lying about wanting to help them? Rousting does not help them in the least.

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