Dodgers try to explain Beyoncé concert traffic jam


ECHO PARK — Dodger Stadium has hosted countless sold out games and events. But Wednesday night’s packed Beyoncé concert created some of the worst traffic gridlock in recent memory, with bumper-to-bumper traffic filling narrow streets far from the stadium. The concert was also delayed to give fans extra time to get to the show. What happened? The Dodgers, who are in charge of access to the stadium during all events,  blamed everything from technical problems and ride-sharing to tardy fans.

Dodger management in an email to residents after the Beyoncé jam said;

Many factors, including the usual increase in afternoon drive-time traffic, a never before experienced number of ride-share drop-offs and pick-ups, a late arriving crowd, and a temporary technical glitch at auto access points into the stadium contributed to unanticipated delays and congestion. Although we routinely have crowds in excess of 46,000 fans for Dodger games at the stadium, it is not often that we experience the type of traffic that we encountered last night.

Dodger spokesman Steve Brener did not want to elaborate on the reasons or say what management might do to prevent another Beyoncé-like jam.


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  1. They aren’t going to do anything and they didn’t even offer anything in return for ruining everyone’s evening.

  2. “a temporary technical glitch at auto-access points into the stadium”
    – what exactly does that mean?

  3. Confused about how ride-share contributed to the jam.

    • I was wondering the same thing. The only thing I can think of is that the traffic would be going in both directions as the ride share drops off rather than just parking, perhaps?

      • Duh. Every ride-share counts as two cars before the concert and two afterward. Not even a good option for regular baseball games. The Dodgers should have had the Express buses running as usual.

  4. Who run the world? ME!!!

  5. They shouldve offered free bus service like they do during games.

  6. The answer is pretty simple do what every other major city in the world does ,build trains that go to major stadiums! Chicago , NY for example have trains run right by Wrigley field , White Sox stadium etc. We are not in Utah people last time I checked LA was the second largest city in the US when are going to start acting like one? You have a high density neighborhood , small streets , and 46,000.00 people alll trying to get to one location at the same time by driving ! It’s amazing this doesn’t happen more often then it does already. And it will only get worse! That’s why every single major city in the world builds trains ! How long will LA continue to operate with its its head up its a## . When is this city of 16 million people going to wake up! Or are we going to just accept the status quo and just move events later and later so eventually anyting won’t start till after midnight ? To make sure everyone can arrive on time?

    • There’s no profit in that.
      How are the greedy parking lot owners going to keep their fancy houses gussied up if you reduce their revenue windfalls?

    • Can you imagine the NIMBY’s in Echo Park crying about a train station being built at dodger stadium??

      Oh, the Rams new stadium in Inglewood is about a mile from the nearest current train station. Even the under construction Crenshaw Line won’t have a station that goes to the stadium.

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