Overnight parking restricted on streets around Silver Lake Reservoir


Parking restrictions were imposed after complaints of RVs parked on streets | Sandy Driscoll

SILVER LAKE —  Vehicle owners who want to park overnight on many of the streets surrounding the Silver Lake Reservoir will have to get a permit or face getting slapped with a $68 ticket.

Crews began installing the No Parking  signs this week on sections of Silver Lake Boulevard and West Silver Lake Drive (see the map below for details). The permit parking restrictions have been in the works for more than a year after residents began complaining about the growing number of RVs, campers and other vehicles with people living in them that were parked for days at a time, according to the office of Councilman Mitch O’Farrell.

In addition, there were complaints that the area near the Silver Lake Meadow on Silver Lake Boulevard had become a “nighttime hangout for loitering and illegal activity,” said O’Farrell in a letter last year requesting the creation of the permit parking district.

O’Farrell said overnight parking restrictions would deter or eliminate that activity and deal with other concerns:

“Residents are frustrated as they witness people urinating m the gutter from their vehicles. Unlike their next door neighbors, they do not know these transients, nor whether they pose a danger to families. Our Senior Lead Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department tells me they are limited in their approach to this unhealthy and disconcerting behavior. In addition,  Parking Enforcement has been threatened when asking people to move their vehicles after 72 hours.”

Now, parking will be prohibited between 2 am and 6 am unless unless residents have purchased a permit.


Photo by Sandy Driscoll

Photo by Sandy Driscoll


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  1. Jim Rockford is rolling over in his grave. Some of these guys are divorced dads who can’t afford housing and want to be near their kids. I understand wanting to keep out the riff raff but this feels like an elitist move that the city is complicit in. Is a Trumpian wall next?

    • None of these guys are divorced dads trying to be near their kids. These are, admittedly, people with few resources who bans together and find places to park their homes on wheels. They’ve gone from one neighborhood to the next, turning each area into their backyard and toilets. The city needs to provide safe public grounds for these people, but shouldn’t make it free – exchange for work or a small rental sum. These RVs don’t belong in any neighborhood setting.

      • where are they supposed to go?

        • How about your place? Seriously. Really fed up with the neo-liberalism in this town. I don’t expect other people to have to pick up after my messes, so why should I have to pick up after theirs? If people want to live a life of drug addiction and indolence (I have able-bodied men drinking 40’s down my street in the middle of the day), that’s their problem. Not mine.

          • I have people on my street living in RVs, cars and a tow truck dude. You deal with it and act like a human being towards them.

          • You don’t know the definition of “neo-liberalism”, do you?

          • Becky with the good hair

            I live in Echo Park but much of my client base is in Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Pacific Palisades. I have never seen RV’s or any other type of homeless encampment in any of these places. If they don’t have to deal with it why should we? Should we be encouraging these RV’s and homeless encampments to relocate to the front yards of all the limousine liberals out there?

    • I don’t for one second believe the toilets accusation. For one the, those campers have toilets inside! I have never in my entire life heard any neighborhood crackdown about people gathering in any way, whether near a club or a park or in camper, nothing, that did not highlight accusations of all kinds of people urinating on everyone’s lawns. It is just one of those things that is easy to make up out of thin air and assert.

      But I do also blame the council district for this. Garcetti as councilman rousted the people who were living in their vehicles on Riverside Drive, barred overnight parking there in order to run them out. They had been doing that there since before Garcetti was even born. They were away from residential and commercial areas and next to the freeway. Garcetti ran them out. I said at the time if you run them out of there, they will have no where to go but to the sidewalk in front of your house. Well, here they are.

      Meanwhile, the city more than a year ago said it was going to make a lot of government vacant buildings and parking lots available to these people to park and sleep, and would do it within a couple months. Here we are more than a year later, nothing has been done, and O’Farrell, instead of getting that done, just follows his leader and runs them out anywhere he can find them. So, if that wasn’t your house they were near, they will be moving to your house tonight.

      And meanwhile, nothing promised in summer a year ago to be done for the homeless within the following couple months has been done — none of it, including something as simple as allowing them to use city parking lots at night. And there was supposed to be a big plan issued within a couple months of last summer about how to help the homeless –and we have not yet got even one sentence of a plan, there is no plan — but Garcetti got his national headlines and photo op, which is what really counts. Yet, they somehow know this plan that doesn’t even exist is going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and so we need a tax increase to that tune on this Novembers ballot — but we have no plan or have any idea what it will be spent on or what that will cost, we just now how much money we need for it.

      Garcetti hasn’t come up with a plan. Neither has O’Farrell. Both just keep doing all possible to continuously roust the homeless anywhere they can find them, make them move, and move, and move even as there is no where they can move.

      So O’Farrell just keeps perpetuating the problem and beating upon the destitute rather than help them. Just like his buddy Garcetti, who of course also keeps saying how much he is doing for the homeless even though he has done nothing at all but roust them and send in the police to find any excuse to arrest them, even if just for jaywalking.

      And meanwhile, forget going to the Meadow after work on those hot summer nights when the sun is up until 8:40 or nearly 9 p.m. — you won’t be able to park anywhere remotely close to it, it is not in effect a private park and view for the wealthy people near it.

      • You and I rarely see eye to eye on local politics… but this is spot on!

        Sadly, I think this is just one of those issues that nobody really wants to solve. Sure, we’ll throw money at it in the abstract. But when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of building shelters in our neighborhoods, and allowing encampments on vacant properties, most people’s hearts turn cold as ice.

        We’d rather shift the blame to some other community and pretend it’ll magically go away. Shameful.

      • This will not affect parking around the Meadow. This prohibits parking between 2am and 6am. When do you want to to go to the meadow during those hours? Don’t be ridiculous.

      • Yes this is very sad… not only for those oppressed by these actions, but us Silverlake residents as well, who as you mentioned have a need and right to be able to actually park at the park, or enjoy its surrounds, at any time of the day or night.

    • You are SPOT ON!! I live nearby and have seen the increase in RVs but I’ve never seen people loitering. There are so many snobs. Leave them alone.

  2. We need this around Echo Park Lake.

    We have the exact same issues with crime and sanitation around the park, plus unlike Silverlake we also have a huge problem with homeless encampments on Glendale..

  3. The garbage on the ground around that area was really starting to get bad. I’m kind of elitist when it comes to sanitation and basic baseline hygiene. These RVs generally have a bathroom inside, so I’m not sure why people were urinating on the side of the road, but they were.

    • l’m sure they were not. See my post above.

      • Sorry man but your personal experience of having NOT seen it is not an even semi decent argument. I have seen it happen with my own eyes. I mean, based on your logic I can only argue that that is literally the only time it’s happened. (I do not live in Silver Lake)

        I agree with plenty of your conclusions, actually, but you gotta drop this one. It is nonsensical. I also am confused regarding going to the park after 9pm. It’s not really a fair point given that very rarely is it light at 9pm. Hardly a “private park.”

        Stick to the facts, the city isn’t doing what they say they were going to do. These people don’t have a place to go. Of course, that’s because the city wants them to go to the IE or somewhere but that’s a pretty pathetic solution. There are spots that exist that can work. This isn’t an ideal one.

      • Becky with the good hair

        They don’t use the toilet inside the campers because then they have to dump the holding tanks. Bathrooms in RV’s can be used either while hooked up or when you know you are on your way to a hook up. If you don’t dump the holding tanks in an RV within 24 hours or less, it becomes a real stinking mess. It costs money to dump a holding tank. That is why they “go” outside.
        Imagine you have a box of fecal matter and urine in a box resting in your bedroom and sure the hole has a cap on it but it doesn’t seal tightly. That is why they don’t use the bathrooms inside their RV’s.

    • Reggie and JW: The RVs have holding tanks for toilet waste, and these tanks are not bottomless. Some are self-contained and are removed then dumped in places specifically there for the purpose. Some need to be driven to waste disposal stations where their lines are flushed out. If these RVs are sitting in the same place for long periods of time, and people are living inside, the tanks fill up. So then what? Where is the waste being disposed of?

  4. Thanks, Eastsider, for publishing this and the link to Mitch O’Farrell’s letter. It’s very interesting and enlightening reading, showing just what goes into a parking restriction and enforcement that we would think is simple. Complaints on these vehicles go back almost two years. They were ticketed numerous times (for violation of the 72 hour rule) and some were even towed. However they were quickly back on the street and finally everyone just tried to suck it up and ignore them. There was no way anyone could walk along the west side of W Silver Lake Drive due to the filth on the sidewalk adjacent to the RV’s.

  5. I used to live in Eagle Rock and we had a similar issue. For a long time it was folks staying for a few days because it was by a park. I think most of the neighbors were OK with it because they came and went and no one stayed too long. However, in the last year the RV owners are parking for much longer, never moving their vehicles and regulations are headed to Eagle Rock. So too was the case here in Silver Lake. I think the residents were tolerant for a while but when the RVs were sitting in the same place for weeks on end their patience ran out. So to anyone who thinks that this is elitist, the RV owners used up all of the residential empathy by over staying their welcome too often and for too long. Ultimately they are responsible for the new parking regulation.

  6. This is an awful example of provincial callousness gone wild. The people who pushed for these restrictions ought to be ashamed of themselves, and Councilman O’Farrell should have had the backbone to tell them to stick it. These are not affluent retirees parking their RV’s there for the view — they are people who cannot afford to live in a regular home, people who would be homeless or living out of their cars if they did not have these RV’s.

    Los Angeles has a housing crisis — there is not enough affordable housing. RV living for these folks keeps them off the streets. Have some compassion! Have a sense of social responsibility. Have a level of tolerance. I live on Silver Lake Blvd and pass by these RV’s every single day by car and on foot — yes, it’s not the cleanest part of the city (and certainly not the dirtiest — if any of the elitists who pushed for these restrictions bothered to visit less fortunate neighborhoods, they would know that), but that can be addressed without evicting the poor souls who have to live in their RV’s. This is part of a much larger problem regarding homelessness — how about taking some responsibility for doing your part by showing some flexibility?

    I notice that the RV’s are all parked in areas where they are not directly in front of someone’s door, but at the base of a hill or cliff, where their impact is very indirect. I can see an RV right now out my window and I say let those without the good fortune and means to have a home live in peace. Shame, shame, shame on you all!

    • LKitsch: May I ask your source of information about the status of those people living in their RVs? Are you guessing, or do you stop and talk and ask questions of them? I may be wrong but I doubt it. I also doubt that they’re out job hunting if staying parked for long periods of time. And if they never have a job, how will they get out of the cycle of poverty that has them living on the streets?

      You acknowledge that it’s not the cleanest part of the city; has it occurred to you that the residents are trying to prevent their neighborhoods from becoming “the dirtiest?”

      As far as the “elitists,” as you call the streets’ residents, taking responsibility and doing their part, what is your role in helping out, besides driving or walking by?

      Stop with the shaming.

      • Perhaps the people who are concerned for the RV inhabitants could allow them to park in their yard? Or maybe take them into your houses/apartments. Maybe we could start a volunteer list and delver it to the RVs. I think your empathy and generosity is very commendable.

    • Seriously? I couldn’t disagree with you more. Decades of “liberal” homeless solutions have only made the problem worse. Yes, there are some who are clearly the products of bad luck and mental illness. And homeless vets and women/children should be taken care of. But so many more are life-stylers that make bad decision after bad decision – and are aided-and-abetted by the government and various non-profits (free food, etc). They simply don’t want to work.

      Just because you’re broke doesn’t mean you get to trash the neighborhood. It’s pretty simple. Logical, in fact.

      And don’t get back at me and call me a Trump supporter. I’m not. I’m voting for Clinton. But I refuse to buy into the “liberal” lie that all homeless are victims. It’s far more nuanced than that. Many are criminals (including the one who threatened to rape my wife last year on Sunset).

      I’m done with the “homeless as victims” line of reasoning. It hasn’t produced anything but more problems. Sorry.

    • Sadly agreed upon. I can see the natural inclination and resistance to such realities, and or ‘nuisances’ as the locals may have deemed it to be to get them ousted, but the other side of the facts and reality as you have pointed out, cannot afford to be perpetually ignored or unconsidered either, as it continues to create and add to the problems, not resolve or help in any way. Sigh.

    • RVs were parking in front of people’s homes. You are incorrect, LKtisch.

      Furthermore, to EVERYONE calling those who wanted this restriction “elitist,” unfeeling, etc., I have a question for you: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HELP THEM? Besides come on here and complain like babies? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO PUSH O’FARRELL’S OFFICE to provide a place for RVs to park overnight, or camp? ANYTHING?

      NO. You come on here and complain and bitch at “elitists,” but then do NOTHING to try to help solve a problem for some folks. Much less attempt to solve ANY problem. Either step up to the place and push O’Farrell’s office to make good (if they promised this), or be quiet.

      I almost never read the comments here, as they’re always filled with whiners and complainers who don’t life a finger to solve problems. Do those of you who whine and complain really have nothing better to do with your lives??

  7. Thank you Mitch! This is well overdue. The RVs sadly added a serious health and hygiene problem in an area full of children and families. They flaunted parking restrictions for years.

    Don’t blame the city for enforcing parking restrictions, push the city to provide affordable housing and shelter to help these folks.

  8. It’s disgusting. And I’m not talking about the imagined filth and sanitation issues that have been whipped up. I’m talking about hat those who simply can’t abide the notion that people less fortunate than themselves might be visible from their cherished million dollar abodes. These people are not living in their RVs by choice. They’re lucky to even have them in their circumstances. And the last thing they want to do is cause problems. They are choosing here out of lack of other safe places they can park. The lack of basic compassion in our community among those who have found themselves on the upper echelons of income is disgusting and immoral. Also, shame on our elected representatives for caving in to this callous disregard. I’ve watched these vehicles over the last years and when I’ve talked to their owners they have been shy, careful and considerate. Unlike their detractors. Whenever there’s some proposal that the fear-based population doesn’t want, the first canard they trot out is urination. What does that say about their obsessions and arrested development?

    • This is what happens when we have the kind of society that has left behind so many of the 99% and the profits and wage increases have benefited the 1% almost exclusively. Income inequality is well documented but hasn’t changed to benefit the masses. Hence, we have the problems we have. This will not change until income is fair for all.

      The problem is the politicians, law makers and Wall Street NOT the poor who are suffering systemic inequalities, bad policies, greed. Demand systemic change- repeal citizens united, hugh money in politics and the RV, homeless, addiction and other social ills will greatly improve because people will have the resources to help themselves.

      Otherwise, parking restrictions solve nothing and the problems continue.

  9. Now perhaps they can deal with the homeless encampments obstructing the sidewalk on silver lake boulevard under Sunset Blvd……

  10. Thank you, Mitch! The problem has become overwhelming in the last year. Hope this clears them out.

  11. Just get rid of parking around the reservoir all together and use the extra space to give the 201 a dedicated bus lane.

  12. I live in Mt. Washington, very near Marmion Way whet several campers park. There used to be more, until the street was posted no parking-.I try to have compassion and be grateful I have a home when so many in LA are being pushed to the bottom. It doesn’t bother me that people live in campers. There is not enough affordable housing in LA, and our city leaders are doing nothing! Shame on people who make things even harder for those who are struggling.

  13. District 13 Councilmember Mitch O’F. background in performing Broadway musicals for passengers of package Carribean cruise ships was excellent preparation to become the City Council’s premier purveyor of unsubstantiated hyperbole.
    He discussed the issue with a Senior Lead Officer?
    What is the name of the S.L.O. who spoke with Mitch?
    Parking Enforcement has been threatened asking people to move their vehicles?
    O.K.. can Mitch show us some of the police reports made after Parking Enforcement was threatened?
    Because I don’t believe that Parking Enforcement usually asks people to move a vehicle – they simply issue the citation.
    If they were threatened, they would call the police and press charges.
    There would be be a report to substantiate the claims Mitch is making.
    Some of the R.V.’s were impounded and then came right back the next day?
    Can Mitch provide the record on the impounds?
    Because I believe that Parking Enforcement has not been citing the violators and the O.P.G. has not been used to tow and impound as they should have.
    I believe Mitch preferred not to fully enforce existing regulations on these R.V.’s so the situation would remain unremediated.
    Now, I do believe there are certain problems associated with the R.V.’s which have been parking around the S.L. Reservoir.
    I believe those problems need to be addressed.
    But the real problems are not the unsubstantiated issues quoted by Mitch in order to justify imposing the new Overnight Parking District.
    That is what troubles me about entrusting Mitch to represent the people of district 13.
    That is what disturbs me about granting Mitch the authority which comes with the Office of Council Member..
    I think Mitch is very comfortable with achievements done by taking shortcuts. He is prone convenient embelishment.
    When he is in costume, on stage playing a role before a seated audience – then its called “entertainment”.
    When he does it as an elected officeholder of the Los Angeles City Council for District 13 –
    then its called “demagoguery”, and its disappointing and distasteful.

  14. I have to admit I think those RVs are an eyesore, but I’ve never seen any criminal activity or suspicious types “loitering” around. In fact, I rarely see the people at all, just the RVs.

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