Police investigating suicide in Montecito Heights [updated]


MONTECITO HEIGHTS — Police today are investigating the death of a man who had hung himself from a chain link fence post near Avenue 43 and the Pasadena Freeway, said Capt. Martin A. Baeza with the LAPD Hollenbeck Division.

Residents said that Avenue 43 was blocked this morning and police vehicles and fire trucks with ladders extended were seen on the freeway overpass at about 8 a.m.

“Detectives will provide the coroner with assistance as the investigation progresses,” Baeza said in an email. “At this time, it is being handled as a suicide.”

The victim was a 29-year-old Latino who lived in the area, said Detective Jose Ramirez.  He had hung himself from a post attached to a fence that separates the Arroyo Seco channel from the freeway, he said. “There were no signs of foul play.”

Update on Sept. 26:  Capt. Martin Baeza of the LAPD Hollenbeck Division tonight appeared before the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council to deny rumors surrounding the man’s death.  The deceased “was not shot nor were his hands tied Baeza said in an email to The Eastsider.  “The photo on social media does not show that either … the death is continuing to be investigated as a suicide with no evidence of foul play.”

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  1. Such a tragic story. May he rest in peace.

  2. May he find the peace he obviously could not find on this earth. So very, very sad.

  3. Very sad indeed. Other reports are saying his hands were tied, so could be something else than suicide.

  4. Really sad to hear that this happened near be where I live
    Rest in Peace.

  5. I seen a picture someone took of him hanging and it sure looked as if his hands were tied strange suicide to me

  6. He was a active gang member of the area, and police are brushing it off as a suicide. He was seen as a burden and easier to say he committed suicied. I saw his lifeless body that morning and he he had his hand tied! He could have never jumped fence with hand tied and neck roped up.. foul play … r.i.p. moises! This system is reason for our children dying.. and i cannot stand for this!

    • If by “system” you mean government, don’t blame it for the gang problem. No one is forced into a gang – people join entirely by choice or are coerced by family and friends (now there is something you should “stand” against). I truly hope that you will do something positive to erase the gang culture. No one has to live in fear in this day and age. If you believe this was a murder, then gather your facts and prove it. God speed to you.

      • Friendlyneighborhoodthug.

        Gang member or not this is something worth looking into more than this. I have seen the picture myself and it does not seem like a suicide. He was facing the concrete wall and the rope was of huge length. A body being dropped that high off must have some whiplash. Yet both his arms conveniently fell in front of him. Yes he was known gang member and drug user but he is a human being. His family and friends deserve closure as to what really happened that night.. The truth. Gang members being hung isn’t a common thing here. So why would anyone randomly take a life in such gruesome of manner? I am no detective nor have the authority to go looking at police reports other than what’s made public. If there was an incident think I should trust the police to take a second look. I went to the nort east police website and found absolutely nothing. Why do you think that is? Surely not because people being hung off gates on the side of freeways is bad for real estate. And the plans to make all of LA look like york.
        RestInPeace Lento

  7. And there were a good number of witnesses who actually saw his hands were untied and hanging on his sides.

    And if they were tied, a good number of suicide victims who chose to hang themselves actually tie their hands loosely behind their backs for one reason or another. It is very possible. Research it. Google it.

    Just too many different rumors going around.

  8. If someone has more information, it would be nice if they spoke up. Maybe call the police department and say what you know.

    • I second your comment. If people with more information refuse to contact the police … then the police can’t help. In effect, their hands are tied.

      • That’s very common. When there’s a gang related death no one wants to cooperate with the police. So it’s wasted resources for them. Initially this appeared as a suicide and the police made that their official statement. Now, with so many pictures and testimony surfacing inficating there was a wound to the head, and hands tied in front of the body, there may be grounds for more scrutiny. LAPD will comment at the next ASNC meeting.

  9. Did anyone attend the meeting?
    What did they say?

    • The Eastsider did not go to the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council meeting. But Capt. Martin Baeza of the Hollenbeck Division sent an email saying that the man “was not shot nor were his hands tied. The photo on social media does not show that either … the death is continuing to be investigated as a Suicide with no evidence of foul play.”

  10. i really hope that they say the truth , cuz if it was not suicide, they really need to find the person who did this.

  11. Why has the police refused to release his name? I checked all of the L A city suicide reports for the last 90 days and nothing came up…Why? Most suicides victims are identified almost right away. This victim is a ghost as far as the public is concerned. Something is not right with how this case is being reported. To LAPD….if you want us to believe your “No foul play” reports release his name! Besides if LAPD claims are true there is no logical reason to with hold his name. The only reason to keep the name away from the public is because there is an investigation that is on going

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