“We want you to get out of our neighborhood” — Anti-gentrification demonstrators take to the streets during Boyle Heights art openings


BOYLE HEIGHTS —  Art lovers and patrons descended on Anderson Street and Mission Road last Saturday for exhibition openings at several new galleries that have popped up in the industrial lowlands of Boyle Heights.  But as the art crowd gathered inside brightly illuminated galleries,  protesters marched outside on darkened streets, banging on gallery windows and demanding the art spaces move out of the neighborhood, according to videos posted on the Defend Boyle Heights Facebook page.  “Get out. You don’t belong here,” one person yells in a video.

Saturday’s demonstration reflect the ongoing tensions surrounding the opening of the galleries, including outposts operated by New York art dealers and even a Hollywood talent agency, in the western portion of Boyle Heights.

Videos from Saturday night’s protest showed demonstrators, some of them wearing masks, chanting “Fuera, Fuera, Fuera” [Get Out] as persons who appeared to be gallery visitors or staff milled about.

Another video shows gallery patrons looking out a window as demonstrators bang on the glass and chant, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, these gentrifiers have got to go.” Another video shows a woman, apparently associated with the Venus gallery, rolling down the shutters of the space. A demonstrator tells her: “We want you to get out of her neighborhood.”   Others yell “Get the fuck out” as persons who appear to be either gallery workers or guests walk down the streets.

The Defend Boyle Heights Facebook page claims at least two of the galleries were forced to close their opening receptions amid the protests.

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  1. More of THIS in LA!

    • What gives them the f’in right? The cowardly protestors (masks, really?) are acting like the privileged ones, thinking they somehow own the area and reserve the right to decide who can live there. Isn’t this America?

    • More thinly veiled threats of violence, bandana-wearing thugs intimidating innocent bystanders, out of control mobs screaming racist threats, and a blatant hatred for the arts. Yeah, that’s a recipe for success

    • Jews out of Germany!

      • The Jews from Germany left the neighborhood long ago. There’s one more shul if you care to move in and become active. I’m very much at home in east los speaking Ladino.

    • They aren’t complaining about race; they are complaining about affluent and rich people coming in and taking over their neighborhood and running them out. They are trying to nip that in the bud.

      They’re not barring anyone from buying in, but they are trying to make enough of a stand that they hope rich and affluent people will not want to buy into their neighborhood. Its a simple exercise of free speech aimed at saving their homes and lifestyle. Its just an exercise in public involvement and neighborhood pride. And for poor people, it is an exercise in survival.

      Frankly, those turning this into a race issue instead of a class issue are the ones playing the race card.

      • Sorry, try again. On their “Defend Boyle Heights” FB page they specify white hipster, thus making it a race issue.

      • The Flats are not their neighborhood. The Flats belong to the artists that washed the piss and shit off the sidewalks to get to their cars. The Flats belong to the artists that had bullets fly through their rollups from the guns of gangsters that came down from the Heights. If they want to protest rich people coming into their neighborhood they can go back there and do so. The Flats aren’t theirs.

      • I agree with your assessment of class v. race, but if you read the Defend Boyle Heights Facebook page that the video is hosted on, they are the ones bringing race into this.

        “Things white hipsters said to the Boyle Heights community”

        Hipsters is always preceded by “white” by the way. Latino hipsters are apparently welcome.

      • Also, they most certainly brought race into it. They were chanting ‘white girl’ in Spanish on the video. If you look at their FB page it might as well be a racial hate group.

      • It’s free speech, but it’s also hate speech. No different than Trump, which is so ironic because most of these idiots probably also hate Trump.

      • Alas, you are wrong here. They are specifically against whites in their neighborhood. They straight up say it, in several places, on the FB page. Despicable.

        • i agree their overuse of the term ‘white’ is problematic and kinda crappy, but DBH has targeted Self Help Graphics, too which is chicano/a run.

      • No, it is not whites they are against. Its hipsters, the monied people. As it happens, the bulk of the hipsters coming in — and most of the hipsters anywhere — are white. They are not protesting at the homes of other white people living in the area, those people are of a similar class. They are protesting the monied galleries and the affluent and rich people that brings — and yes, the bulk of those people are white.

        You can see how white hipsters are just by looking at hipster-central in Silver Lake. It once was the most racially diversified neighborhood you could in find anywhere in the country, and now there are fewer and fewer minorities every day as nothing but hipsters moves in. The mix that made Silver Lake a great place is gone.

        They don’t want that in their neighborhood in Boyle Heights.

        They are not against white people per se. But too many here lack enough understanding to be able to understand. Instead, they ignore the real point.

        • But it’s not their neighborhood. The white artists and art galleries were there before they were even born. The neighborhood is an industrial wasteland not a residential community. Industrial wastelands are the native habitat of artists. Once the artists have been there for decades then you see the higher end galleries move in. Then the artists can more easily make a living. These protestors are trying to steal this neighborhood.

          • the artist and galleries were there before they were born?
            Or is the neighborhood an industrial wasteland?
            I’m not sure that both of these statements can be true at the same times, and in fact– neither of them are true.

    • Pathetic – no different than the KKK in their hoods 50 years ago demanding that blacks leave the neighborhood. Sickening.

      • Becky with the good hair

        Exactly what I was thinking. Masked and carrying chains? That’s exactly what the KKK did. Intimidation tactics. I wonder if we will have to see a hipster lynching before people are going to see this for what is really is.

    • This type of thinking fuels Trump support. Thanks a f’n lot.

    • This was a neighborhood that has long included artists who blended right in with the small manufacturers and the neighborhood, good and bad. I lived in two different spaces in that neighborhood from the late 80’s until mid 90’s. The old Pico Gardens housing project was still standing and the area was dominated by gang, warfare between Quatro Flats with Primera Flats. Pre-Homeboy Industries Father Boyle was providing refuge up the street. The workers in small furniture factories, perpetually high on the lacquer they sprayed, sometimes congregated on my stoop on Friday nights to drink beer and arm wrestle. We sometimes ended up at La Zone Rosa up the street.

      It was tough. One time in the Korean corner store at Anderson and Clarence, I stood up to three gang members and took a beating. Lots of stories. I can name at least 10 artists who were around the area in the late 80s and 90s.

      These “protesters” are pointing their arrows at the wrong target by harassing artists and art galleries. I’m glad that the old Pico Gardens was demolished and a better set of buildings were put in its place. I am also glad these galleries are opening. Most of the traditional small manufacturing jobs are long gone and art and design are important commerce that can and does provide opportunity and investment in communities.

      When they hit folks like Self Help Graphics , which has a more than 30 year history of providing support and opportunity to Latino artists, they reveal a complete lack of understanding and knowledge of local history. Take of the mask and join the party with an eye to how you can help your community instead of driving harassing people.

  2. What’s the word I’m looking for these protesters… Oh, I remembered, it’s RACIST. Can you imagine if white people did this to Latinos? Unbelievable.

    • Yuppies are back and in full force! Bury the entitled and burn the rich

      • Just fyi, the threats you’re making here, even though their anonymous, can be submitted to the FBI tip line. Making threats against people’s lives on the internet can and will be investigated by the FBI.

  3. These idiots are one rent hike away from Moreno Valley. Good riddance.

  4. This is totally unacceptable reverse blatant racism. They are flat out racists. This would be condemned to the highest degree if it were the reverse and it WAS when the old covenants from years gone by were brought to light, when people of color were EXCLUDED from neighborhoods based solely on their skin color. These folks in Boyle Heights do not approve of the skin color of the gallery owners and their patrons and their protests are just as racist as when whites protested black folks attending schools in the south. Same thing.
    The area I grew up in LA is all Persian now. It used to be white and Jewish. Can you imagine if I stood outside my childhood home with signs protesting saying “we don’t want your kind here in this neighborhood” as Iranians moved in one by one, How would that fly? GET OVER IT. NEIGHBORHOODS CHANGE! LA CHANGES. I have yet to see massive revolt when a hamburger place or some other corporate fast food entity moves into a chanllenged neighborhood, yet these folks are protesting ART LOVERS. Go after corporate America who feeds the poor on junk food at a profit with NOTHING benefiting the community at all!!

    • On point. Kudos to you, sir. This is blatant racism masquerading as “class-warfare”. Ain’t nobody waging any kind of conflict but these idiots.

    • Why should these morons go after anyone, including corporate America. I guess you would be right there with them if they decided to burn down Jack in the Box. There needs to be civility in this country, now more than ever. What is ironic is that so many who were victimized by these protesters are probably diversity loving liberals and thought that they were more politically and idealistically aligned with them then not. The reality is that these activists are racist brown separatists who have decided white people, artistic or otherwise, have no to place in “their territory”. That must really be hurtful and disappointing to the artists/hipsters/newcomers, etc..

    • Boyle Heights also used to be white and Jewish. Interesting how Defend BH feels that only Hispanic people are entitled to live in a neighborhood that hasn’t even always been Hispanic. Talk about “checking your entitlement”. Disgusting.

  5. This is going to backfire in SUCH a big way.

  6. Oh what a crock, that’s not their neighborhood. It is an industrial zone that has had an artist in residence loft building right there since the freakin late 70s. Hell I lived in that building before most of those kids were even born. Back in the 90s the only people that were on either Anderson or Mission (those streets are parallel not xstreets btw) after 5pm were either homeless or gangbangers or lived at 1427 E. 4th.
    Next thing you know they’ll be wearing hoods and burning crosses.

  7. Also, that’s Boyle Flats if you dig into the history of the area.

  8. Ignorant at best, racist at worst.

  9. Build that border wall around Boyle Heights and make Santa Monica pay for it!!
    ~ Trumpinos of Boyle Heights

    What hypocrites
    Imagine if people were to protest the “Latinofication” of LA — they’d be seen as the racists they are.
    Instead these bozos are protesting art galleries. If there’s a major demographic shift going on, it’s with Latinos, who are already some 50% of the population, not whites.

  10. We need to do this in HLP

  11. I can also assure you that the owner of Groundspace Gallery has lived in that neighborhood for over 20 years.

  12. (Yt folx).. Good job hiding that.


  13. Did a bunch of Japanese and Jewish folks show up to protest the protestors?

  14. Boo Hoo….the protesters are spoiled babies. GROW UP! Do you really think you are going to stop change? Boyle Heights has evolved many times and is doing so once again. If these pathetic groups would become invested in the neighborhood (buying a home, contributing in a positive way, etc) they would not be so bent out of shape or feel threatened by positive change.

    Each and every affordable neighborhood in Los Angeles IS INEVITABLY GOING TO GENTRIFY, so get over it or you will be continually wasting your energy on a never-ending roller-coaster of anger and protests.

  15. dumb. business owners go wherever someone will rent to them. wait til you have to be a responsible adult some day and find a place to rent for your business.

  16. I was at the art opening at MaRS Gallery Saturday. Can confirm. These people are idiots. Truly. It’s disheartening to think how much work and sacrifice it takes for artists to get and prepare for a show—people who actually create something to stimulate conversation about ideas, instead of screaming down people they don’t know because they think they’re entitled to a patch of concrete. Want a laugh? Go to the “Defend Boyle Heights” Facebook page. It’s like the Trump campaign of community activism. Should be called “Attack Anyone Who Isn’t from Boyle Heights.”

  17. These people are racist scum. They’re acting like whiney entitled brats, being total assholes, and the threat of violence is palpable. Some lady shouts “you’re not safe here!”. The bandana-wearing goons getting in people’s faces. It really looks like someone’s going to get hurt. I hope the police are called next time this happens and break up this mob.

  18. The historically ironies on display here are striking , the biggest being the Eastern Europeans, Jews, and Japanese that originally built Boyle Height and welcomed Mexican immigrants with open arms and actually established political coalitions to champion workers and voter rights.

    I bet they are rolling in their grave seeing how that message has been tarnished. All of the clips shown on Defend Boyle Heights Facebook page show the protesters using profanities banging on windows and flipping off people. Not one video shows an attempt at dialog , just shouting down. You really want to garner positive attention and get people who aren’t aware of the perceived developments in the community, do it in a positive way.Not to mention some of the racist post in the statements.

    Of all the people to engage in a dialog it would be a gallery because they are probably for more liberal than if you protested Mission Beverage or Whitecapp Construction supply both relatively new to the blighted ghost town this area used to be.
    See galleries are an easy target. If you really wanted to “defend” Boye Height wouldn’t you be out finding the latino guy that is running around smashing other Latinos in the head with a hammer? Or confront the latino gangs that have stepped up attacks on other latino gangs? or the two bangers who shot a working class Dad who confronted two gang taggers writing on his property. Of course you wouldn’t because you would get your ass handed to you .
    See galleries are easy and most of those people are too big of pussies to tell these ignorant racist slugs to fuck off.

    First it was a protest against the 6th street bridge, but they had no idea that the bridge was in real danger of failing , google “sulfite attack” , it literally turns concrete into crumbly soft concrete. If the city left the bridge to fail then they would be sued and viewed as negligent. Yet if you bring this up they go straight conspiracy theory on you.

    I say keep it up Defend Boyle Heights because like all aggressive movements based on racism , they end up devouring themselves eventually.

    • Well said. Telling these racist protests are only supported by about 40-50 people in total based on the video, mostly twentysomethings. I’d be hard pressed to believe the majority of Boyle heights residents affiliate with this hate group.

  19. I understand the frustration that people must feel when they get outpriced in their own neighborhoods. I don’t know what the solution is. But as several people have already suggested, the Boyle Heights Anti-Gentrification protest is totally racist. What would happened if someone put up a sign in a neighborhood that said “NO WORKING CLASS PEOPLE OF COLOR! NO PEOPLE WHO LIKE ART GALLERIES!” Your movement” says, “Get out – you don’t belong here!” From 1900-1950 Boyle Heights was predominately JEWISH. Are Jews banned from Boyle Heights now as well? What are the requirements for residency?

    • For real. Well said. I moved to LA from Iowa a few years ago (where my Mexican great grandparents settled). Under this mentality, am I not allowed to live in North Hollywood because I was born in a different part of the country? Can I drive through Boyle Heights? GTFO with these protests.

    • Many of the solutions lie with lawmakers. For instance, repealing the Ellis Act. If these guys want change, they should look to their new neighbors for cooperation and discussion. You bring hostility to the table, that’s what you’re going to get back. It’s sad, because gentrification is an important issue that hardly anyone wants to sit down and rationally discuss. Fat chance that will happen now. This group seems to like to play revolutionary at the expense of the actual issues.

    • Build more housing, that’s the solution. These protesters are just pissing in the wind.

  20. Going after the low hanging fruit, instead of paying attention to L.A.s Planning and Land Use, and articulating valid arguments against the developers that follow the “artists”.

    Not as much fun though, can’t get drunk and scream insults, like a Trump supporter, at city hall. Plus you do have to actually read you rights, as opposed to just demanding ones you make up.

    Most of the “entitled” are just that, titled, as in hold a title to the property.

  21. Im latino born and raised in the northeast and with that being said the protester’s give me a vibe too close to Trump. Seeing and hearing words such as “Get out!” and “You don’t belong here” is eerie as hell. Not because they are a scary bunch but the fact that these people probably hate and will vote against Trump because of what he stands for which is telling groups of people they dont belong here. And yet here they are outside trying to drive a type of people out. The fact they cant see the hypocrisy is amazing.

    • Exactly what I wanted to say. This fear of change is the same emotion that so many Trump supporters succumb to. Neighborhoods change. Boyle Heights wasn’t always Mexican and it won’t always be Mexican. Grow up, talk to your new neighbors, and don’t be a dick.

      • ^ grow up and deal with the pitchforks… they are coming and you better hope to not be on the wrong side of history!

        • Yelling “white privilege” or “fuera” at strangers you don’t even know is just childish. Rents go up and down based on market forces and land use policies… Defend Boyle Heights should stop looking for bogeymen and hiding behind masks.

          The community, it’s stakeholders and local politicians need to get together in the same room and discuss real world solutions to the housing crisis. Protesting art galleries and any new neighbor with different skin pigmentation is just going to alienate and marginalize people that might otherwise be sympathetic to your plight.

  22. After yelling, “Get the fuck out”, “Fuck you”, “Fuck your white privilege”, and other racist and intimidating things the girl goes on to say “so this is how this gallery welcomed us to the community, as soon as folks came they closed down”. What a bunch of bullshit. They are making it hard to have any sympathy for their cause.

  23. Didn’t know people would be so pissed about a art gallery.

  24. I have worked at some of these Art galleries along Anderson for the past years, being invited and attended some showings. I very much applaud the puissance en la raza/ en mi comunidad, eagerness to make a positive change in our communities… but so much hate… such instigation by some, very dismayed… As a latino, that has lived in North East La, for the last thirty years..this is disgusting… da verguenza en la Raza. There are so many other reason to dislike someone, than by the color of their skin. Yes, lots of comments pointing at these art galleries as being “white.”

  25. These people are a bunch of silly children playing communist. Look at this ridiculous page. http://redguardsla.org/
    They love Mao and sell stupid shirts with hammer and sickles.

    • RedGuard is a great waterproofing product for prepping a tile shower. lol

      You can buy it at Home Depot in a gallon size or 5 gallon size for larger projects.

      See what happen there? capitalism and free advertising , looks like our community college warriors have lost the Communist War…lol

  26. First world problems.

  27. Do the protestors even know what this street was like before the art galleries started arriving?? This stretch of street was completely rundown, almost abandoned, bullet-riddled with trash and graffiti all over. Who exactly are they displacing on that street?

    They are acting just like a hate group. Listening to the person recording say “Bye Becky! Bye Beckies!” and imitate them with a valley girl accent made me sick to my stomach. fyi, I am not white. As a born and raised Los Angeles native, I am absolutely disgusted with how this group went about protesting these galleries.

    People who are making art are looking for affordable spaces to do the things they love to do in their lives. (I’m not an artist.)

    I applaud the people who came out of the galleries to try to speak with the protestors. I especially applaud the girl who was outside rolling down the gates — I would have cried if someone yelled at me like the recorder did. And honestly? I would probably fear and dislike groups like this.

  28. Gentrification is going to happen whether they like it or not. Los Angeles has a critical housing shortage and rents are sky high in other parts of the city. Boyle Heights is right near Downtown LA and is connected by the subway. This makes the neighborhood ripe for development. I moved to City Terrace 7 years ago. I have seen rents double and triple in this neighborhood and the value of my house double in that time. Property bird dogs and house flippers have invaded this neighborhood like a pack of wild dogs. The bird dogs are especially aggressive. They work for real estate investors to spot properties that can be bought. They walk the neighborhood and look for things like illegal additions and other code violations. They report them to the county and the owner of the home gets a summons, This happened to a neighbor of mine on City Terrace Dr. He ran a motorcycle repair shop out of his garage. A property bird dog reported him to the county and the man was issued summonses totaling $40000 for various code violations and running a business without a license. He had to sell his house. An investor bought it, fixed it and flipped it for a $90,000 profit. The people of Boyle Heights have not even seen the leading edge of the gentrification wave. They are only seeing the very beginnings of it. Wait until the Ellis Act evictions start from rent controlled housing. When the developers arrive people will be thrown out of their apartments in masse. I saw it happen firsthand when I was living in Silverlake.

  29. i fully support them and their cause. lets do this!

    • It is already too late. Check out Redfin and look at all the multi family properties for sale in Boyle Heights especially along the Soto St. corridor in 90033. There are dozens of those properties that have sold in the last 6 months. The displacement has begun and will accelerate. The Ellis Act evictions are starting.

      • Be aware that if an owner actually Ellis Act evicts tenants – the units are required to remain empty for 5 years before being re rented at market rates. They may threaten – but no investor would actually follow through with this in this in Boyle Hts.

        • They demo and rebuild. Hopefully with higher density. Only thing that will keep things affordable for long term residents is building more.

  30. Read the comments on the defend boyle heights page. These people are seriously ignorant, violent, small-minded, dullard bullies who are having a great old time picking on the “sissy artists”. Last laugh is gonna be had by the artists when these low lives get arrested and evicted

  31. A class issue confronted with racist ignorance and anger due to historical disenfranchisement. I have read developers disguise themselves as art galleries…..do any of these art galleries offer art classes for the children of the community? Do any white people in this blog admit white privilege strongly exists? What role does capitalism play in this? City terrace…very insightful. Working class people keep getting shafted more and more ……and it’s not just in Boyle Heights. The elitist know it too, like Bernie “the socialist” Sanders. And Hillary Clinton who got booed out of East LA and had the nerve to send in Magic, Kareem, slick Willie and Hilda Solis to convince us things would be better in our community after she’s elected. The audacity! Says Hillary-” I know! Latinos love the Lakers! That will get the votes I need!” Get outta here. Just cause we are blue collar doesn’t mean we are stupid. We don’t run to lawyers, we run to protest……..just keep the racism off the table. Even though it is America’s mothers milk

    • That’s no excuse. My dad was a blue collar worker. He literally worked his ass off to provide for his family. My mother worked the night shift. I put myself through CSULA and I was in awe of the majority Latino student body who also came from blue collar working families working incredibly hard to get educated. Have you ever stepped foot on CSULA or ELAC? We all got educated. We worked hard to get educated along with our parents. Yes, there is white privilege, but if you look at our city council right now, a good portion of our local leaders come from blue collar workers too. I agree that some of these galleries do nothing for the community and do very little to extend a helping hand, but MANY DO. Self Help Graphics has done more for Chicano Artists than any other non-profit I can think of and yet, they are being protested.I think the problem is the LA of the past, the affordable LA of my past, is disappearing like the New York of the past. The wise ones will forge new communities elsewhere and pioneer change in other areas. You can protest all you want about change, but this city is changing. It just IS. Had I not bought a house in the 90’s, there’s NO WAY I could afford one now. I would look where I could make a living and buy a house and MOVE.

    • Actually it would be wise of you to be in contact with a eviction lawyer instead of protesting innocent, law abiding citizens based on their appearance.

    • El Pensitivo, And you’ve read that where? As has been noted multiple times here, the artists have been in that area for many years.

  32. They understand that change is coming so they are doing what they know, protesting. I think it’s mostly misguided and won’t have any real affect, but this gives them the illusion of what little power they think they have. Even if just for the night and a small victory in disrupting a gallery opening.

    They know that change is by and large not for them and their families that have called this neighborhood home for all their lives. They’re afraid so they’re doing what they think might help them or at least slow the inevitable.

    • That’s exactly what white people did in areas that were traditionally white. They were fearful of change so they protested with hate speech, bullying, and tactics to scare the black people away. How is this different? I do not excuse this behavior. It is no different from the hate speech used in the 50’s and 60’s as affluent blacks moved into all-white neighborhoods. This is not acceptable regardless of their fears. Fight the inequalities of a capitalist society by infiltrating the political system like so many of our councilman and state politians are. There’s a reason for the great changes happening in traditionally Latino areas and it is because our polititians hail from these areas. Fight inequalty by attending a community college and transfering to an affordable state school like I did in order to afford a college education. Fight inequality by protesting the latest Jack in the Box or Burger King in your neighborhood. Demand decent food and a decent education, but protesting the arts will lead you nowhere because art is what elevates us in society and art is the means to relay your political message. Art matters. Fries and a burger don’t.

  33. Where is Huizar and the LAPD? Where is the LA Times? Oh, right, on the side of the Maoists! I like Jose Huizar but unless he comes out strongly against this ‘deplorable’ behavior I will support someone who will. The LAPD needs to arrest these thugs before someone really gets hurt. These are not protesters, they are terrorists, pure and simple.

    • Exactly. They are TERRORISTS. Read their manifesto. It’s pretty clear. They clearly stste they are NOT INTERESTED IN DIALOGUE. They use a language of fear, bullying, and terror.

  34. a penny a day makes sense

    How many of those protestors own property in Boyle Heights?

  35. Next thing you know Yt folx will be riding our buses too.

  36. Latinos in local government…….and?? A black president and a black lives matter movement simultaneously exist. Problem solved? Not yet. Telling the working poor to move further away from their jobs is your solution? I think thats…..GENTRIFICATION

  37. I support art for ALL. I don’t support racism.

  38. A people or a culture that has suffered historical, systemic and institutional discrimination because of the color of their skin can not be called out as “racist” or accused of racism, especially in regards to the people or culture that have actually benefitted from the historical, systemic and institutional racism. The term “reverse racism” is a term promoted by the right wing and is another way to deny that real racism exists. It’s a term to whip up unjustifiable resentment and indignation when certain privileges (NOT rights) are being Rightfully challenged.

    The protesters are not protesting art. They are exercising their right to freedom of speech and directing it towards the only entities they have access to – the galleries. They’ve seen what’s happened in Echo Park and Highland Park and know that Boyle Heights is the next target, that many in their community will be displaced and that entire – and for many, indispensable – social networks will be destroyed. It’s already happening. They are justifiably angry and afraid of losing everything. Maybe some of their tactics are not the best strategy but why do you care? What do you as an individual stand to lose when people are fighting for their lives and their livelihoods?

    • What would you prefer to call it when one group of people is hating on the other because of their race? These people are literally saying “we hate white people, we don’t want white people in our neighborhood, get out of here white people”. Nobody’s saying the poor white people are systematically oppressed by the powerful latinos, but these protesters are making it quite clear that they don’t want other races in “their” neighborhood.

      • You can call it discrimination but you can’t call it racism. POC have never NEVER had the power to systemitize racial oppression in this country.

        White people, like myself, have to accept the fact that we (because history) are the face of systemic oppression. It probably feels pretty uncomfortable to be reminded of that and yet, we have a responsibilty, a duty to inform ourselves and to put ourselves in the shoes of people who feel they have no power.

        I’m sorry that it hurts your feelings when people say “we hate white people and we want them to get out.” I’d rather have hurt feelings than being forced to leave my home. Disparity and inequality sucks but what sucks even more is to pretend that it doesn’t exist.

        • How do you sleep at night with so much white guilt? Think about this, what you’re peddling is just the racism of low expectations. You’re saying, ‘we can’t expect those poor brown people to behave in a civilized manner because us strong white people have oppressed them. Those sad weak brown people can call us names all they want and it’s harmless because they have no real power’. That is essentially your argument here. I think it’s utterly unacceptable for any group of people to tell another group that we hate you for who you are and what you look like. If you refuse to use the word racism, then call it bigoted hate speech. These people are not blameless.

          • Recognizing “white privilege” is not “white guilt” nor is it a form of paternalism. Indignation and hurt feelings over someone telling you to get out because you’re white does not begin to compare to the righteous anger and the fear that comes with the threat of losing your home or your business to the onslaught of gentrification. The people that are fighting gentrification have EVERYTHING to lose and I’m willing to bet that 99% of the people commenting here, particularly those who are so “outraged” by being told to get out, have NOTHING to lose.

            Yes, there are probably better strategies to get what you want. I also think it’s critical to a functioning democracy to understand the anger and frustration that comes from real disparity. And this idea that we live in a meritocracy, where everyone has the same opportunities and if you’re poor it’s your own damn fault? Please.

        • No, white people do not have to accept that they are the face of systemic oppression “because history.” Obviously you feel the need to, but don’t think you can dump your guilt on all whites.

    • none of them are fighting for their lives. hyperbole much

      • And how do you know that? Do you know them personally?
        When your home, your community, the social networks that you depend on to feed and raise your family are being threatened, it could very well feel like you’re fighting for your life.

        • When your community is threatened like when an angry mob descends down from the hills and tries to drive you out of the place where you have been living and building into something vibrant for over 20 years? Threatened like we were when the people that lived in Boyle Heights came down to our neighborhood to sell sex and drugs and guns? Threatened like we were threatened when they stole our cars, broke into our lofts, and pulled guns on us? I’m pretty sure none of them are dodging bullets from gentrifiers like we had to from Boyle Heights gangsters. Until then cry me a river.

  39. A people or a culture that has suffered historical, systemic and institutional discrimination because of the color of their skin can not be called out as “racist” or accused of racism, especially in regards to the people or culture that have actually benefitted from the historical, systemic and institutional racism. The term “reverse racism” is a term promoted by the right wing and is another way to deny that real racism exists. It’s a term to whip up unjustifiable resentment and indignation when certain privileges (NOT rights) are being Rightfully challenged.

    The protesters are not protesting art. They are exercising their right to freedom of speech and directing it towards the only entities they have access to – the galleries. They’ve seen what’s happened in Echo Park and Highland Park and know that Boyle Heights is the next target, that many in their community will be displaced and that entire – and for many, indispensable – social networks will be destroyed. It’s already happening. They are justifiably angry and afraid of losing everything. Maybe some of their tactics are not the best strategy but why do you care? What do you as an individual stand to lose when people are fighting for their lives and their livelihoods?

  40. Here are some interesting facts about Boyle Heights:

    95% latino
    5% have a college education
    75% rent

    That tells you a lot about who these people are. They are extremely insulated in a segregated community with no diversity, they are severely undereducated, and almost nobody owns their homes. It’s not surprising that their minds are blown by art galleries – they’ve likely never encountered anything like this before and don’t understand what the point of art is (their website refers to it as a bourgeouise luxury). These people need to learn what it’s like to live in a cosmopolitan city – this isn’t a little hillbilly town where everyone gets to be exactly alike.

    • if they had actually left their neighborhood and walked down to the flats at anytime in the last 40 years they would have seen that there have been art exhibitions going on the whole time.

    • One of their signs reads something like “Keep Beverly Hills out of Boyle Heights.” Haha because we all know Beverly Hill is the center of the LA art scene. Seriously it’s a big world. These people should maybe learn something about it..

      • They are like country bumpkins who have never left their tiny town and are stepping into New York City for the first time and can’t comprehend what’s going on

  41. Huizar is against these idiots. https://www.theeastsiderla.com/2016/08/i-just-dont-see-this-mass-scale-gentrification-happening-boyle-heights-councilman-on-neighborhood-change/

    So just keeping score of self victimization posted here:
    -White privilege is the cause of Boyle Heights gentrification Problems, they made you rent rather than save to own.

    -White privilege made you not take advantage of loans or in some cases free tuition for school or community colleges

    -White privilege is why latino gangs run rampart in exclusively latino areas and affinity for gang culture prevails

    -white privilege plagues a majority latino city where latino politicians represent the majority latino areas. how exactly?

    -white privilege forced Mexican property owners to sell their property for current rates, you know the whole return on investment thing?
    -white privilege forced the Mexican landlords to kick out the Mexican bakery in Highland park.

    -white privilege made you not vote or attend community meetings

    -white privilege is deemed white privilege when it is new small business, but junk food chains are ok.

    Is the fear that LA is going to loose it’s Mexican heritage? You have got to be kidding, it seems pretty clear that if spend your time focusing on La Raza ,rather than the global community and economy, it is no different than the xenophobic hate groups that always tend to lose in the end.

    Am I missing anything? Oh yes, why is it you don’t ever here the Korean community complaining about gentrification? It seems the areas they occupy tend to keep growing and are thriving with healthy businesses that cater to all races. It has gotten so an entire area of LA has become Koreatown. It must be because of the strong anti white coalitions they developed to keep “others” out?…..No thats not it , they realized racism is bad business that inclusion makes business sense as well as harvesting a good return on investment.

    • White privelage. Lol. Mexico is the epitome of white privelage. Just look at who rules Mexico,the television shows and business owners. All very European looking. But you’ll never hear these clowns bring that up

    • Oh, good call on pointing out how the Korean community was able to keep growing while catering to all races. Love it!! It’s so true.

  42. It should come as no surprise. When an established Boyle Heights bar owner is quoted in LA Magazine stating gentrification is OK if it’s “brown” people moving in. So yeah, there is an ongoing racist undertone.

    Why not come out and say it by posting on their DBH Facebook page “Whites are evil for leaving, staying, or for moving back.”

  43. Since everyone is in this comment thread, I’d like to ask a question. As we know, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Eagle Rock, etc are all gentrified, and HLP and Glassel and others are almost gentrified. Boyle Heights makes sense as the next logical step. But wait, why not Westlake? Westalke is even closer to downtown, and close to Hancock Park. It also has the fantastic MacArthur Park and lake. Just saying, Westlake to me is more prime for gentrification at the moment but I never hear anyone talk about it. Thought?

    • High density of multiple unit buildings that are not attainable by individuals like houses are. Also a high rate of home ownership Philippinos saved and bought rather than bitch.

      One of the speakers in the rally had the balls to say a women who fought gangs in Pico Gardens( kudos for her on that front) had no assistance from the government or private investment, really government assisted housing isn’t help? That’s rich, it’s literally in the name.

      • Becky with the good hair

        Citizen X is exactly right. Very large portion of multi-unit high-density buildings (many are also heavily subsidized. single family homes exist but in very small and isolated pockets. Not ideal conditions for investment similar to what happened in SL, EP, ER and HLP where the opposite is true.

        • It’s already happening,… just a different mix of housing and residents (more of a big city, mixed-use, urban demographic like the Historic Core or Koreatown.)

    • Didn’t the Park View building next to macarthur park go condo?

  44. The interesting thing about this situation to me, is, if the protesters have their way… what is the line drawn? What businesses ARE allowed? Which one’s aren’t? Must you provide a dna sample to have a business and be a certain amount Latino? And which Latin? I know so many Mexican Americans who deride El Salvadoran nationals. They call them unflattering names. So… who stays? Or, is it by “how you look” ? (Like our President is biracial, but really he is perceived as “black”.) Just what are the rules?

    • Please, these idiots aren’t capable of thinking that far in advance. It’s all about appearances and radical chic “look at me, I’m representing the people” posturing. The idea is to be as annoying as possible with the smug self-satisfaction that they’ve actually done something. What a load. Mostly they just want to socialize and hookup (some revolutionaries they are).

      Best to ignore them and live your life as you please. They are angry, provincial and unimportant – they won’t get far in life, let alone be successful with this little melodramatic show.

  45. Bruce Brook Pfeiffer

    This is just sad. Clearly our schools are not providing our young people with much in the way of an education.

  46. ^ LOL. A lotta scared white people in this post!

    • You would be scared too if a mob of screaming masked vigilantes started banging on your windows telling me how much they hate me and to get the fuck out. You think you’re some kind of macho man by mocking the “pussy artists”, but anybody in that situation would rightly be afraid. All you’re doing is making your side look like unreasonable barbarians.

    • lol whiny little brats are nothing compared to the crazy homeless people that would show up on the bridge throwing bottles at passing cars, or the pimps, pushers and thugs that used to be in our neighborhood. Those kids should thank us for being willing to literally risk our lives to make the flats into something more than the illegal dumping grounds for their parents.

    • The protesters frenetically shouting rasist hate speech appear to be the only people who are scared Joe. Those art gallery folks are very chill despite the loud mob. Most everyone but you posting here is quite measured and realistic. Time to look in the mirror kid.

  47. No, people aren’t scared of LA losing Mexican heritage (I think. I’m not mexican) but…what’s Mariachi Plaza without the mariachis? Maybe the Overpriced Burrito Plaza? Or the Overpriced Green Coffee Coaster Plaza? Or the Citizens X-d Out Plaza?

  48. These protesters were bred, born and incubated on the mystique of LaRaza, Brown Power and Aztlán. They are the face of BROWN PRIVILEGE. Given access to a full range of government assistance starting from birth and ending at death has led to an underclass of irresponsible, uneducated, unemployable people who became the perfect fodder for the Maoists, socialists and any other “ist” out there. That said, these victims are empowered by believing that being downtrodden is cool and hip. Best of all they can act out and get away with it. If anyone calls them out for their behavior, the victims will riot, burn things down and probably be paid for their efforts by “outside agitators”. All the while those not of color are hounded into believing they are guilty of “White Privilege” and practicing “micro aggression” should they speak out.
    The flats were the pits. At some point, these areas were probably eligible for special funding to clean up and rebuild. Clearly, that was never a priority to the locals. Now that white people pour blood, sweat, tears and money into building a gallery they don’t like it. I guess crappy, worn out warehouses are better for the community than art galleries and cleaned up properties.

    • You are the only commenter here to suggest this protest group may have been -“…paid for their efforts by “outside agitators”…”.
      You are probably right.
      The tactic of covering faces to conceal identities stymies the effort to inquire about the actual source of this organization. It prevents investigation which could verify or disprove their claimed motivations.
      Don’t be surprised when ever its revealed these protestors have been compensated for their efforts and are simply a tool used in a strategy to accumulate profit and power by an entity standing in our midst.


  49. the blood sweat and tears are more likely from the skilled laborers that repaired the warehouse , silly CLASS “IST”

    • Ah, you mean the skilled laborers who were PAID to repair a dilapidated, eyesore of a warehouse by the people who chose to invest their money in the property and renovate? You mean the phenomenon otherwise known as, a small business providing jobs in its local community?

      I’m sure those skilled laborers perspired and maybe even bled a little, but I doubt very much any of them cried about having the work.

      The saddest thing about this anti-gentrification “movement” is how often their ire is so completely misdirected. Then again, I suppose it is easier to hide behind a mask or a bandana and yell a load of bigoted BS at white people than it is to educate yourself about the real nature of the issue, do some actual organization and community outreach, vote, or perhaps even go out and apply for some of the numerous new jobs the change is bringing to your neighborhood.

  50. So El Penativo, by your own admission you believe the gallery provided work for latinos, what classist. A citizen X-d out plaza would be smart enough to put a clear elastomeric coating on the wonderful historic murals so shit bag gangbangers can’t tag on it.

    Sexxxy Joe, with the triple x, lol. One does not become scared of someone hiding their identity with a bandana , that is the very first sign of a coward. It takes far greater things in life to scare most property owners, of any race, when faced down with a bunch of kids who just discovered historic socialist movements in school. First thing comes to mind is, “wow is rage against the machine playing around here tonight?” I mean it would be a short drive from Zach De LA Rocha’s million dollar house in Silverlake.

  51. Let me just say I’m not from DBH nor do I support their manner of protest. And wHite privilege is a devisive term which ruffles many feathers….oops. I said skilled laborers, YOU said Latinos (stereotype ) . Workers who were hopefully not UNDERpaid. Because workers that don’t “cry” end up decades behind in wages amidst inflation. You are all more studied that me so tell me why do economists say production and business has increased while wages have remained stagnant? I may earn a higher wage than others but I don’t look down at them like they are untouchables of a caste system

  52. Are the “protesters” in this article the same geniuses who told the recently saved Self-Help Graphics to get out of East L.A.? The arts collective that saved and mentored so many East L.A. youth for decades? And what have these trollops we’re calling “protesters” done, besides whine, not read up on the laws, and not get involved in their communities? Slacktivism, methinks.

    As for this “our” neighborhood nonsense? What, the history of the Eastside begins in the 1940s? Before that there were Eastern European Jews, Japanese, and European ethnics living in these communities, including my immigrant great-grandparents. We have remained here since. And, what, I cant call this place my home?

    Walking down North Fig as a kid for 13 years, I quickly learned that in the barrio, the accusation of “hipster” basically means “person I think looks white”. Disgusting. I love my community, its rich history, and its humble working peoples. However, I am SO HAPPY to see some of these willfully ignorant people go— people like those mentioned in this article. ¡Ve te a la verga! You fools bring our community down~~!!!!!

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