Cafe Birdie takes off in Highland Park


HIGHLAND PARK — Cafe Birdie is the sort of “trendy, New American, cocktail-heavy restaurant” that one normally associates with Hollywood or downtown, according to LA Weekly. Except it’s in Highland Park — the latest trendy restaurant to pop up in a neighborhood that was once given over mainly to Mexican food.

Run by Friends & Family Hospitality Group (which also owns Horse Thief BBQ), the new Figueroa Street restaurant is a “Cal-Med neighborhood bistro,” with menu items such as Moroccan-spiced fried chicken with harissa, mint and lime; Manila clams with chorizo, crispy garbanzo beans and green garlic, served with toasted ciabatta; house-made pasta including passatelli with squid ink, Dungeness crab, uni butter, cherry tomatoes and basil; and butcher’s pasta with veal, lamb, ricotta, cavatelli, mint and parsley.

More details in the LA Weekly .

Cafe Birdie will be open 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday to Thursday, and 5 p.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday. It’s located on the 5600 block of N. Figueroa in Highland Park.

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  1. First to comment before someone starts complaining about gentrification

  2. Something other than tacos? Oh the horror!

    • What is this in response to? Can you share an example of people specifically complaining that a new establishment doesn’t serve tacos? Are are you just making stuff up? Are you of the opinion that brown folks only eat tacos (only afford tacos) and wouldn’t or don’t already like and frequent other options?

      • “…a neighborhood that was once given over mainly to Mexican food”
        it’s in the post dude.

        • Dude, can you maybe explain how an observation that there were previously more Mexican restaurants (which by the way serve more than tacos) implies someone is complaining that a new establishment doesn’t serve tacos? I’m the one with reading comprehension issues here? I asked for what that statement is in response to and nowhere in what you cite is there any complaining or mention of tacos.

          That seems like a pretty huge (not to mention patronizing and condescending leap). Look I’m glad this restaurant is opening and plan to eat there, but this manufactured faux-outrage in response to some perceived and as of now completely made-up complaint is getting to be pretty freaking old and ridiculous.

          And you still wonder why people don’t want to deal with your crap. Get over yourself, you are really going out of your way to defend someone’s sensibilities that were offended for no reason in this particular article. (Yes anti-gentrification folks have done and said dumb and unproductive things too, I have not seen any of those statements being that people don’t want anything that doesn’t serve tacos… if you can share that with me we can have a different conversation.)

      • I’m not going to spend my time copy pasting all the complaints in the comments of every article like this where someone is upset about “yuppie white hipster restaurants gentrifying our hood”

        • literally not a single person here is complaining dude

        • And you didn’t take the time to quote the actual author of these needless words. Lame

        • I’m not asking you to do that and if you did I don’t think it would be a response to what I asked.

          Saying “yuppie white hipster restaurants gentrifying our hood” is not the same as people complaining that new establishments aren’t serving tacos, which is what the original post suggested. How you get from people complaining primarily about displacement to defending responses to made up things explains a lot about why this conversation is going nowhere fast.

          • Becky with the good hair

            ^^^^ this is what happens to societies when fresh water and food are too easy to access. We start to turn on each other. Maybe we need to release some man eating beasts into the city so we can have something real to worry about rather than bickering about tacos.

  3. LOVE THIS! Congrats to Cafe Birdie. Hope to see many more upscale and delicious restaurants follow in their footsteps.

  4. Hopefully they serve some torta peladas.

  5. We went the week it opened and loved what they did to the place! Keep in mind the plates are pretty small so order accordingly.

  6. I was there tonight and have to say it was great , wonderful service and the food was super great , I am so happy to have a new place like this in my neighborhood. I all be back for sure.

  7. It’s so sad that everyone is so angry at everything all the time. Well most everyone.

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